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Industrial Internet of Things offers enormous benefits of integrating wi-fi networks, analytical tools, and big data with distributed systems and heavy industrial equipment.


This technology is a groundbreaking approach to add flexibility and convenience to your systems by connecting them via the Internet and controlling them via a wi-fi connected device. The possibilities of this technology are endless.

Why Is Industrial Internet of Things A Good Option For Your Business?

IIoT (Industrial Internet) can impact energy production by 100%.

Global energy consumption can be benefited from IoT around 44%.

46% global economy can be uplifted by implementing IoT.

IoT is well-equipped with the Machine Learning, Smart Sensors, Cloud, Big Data, and AR & VR. The industrial web development of future generation has kept its eyes stuck on IoT driven applications. McKinsey has predicted that Internet of Things will be contributing $6.2 trillion to the overall economy by 2025. The economic cost which is involved in mining, manufacturing, and health care industry would decrease significantly and there will be a hike in productivity by $36 trillion by the year 2025.

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What Are The Benefits of Industrial IoT Solutions?

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Monitor, Notify, and Control any device from a remote distance

Simplified Machine to Machine Communication

Involved precise automation, monitoring, and quality control of industrial equipment

Real-time visibility into performance

Manufacturing Execution Systems can analyze the data & plans critical measures for Q&A systems

Why Should You Consider Choosing Brainvire for Industrial Internet of Things Solutions Development?

The Brainvire team specializes in providing world-class Industrial Internet of Things at an affordable budget. We use proven delivery approaches and the application we develop strictly adheres to the standard practices, hence enhancing the customer satisfaction. Our experienced IoT developers use their high-end skills to stay in synchronization with latest updates from the community in order to seek desired results.

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