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Kotlin Programming Language

Leverage Strictly-Typed Programming Language
That Runs On JVM(Java Virtual Machine)

To simplify application development, a team of Jet Brains and open-source programmers built a modernized programming language. Kotlin programming language is designed to build code that interoperates with Java. Kotlin is now first-class supported language on Android. Kotlin is amazingly simple, concise, and modern programming language. Set a trend using Kotlin development service to craft seamless user experience on multiple platforms.


Kotlin Programming Language Can Be Used
To Develop Applications For

Why Should You Choose Kotlin Development
For Your Next Application?

Type-safe and null-safe, concise programming language
Very simple and effective code that is designed to be type-safe and null-safe

  • Interoperable with Java

    Kotlin is used for efficient code structure
    that runs on the Java Virtual Machine (JVM) and can also be compiled to
    JavaScript source

  • Safe and simply great language

    Provides a simpler yet safe coding
    features, Kotlin is the modern
    ‘Object-oriented’ language

  • Supports various IDE and command
    line to develop application

    You can use various Integrated Development
    Environment (IDEs) to build applications.
    You can also choose command
    line to build the application.

  • SpinNPress


    Doing Laundry Was Never This Easy

  • veritas


    Online ERP Solution with Mobility
    for ATM Machine Service Provider

  • rightverify


    Review Made Easier Like Never Before

  • mother milk supply

    Mother Milk

    Supply Chain Management
    Application for Nursing
    and Babysitting

Who Is Using Kotlin?


Used by 150M people every month, Pinterest has successfully embraced Kotlin into the application.

Giant Organizations are already started using Kotlin for better and enhanced Performance


To build robust internal tools, the team of Uber uses Kotlin language.

  • Pivotal

    Spring has started supporting Kotlin
    due to its great interoperability with
    libraries to build powerful APIs.

  • Corda

    Corda is an open-source platform en
    -tirely built in Kotlin.

  • Atlassian-Makers of Trello

    Trello, an android app is using Kotlin
    language in coding.

Why Should You Choose Brainvire For
Kotlin Development Services?

Dedicated to delivering bespoke experience through the mobile and web application development,
Brainvire professionals are updated with the latest trends and technology frameworks.

Kotlin is simplified and universal programming language that concisely defines the simpler coding architecture. Brainvire is Kotlin
Android Application Development Company offering apt and required solutions for your business needs. Putting our expertise and
experience together, we aim to accomplish business objectives through tailored and modernized evelopment approach.

We keep ourselves updated to transform your ideas into newest technology solution!