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Client Requirement


The ePaper is nothing, but the online representation of the traditional printed newspaper. It is delivered in the electronic form and it is uploaded online at the same time when the printed newspapers are getting published. The online news papers have got the ads too which is the additional source of income to the newspaper company. This e newspaper is meant to work well as a website and also as an application where users can read all the publications of all the editions and the cities in all the languages. The users can search for the information or bookmark the page easily. The users can also navigate to different editions from newspaper view page. The page will display thumb of 1st page of most recent edition for the selected publication. Google ads displayed on the page are managed by admin user.

The client requirements were:

The admin user should be able to view dashboard for manual process status, automated process status, page allocation/de-allocation and error status. Moreover, admin user should be able to manage role, system operation users, page configuration, registered user, payment history, blank page as well as article and ads innovation like upload videos, slide, etc and defining position of innovative ads. The users should be able to do Facebook and twitter based authentication, change password when they forget password, save news in PDF format, read the newspapers of the desired date in the past,mail article to friend, share it on Facebook and twitter, view an article that has been viewed and shared maximum number of times, manage page configuration like by subscription and renew subscription, manage clips, profile as well as payments, play audio for any article and resize image and font along with the Zoom In and Zoom out functionality.

Other specific requirements were:

  • The client wanted the most popular article as well as the reading count to get displayed on the page..
  • Third party getaway integration for payment.
  • Indians should be allowed to accessed these archives for free; while the non Indians will have to pay for the subscriptions
  • Data on the website will be handled by no one but administrators.
  • Reports should be created with the help of SSRS.

Project Challenges

The company faced the following challenges while developing E Paper:

  • As it supports multiple languages, it was really difficult to manage this multilingual functionality.
  • Bringing the data sources of all the editions and setting them to common platform was a task too.
  • As you move the cursor, you will be able to click on each section separately to read it. Managing these sections had not been easy
  • If any mistake was detected, it was difficult to make the corrections, editing in runtime was no easy!
  • Managing the data of the past ten years has been real tough
  • Converting PDF to high resolution image for Zoom In and Zoom Out.
  • Reading SAP manifests file and making relation between Ads and Metadata of ads.
  • Fetching huge amount of data from different sources and uploading this data to cloud storage
  • Page blanking as well as article blanking was a big task.
  • Automatic processing of PDF was difficult too.
  • Manage ads innovation- manage position of innovative ads.

Technologies Used

Operating System & Server Management iOS, Android, Windows Phone 8, Multi-Server Architecture with Staging & Production Environment through Version Controlling releases, Server Optimization, Security & SSL Implementation, Alert Monitoring System Integration, Server Performance Tuning at regular intervals, Software Firewall Configuration & Maintenance
Development Tools & Environments Phone Gap Cordova, C#, IOS SDK, Android SDK, Windows SDK, AJAX, HTML5, JavaScript, CSS3etc.MVC 4.0, .Net Framework 4.0, ASP.Net, C# etc.
Database HTML5 Local Storage Database Server, MSSQL Database Server(Web), DB Clustering, DB Optimization, Mongo DB, Master Slave Replication, Query Optimization, Scheduler for Backups


Project Leader 1
Developers 6
Designers 2
QA 2


  • After taking all the requirements of the client into the consideration, the team had decided to develop it into the MVC.
  • Planning to identify as many of the different administrative processes involved as possible, and the special cases (which will be numerous).
  • Setting up multiple test users and checking the system’s functionality from the aspect of each type of user ensures the correct functionality.
  • Defining the processes involved before working on the development of software; a broken or unclear process cannot have an effective technological solution
  • Identifying suitable opportunities for testing.
  • The planning and design was done with the utmost care, as it is something that a huge number of people are going to read; so proper care was taken, leaving no room for errors!
  • All the data was managed and uploaded on the basis of the date, edition and language systematically in order to attract people of all the religions and countries



Taking into the consideration all the planning and requirement, the 3 tier architecture approach was adopted to manage all the features and functionalities that have been mentioned above in the requirement sections.

Development Highlights

  • The web based as well as mobile based application served all the users to access the information.
  • Once the project came to end, all the administrator rights of the websites were provided to the client so that they can update and manage the news on their own.
  • After finishing development, they started final testing followed by the migration of the previous data. Then, the website went live.
  • All the development guidelines were followed strictly in order to make the navigation of the website and app real easy for the end users.
  • The users can select the publication and location of their choice in order to read the newspaper.
  • The applications were made in such a way that it can run properly on all the devices; be it tablet or smart phones.
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