Digital Advertising

Smart marketing applications allow businesses to maximize targeting and spending on ads. Marketing software analyses outcomes by processing your ad spending and targeting data, and determines steps to be taken to achieve improved efficiency. Smart marketing software helps to provide actionable insights into the critical factors of customer loyalty, sales change, and revenue growth.

We have a thorough understanding of this area with production services for publishing advertising applications. Our teams will create powerful software solutions, like marketing applications, publishing apps, digital SCM, CRM, and ERP systems, to meet your business needs.

  • Adtech Solution
    Promotions Management
    Trade Promotion Management (TMP) applications allow you to grow your brand by planning promotion campaigns and forecasting sales volume, monitoring the execution of retailer commitments, reviewing the results of the campaign, analyzing sales based on data.
  • Publishing App
    Advertising Planning
    Analyze and schedule promotional campaigns for various media outlets, such as TV, Internet, radio, print, and out-of-home advertising. To find the optimal advertising strategy, combine all the media types in one plan. Enjoy detailed visualized reports on a single platform caused by advanced mathematical models.
  • Marketing Tool
    Influencer Marketplace
    We build marketing apps to help you transform social networks into consumer acquisition tools, such as social marketing applications, social analytics to track user behavior and prepare analytical reports and social network-integrated campaign applications.
  • Profanity Check
    Marketing Software
    Ensure more loyal customer relationships by tracking and analyzing what makes them satisfied by managing customer accounts, boosting potential interest through personalized offers. Applications for mobile loyalty personalize promotions and provide specific product information.
  • Informative Reports
    Marketing Data Analysis
    To uncover the real drivers of consumer behavior, consumer survey analysis collects and processes survey data. Analysis of the marketing strategy monitors key metrics and tracks results and revenue while unifying data to predict growth potential and maximize sales and marketing operations.
Segments We Serve
  • Martech and Adtech Firms
    Martech and Adtech Firms

    The advertising team at Brainvire focuses on Martech and Adtech Digital Advertising solution development services for tech firms, brands, research companies, advertisers, and agencies.

  • Digital Publishing Houses
    Digital Publishing Houses

    We provide publishing houses with digital publishing solutions to create ePapers, and eMagazines for both mobile and web publications. We implemented Profanity Check Solution - eUnagi used by leading Publishing Houses.

  •  Advertising Agencies
    Advertising Agencies

    With the advertising solution, we incorporate our Publishing Advertising tools as they can rearrange the advertising material and other display ad flow on newspaper pages and ePublications automatically.

  • Marketing Entrepreneurs
    Marketing Entrepreneurs

    To make it simpler and intact in one place, we design the publishing automation software so that it can automate multiple content publishing processes, and store content.


Arend Richard
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Online video platform similar to YouTube which does have more than 2million viewers, and 50TB plus size of contents. Amazing engineered solution using which users are able to upload multi-gigs of data without any hassle and video streaming is also seamless. Integrated with JWPlayer, Hosted in AWS, CDN solution make this perfect solution.
Arend Richard
Founder - TheWeedtube
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Brainvire Infotech’s efficiency and flexibility inspire confidence. The team is willing to work long hours to ensure a smooth workflow and timely communication.

Kyle Hoggatt
CEO, Coupon Website
5 years ago
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If any urgent needs arise, I can count on them to take care of things. Their deliverables are reliable thanks to vigorous QA testing. They are communicative, flexible, and willing to evolve to meet changing needs.

Founder - Ascent Drone Management
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Our Adtech Solutions Expertise
We aim to bring innovation in the publishing and advertising sector by leveraging our adtech and AI expertise so that our clients can focus on project and product development services.
Our Adtech Solutions Expertise
Spotlight Solutions

Developing advertising software to help companies discover insights and set up automated marketing campaigns to optimize ROI and growth.

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See solutions tailored to this industry -
  • Advanced audience targeting

  • Sales automation

  • Brand Control

  • Data Driven Analytics

  • Open Source CRM

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Why Choose Brainvire for Advertising Solutions?
If you've fallen wildly in love with ads and advertising art, Brainvire will place you in the foreground. We build end-to-end automated systems that address specific problems with customer acquisition.
  • ROI driven Programmatic Approach
    ROI driven Programmatic Approach

    For innovators worldwide, we design and support custom IT Solutions for the Advertising industry. Our professional developers of marketing software are ready to build customized products from scratch or incorporate custom software into current platforms.

