Reshaping Media Landscape

Technology advancement and shifting demographics are major disruptors in the media and entertainment industry. It is essential to upgrade broadcasting and streaming services with functionalities like voice and visual search, live streaming, and better video quality.

Deeper analytics and access across devices and platforms are integral parts of the current M and E dynamics.

Brainvire combines automation, data science, artificial intelligence, and immersive technologies to provide full-proof digital solutions for the entertainment industry. We transform audience experiences, accelerate content production, and maximize content monetization.

  • Uber-like Solutions
    On-Demand Platforms
    Economy has undergone a metamorphosis from conventional business practices. We are a top entertainment app development company. As a media app development company we help industries understand user preferences. We have many success stories behind us to showcase our expertise in Music and Video solutions.
  • Reimaging Growth
    Job Portals for Media Industry
    We are bridging the gap between sourcing and requirements through innovative technology. A significant amount of data base can be managed by feature-rich job portals. Job portals are becoming increasingly popular as companies are shifting their hiring needs to online platforms.
  • Cloud Journey
    Cloud Transformation
    Use a new technology solution to convert the current IP labels to the cloud. Due to content innovation, fresh business models, and demands for sharp consumer interactions, media and entertainment companies face constant change. Brainvire's expertise and cloud skills help your company stay ahead.
  • Build Resilience
    Intelligent Automation
    We focus on customer value and engagement to retain customers by data collection and personalized customer experiences. To boost business development, drive sales, reduce costs, mitigate risk, and provide an outstanding user experience, we help to build a solution that helps link people, processes and technology.
  • Be Connected
    Social Network
    Brainvire helps companies to build top-quality social medianchannels and to develop a strong digital presence. We will also enable you to improve your brand awareness and push beyond the targets in social media growth. We have implemented social media apps currently used by more than 300K+ people.
Brainvire’s Development Services
  • Audio And Video Contents
    Audio And Video Contents

    Our CDN solutions are based on basic client needs. We create live, music, and video streaming applications and video management software for easy access to customer tastes based on artists, music songs, podcasts, albums.

  • Cognitive Solutions
    Cognitive Solutions

    Our solutions align business with consumer needs to personalize content to create engagement. Smart innovations driven by Artificial Intelligence drive consistent interactions through the consumer journey.

  • Print And Publishing
    Print And Publishing

    We partner with top publishers to embrace digital models that maximize efficiency and introduce new revenue streams. We have implemented a profanity check solution for leading Indian Publishing House.

  • Gaming

    We build gaming apps that offer a seamless experience. We use the latest gaming tech to create immersive games through artistic ability, technical brilliance, and production abilities.


Arend Richard
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Online video platform similar to YouTube which does have more than 2million viewers, and 50TB plus size of contents. Amazing engineered solution using which users are able to upload multi-gigs of data without any hassle and video streaming is also seamless. Integrated with JWPlayer, Hosted in AWS, CDN solution make this perfect solution.
Arend Richard
Founder - TheWeedtube
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215 Reviews

The platform recently launched, and it already has thousands of users. Brainvire Infotech Inc collaborated effectively, and openly exchanged ideas. The team was well-organized and communicated through weekly reports. Overall, it was a positive engagement.

Saud Almadhi
CEO, Almontage
3 years ago
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Brainvire is scalable, flexible and highly responsive. Their main app project handles 2 million unique visitors a day, and results in steadily renewed contracts. They manage complex algorithms well, and although they could expand their services, regular meetings with their CEO ensure accountability.

Dilip Kukreja
Dilip Kukreja
Vice President - Times of India
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Our Media And Entertainment Expertise
Let our team engage your audiences and improve the management of media assets and rights.
Our Media And Entertainment Expertise
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Brainvire combines rich media strategies to improve visual experiences, increase the subscriber base, drive content consumption, and promote programmatic ads.

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  • Streaming Solutions

  • User-generated Contents

  • Event And Ticket Management

  • Media Content Management

  • Digital Asset Management

  • B2B and C2C Solutions

  • Audience and Broadcasting management

  • Campaign and Marketing management

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  • Social Networks Application

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Why Choose Brainvire as an Ideal Partner?
The three keys to digital success are consumer experience, business process, and technology infrastructure. Our development team delivered end-to-end application development services to the
  • Implemented Platform used by 10 Million+ Users
    Implemented Platform used by 10 Million+ Users

    In order to offer entertainment, media and entertainment companies invest heavily. We partner with them to simplify legacy business models, modernise data and applications, and automate processes that accelerate.

  • AI-enabled Next Generation solution
    AI-enabled Next Generation solution

    By leveraging digital and next generation technologies with AI, our services aim to transform your network operations and management. In view of existing assets and market position, define your 5G DNA to determine how to best deploy and monetize 5G.

  • Digital Marketing Armed For Better Reach
    Digital Marketing Armed For Better Reach

    Companies have an unparalleled chance to help advertisers hit their target audiences. Brainvire implements tactics and result-oriented marketing programmes for customer-driven content interaction with a broad range of digital marketing services.

We Have Partnered With Brands Across The Globe!
  • TheWeedtube
  • Almontage
  • Times of India
  • Zee Media
  • Prakash Jha Productions
  • Calusa
  • MyyearBook
  • Unique News Video App
  • Fashion Exchange
  • Bragshare
  • Checkout Saver
  • Flyingflea
  • Right Verify
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Brainvire specializes as a Media and entertainment solutions provider. We create visually appealing apps for world-class clients. Our solutions facilitate digitization of the media industry.
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