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Brainvire offers Internet of Things enterprise applications for different industries that can transform business processes and improve people's lives, ranging from security to home automation to industrial IoT. Years of close cooperation with suppliers of hardware enabled us to develop our technical skills and to understand industry-specific problems deeply.

Through design-led approaches, iot development services that keep you focused on your end goals, rather than just the sensor or the data, we can help build and optimise your IoT strategy. We will help you to incorporate and use sensor data for transformation of your business processes.

  • Making you Smarter
    Big Data Management
    Our IOT development company develops embedded devices with our experience and understanding in embedded computing, sensors, wireless and wired communication. There is a lot of information being generated, so it is very important to store information and analyse the data.
  • Making you Finer
    Wearable Device Integration
    To get information about users, link to the fitness tracker and other wearable devices. By taking IoT and Wearables closer, we, an Internet of Things development company offer higher connectivity solutions. Depending on the maturity of your IoMT initiative, we provide distinct partnership models.
  • Making you Faster
    BLE Integration
    Use regular interfaces such as BLE, IoT to communicate with various hardware. The proximity-based BLE device solution helps the company to collect accurate data, offer customer interactions, and create more ROI. We implemented an automated dockless bike powered by IoT and Bluetooth Integrated App.
  • Making you Better
    IoT Strategy and Advisory
    We will help determine which technology solution to prefer and how IoT connection and implementation can be carried forward. We work closely with our clients, evaluate their business priorities, assess the capabilities of the IoT framework, and establish a comprehensive system implementation roadmap.
  • Making you Superior
    Industrial IoT Solution
    Transform into a digital business, increase the performance of properties, increase employee performance. We help companies develop IIoT solutions that are tailored to enhance a specific industrial process or mitigate specific industrial challenges. Create your space smarter with IoT development company.
Segments We Serve
  • Smart Factory
    Smart Factory

    Highly qualified machine learning algorithms are included in our industrial automation solution to anticipate machine failures and offer greater operational knowledge. Monitor the shop floor from a centralized, live dashboard.

  • Intelligent Fleet Management
    Intelligent Fleet Management

    We analyze every facet of your fleet – route planning, fuel analytics and driving patterns – to improve productivity and savings. AI and machine learning empowers fleet managers to predict vehicle health.

  • Warehouse Monitoring
    Warehouse Monitoring

    Insights help to maximise storage sites, pallet journeys, staff and warehouse throughput. It helps to avoid inventory shrinkage by the warehouse operator and enhances workers' protection.

  • Connected Healthcare
    Connected Healthcare

    We, with IoT healthcare solutions provide you with greater data precision, resulting in improved diagnosis and effective treatment strategies for health-related issues for the healthcare industry.


Leslie Lee
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Their design team is top-notch and ahead of the curve; they understand the customer behaviour. Crafted amazing digital solution which helped to convert the vision, and achieve what we were looking to. Kudos to the team.
Leslie Lee
Manager - VitelMed
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Brainvire Infotech Inc delivered strong customer satisfaction. They excelled in creating the envisioned design through their seamless performance. They exceeded expectations in offering a one-stop shop and delivering full service. Their project management was accountable, responsive, and flexible.

Aadhar Jain
Co-Founder, Drift
5 years ago
Get in touch with us and experience a digital transformation like never before!

The new backend has successfully automated many of the production steps, promoting efficiency and allowing internal leadership to focus elsewhere. Brainvire Infotech's accessibility, reliability, and strong customer service continue to impress.

Adam Gansky
Adam Gansky
Founder - 3d Innovation
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Our IOT Development Expertise
Our IoT consultants will leverage emerging technological opportunities and bring them in line with your business plan, whether you are just embarking on your IoT journey or already working your way through it.
Our IOT Development Expertise
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Hire IoT experts to discover connected possibilities in today's rapidly changing market.

Brainvire offers swift IoT solutions along with highly reliable support services.