  • ERP and CRM Solutions
    ERP and CRM Solutions

    We help our publishing clients to create and customize a CRM solution based on their workflow design. Publishers would be able to distribute content across multiple digital channels through a CRM platform for automating Sales and Marketing activities.

  • AI Driven Personalization
    AI Driven Personalization

    By integrating a publishing tool into our software solution, we serve our customers by allowing members within a department to easily share assets using a single enterprise system. The tool is also integrated with the popular user interface to make the publishing workflow smooth.

Clients We Work With
  • Ascent Drone Management
  • Almontage
  • VLSI Research
  • MailZap
  • VoiceofSAP
  • Couponchief
  • Entrepreneur
  • Password Boss
  • Times of India
  • Go local
  • Checkout Saver
  • Mojopages
  • Flyingflea
  • metrowize
  • Promonetize
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Our strategies help global retailers grow the business
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Solutions to Transform Advertising Industry
Brainvire provides a wide range of online and mobile solutions for the advertising industry. Our production services for businesses around the world, ranging from startups to companies.
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    Multimedia advertising platform

    Advertising sales solution

    Intelligent advertising solutions

    Digital strategy consulting

    Omnichannel Presence

    Personalized Promotions

  • Our Support Solutions

    Asset Management

    Insightful Reports

    CMS Solutions

    Advertising platforms

    Digital Marketing

    Marktech Solutions

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  • How do you drive innovation through digital assets?

    We develop advanced digital signage solutions that enable advertisements and promotional media to be displayed on LCD screens (digital TV, payment terminals, etc.) in hotels, airports, supermarkets, public transportation, and other public locations. Our adtech solutions combine advertising and technology for business growth.
  • What kind of digital strategy would you formulate for the advertising industry?

    Brainvire has expertise in developing a digital solution for advertising industry. Trade Promotion Management (TMP) applications help you develop your business by organizing promotion promotions and predicting sales volume, tracking retailer commitments, evaluating campaign outcomes, and analyzing data-driven sales.
  • What kind of marketing software can you develop for advertising firms?

    Our IT Solution for Advertising industry is top-notch serves for the advertising domain. We manage customer accounts to ensure more loyal customer relationships by monitoring and evaluating what makes them happy, and boosting potential engagement through customized offers. Mobile loyalty apps personalize rewards and offer detailed product details.
  • What can your marketing and advertising solutions do for advertising growth?

    Businesses may use smart marketing applications to improve ad targeting and spend. Through analyzing the results of your ad spending and targeting data, marketing software will decide what measures need to be taken to boost performance. Customer loyalty, sales transition, and revenue growth are all important factors that smart marketing software can help with.
  • Who are the segments that you serve in the advertising industry?

    We serve various segments in the advertising industry. We specialize in developing Martech and Adtech Digital Advertising solutions for tech companies, brands, consulting firms, marketers, and agencies. We provide digital publishing solutions to publishing houses for the development of ePapers and eMagazines for mobile and web publications. With the advertising solution, we also work with Publishing houses
  • Do you offer digital advertising solutions for advertising planning?

    Yes, we offer advertising planning solutions. Manage customer accounts to ensure more loyal customer relationships by monitoring and evaluating what makes them happy, and boosting potential engagement through customized offers. Mobile loyalty apps personalize rewards and offer detailed product details. With advertising planning, you can manage spend and monitor ROI for every penny.
  • Can you help in creating a Data analytics tool for Ad?

    Market survey research gathers and processes survey data in order to discover the true drivers of consumer behavior. The marketing strategy analysis tracks key metrics, results, and revenue by combining data to forecast growth opportunities and optimize sales and marketing operations.
  • Do you help in multichannel digital distribution?

    We assist our publishing clients in developing and customizing a CRM solution that suits their workflow. Through a CRM framework for automating Sales and Marketing activities, publishers will be able to distribute content across multiple digital platforms.