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Media and Entertainment industry has evolved tremendously in the past few years. Digitization and newer technologies have radically changed the trend of emerging media environment. From interactive gaming, films, music, broadcast radio, TV, to live entertainment are transforming this industry completely to a new world of media and entertainment. Wireless enablement, social media and device proliferation are changing the media environment, often shifting the balance of power towards consumers, who now have tools to manage and consume a nearly limitless volume of content.

The unique aspect of Media and Entertainment practice is a full-service capability to deliver to diverse market and audiences across the globe. Our core expertise lies in development of social networking concepts and content distribution over internet and mobile.

Our dedicated team includes media and entertainment professionals with deep industry knowledge who constantly keep upgrading themselves with the latest industry trends enabling them to cater to complex demands of the market. We address business challenges in three ways: business remodeling, accelerating innovation and streamlining operations.

Our Media and Entertainment Portfolio and Capability include:

Simplifying Media and Entertainment

With a proven track record in web application development and wireless application development, Brainvire supplements online media companies and entertainment providers with the state-of-the-art online advertising solutions, social network development, content distribution channels with use of the latest trends and technology in the area and driving digital initiatives of the media and entertainment industry to effectively empower the value chain.

With our strong domain expertise and capability to understand the clients business needs, we are aimed to provide end-to-end service for media and entertainment industry with the right mix of technology to craft the perfect solution enabling you to derive impressive benefits and increased profitability.

Business Value

With Brainvire technology insight, we have successfully implemented web 2.0 based solutions that offers a next-generation web experience. We simplify the distribution of web content by empowering web portals with blogs, RSS feeds, podcasts and various other emerging technologies that enhance the market reach.

Brainvire helps media and entertainment industry to establish seamless web and wireless inter-communication with the realities of the digital age, growing consumer’s needs and requirements, multi-channel distribution etc. with the new technology opportunities that maximizes visibility and creates business value and profit from the boom in digital consumption.

Brainvire Advantage of Media and Entertainment Industry

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