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Smarter, Safer And Intelligent Digital Content – Brainvire’s eUnagi Is A Holistic Solution For Profanity

With a background of AI and Machine Learning, eUnagi verifies a digital content against profanity and delivers a safe content in less time saving huge cost.

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About eUnagi

eUnagi is an end to end profanity solution crafted with the use of most sensible business logic, Artificial Intelligence, and Machine Learning Algorithms.For using the system, all one needs to do is to submit a URL or use a product API. The content is checked against profanity with the use of a pre-populated dictionary, contentgets verified and proper feedback is delivered for the rejected content. The eUnagi system verifies every kind of digital content including text, images, audio, and video. In addition to that, it is equipped with automatic tagging system detecting living beings, facial expressions, various objects, locations etc. and tags them with appropriate words.eUnagi is a solution toward verifying digital content against profanity in ashorter time, fewerefforts, and lower cost.

Product and Solutions

From last 16 years, Brainvire has crafted a diverse range of products for media and entertainment industry including various management solutions and service solutions. Take a look at some of them.

Profanity Solution
Profanity Solution
Image Optimization
Image Optimization
Image and Video Processing
Image and Video <br /> Processing
Artificial Intelligence
Image and Video<br/> Processing
Big Data Analysis
Big Data Analysis
Big Data Analysis
Content Aggregation
Omni Channel Management
Omni Channel Management
Machine Learning
Machine Learning

By 2020, Total 5o Billion Connected & 44 ZB Content

Perfectly analyzed and tagged -33% of useful data

Contextual Tagging made 44% Improved Data Reach

UGC Loyalty to breach 10% by 2020

Unagi Solution Framework - Sped Process
Rest API | Native API
Automation | Machine | Learning | Artificial Intelligence
Profanity | Cognitive Intelligence | Forensics