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Hibernate Development Services

Hibernate is a Java framework that provides object and relational mapping mechanisms to define how Java objects are stored, updated, deleted, and retrieved. Hibernate also offers query and retrieval services that can optimize development efforts within SQL and JDBC environments.

Brainvire a leading Java Service provider offers exceptional skills in Java Hibernate application development. We have successfully developed several large and small enterprise applications using Java Development and Hibernate Framework for our global clients.

Hibernate ORM framework is a well-known open source technology and licensed under the open source GNU Lesser General Public License (LGPL). It is free to download and free to use for both development and production deployments. Hibernate significantly reduces the development time and as a provider of Object/Relational Mapping significantly reduces the lines of code.

One of the unique features of Hibernate is that it does not require developers to implement proprietary interfaces or extend proprietary base classes in order for classes to be made persistent. Thus, mapping the Java Classes to the database tables, Hibernate 3.0 open source technology programming is highly suitable for object-oriented domain modes and business logic in the Java based middle tier. It is compatible with Java Swing Applications, Java Servlet Based Applications or J2EE Applications using EJB Session Beans.

Benefits of Hibernate Application Development

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