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Why Choose Brainvire for IoT Solutions?
Our IoT consultants will build a high-quality application architecture, and create a project roadmap for you to follow. We will design a stable, easy-to-maintain, scalable and safe IoT application.
  • Strategic Alliance
    Strategic Alliance

    In order to discuss your unique business needs, we include all product stakeholders, which ensures the necessary degree of plunge into your business to produce a business-boosting IoT solution and ensures that your smart, connected product requirements are met.

  • Prebuilt Connectors
    Prebuilt Connectors

    For different types of smart, connected products, we provide IT consulting services, build and customise IoT platforms and iot development services, each of which has its own details and requires a corresponding approach.

  • Connected Devices
    Connected Devices

    We provide solutions for developing new business models in vehicles, trucks or heavy equipment that deliver operational efficiencies and superior customer service. Our solutions integrate mobile and home automation, protection and fuel efficiency.

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We understand the world of connectivity. We know how critical it is to maintain a high degree of scalability, speed, and security - the features we integrate into our development services for IoT applications.
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Brainvire focuses on a data-driven and result-oriented approach towards IoT services that help in accurate asset management and performance for your business.
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  • What is the importance of IoT development services?

    In today's hyper-connected world, the distance between the physical and digital worlds is increasingly closing, ushering in an age of true integration, fuelled in part by the rapid proliferation of the Internet of Things (IoT). IoT Solutions and Services are constantly being used by businesses to improve operating performance and change their business models.
  • How do enterprise IoT cloud solutions work?

    IoT technologies such as "intelligent" meters and appliances, connected cars and wearables, and others are producing vast quantities of data for companies and consumers. Companies have begun to actively employ Big Data, Analytics, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, and other emerging technology to extract actionable insights from the avalanche of data. IoT app development is one of the best emerging technologies for future enterprises.
  • How do I leverage big data in IoT cloud platforms?

    With our expertise and knowledge of embedded computing, sensors, wireless and wired connectivity, our IoT development expertise creates embedded devices. Since there is so much data being produced, it is critical to store and analyze it. We assist our clients in addressing the most daunting data obstacles, predicting product and service demand to boost customer loyalty, and guiding business strategies focused on expertise and foresight.
  • How do you develop wearable technology with IoT?

    Smart wearable technologies can be integrated into the IoT ecosystem to provide real-time data to users. Link to the fitness tracker and other tracking devices to get details about users. We, as an IoT application development company, deliver higher accessibility solutions by bringing IoT and Wearables closer together. We offer different collaboration models depending on the maturity of your IoMT initiative.
  • How do you approach IoT strategy and advisory?

    We'll assist you in deciding which IoT cloud solution to use and how to move forward with IoT connectivity and implementation. We collaborate closely with our clients to determine their business needs, evaluate the capabilities of the IoT platform, and create a detailed system implementation roadmap.
  • What are the features of your industrial IoT cloud solutions?

    We design a platform-agnostic blueprint for driving convergence between information technology and operational technology structures, with seamless alignment between the physical world of computers, the environment, and goods, and the business system layers. Turn into a digital organization, improve property efficiency, and improve employee performance. We work with businesses to create IoT solutions that are designed to improve a particular industrial process or address specific industrial challenges. With the help of an IoT development company, you can make your space smarter.
  • Can I integrate IoT into my fleet management?

    Vehicles are now seen as an essential part of a connected lifestyle by today's customers. In vehicles, trucks, and heavy machinery, we provide solutions to develop new business models that deliver operational efficiencies and superior customer experiences. To maximize efficiency and save money, we evaluate every aspect of your fleet, including route planning, fuel analytics, and driving habits.
  • How do I transform my business with IoT technology?

    By combining IoT development services with the physical world, we assist you in completing your digital transformation journey. We help customers improve operating performance, increase productivity, improve customer service, reduce costs, and create new revenue model opportunities by leveraging IoT and data. We provide the expertise to optimize, evolve, and transform the IoT value chain - from 'edge to experience'.