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eCommerce Odoo for US Leading Party Tents Giant
eCommerce Odoo for US Leading Party Tents Giant

eCommerce Odoo for US Leading Party Tents Giant

AuroCRM implementation and providing eCommerce development Solutions for the outdoor furniture providers based in New York, who does have good online sales and also multiple offline sales capabilities. The CRM does have deep integration with Magen...

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Accessory Geeks
Accessory Geeks

Accessory Geeks

"The client approached Brainvire's eCommerce website developers to build a comprehensive retail ERP solution, and also develop a robust E-Commerce platform. Developed a back-end solution that allows specific vendors to manage their inventory requ...

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Feature-Rich Mobile App for Food Delivery Agents
Feature-Rich Mobile App for Food Delivery Agents

Feature-Rich Mobile App for Food Delivery Agents

The app offers users the option to taste the best and latest flavors of fresh food from the comfort of their homes. They can pick-up the order from their nearest store if time permits or simply get it delivered at their doorstep. In addition, user...

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Jeweler eCommerce Site Leverages Adobe Migration
Jeweler eCommerce Site Leverages Adobe Migration

Jeweler eCommerce Site Leverages Adobe Migration

They boosted the speed and performance of their website by using Brainvire's migration solution, which increased the percentage of customers who did not leave the website after visiting it. As a result of the incorporation of B2B add-ons, the B2B ...

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Tailored Odoo-Based eLearning System
Tailored Odoo-Based eLearning System

Tailored Odoo-Based eLearning System

The Odoo team at Brainvire designed an Odoo-based eLearning system that allows students to enroll in their chosen courses through the Odoo website. We used Odoo eCommerce to develop the website where students can enroll and order their desired cou...

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The Ultimate Digital Enabler Trusted by Brands Worldwide

Established brands and giant companies across the globe have chosen Brainvire as their reliable tech-partner
The Ultimate Digital Enabler Trusted by Brands Worldwide
The Ultimate Digital Enabler Trusted by Brands Worldwide
The Ultimate Digital Enabler Trusted by Brands Worldwide
The Ultimate Digital Enabler Trusted by Brands Worldwide

Full-service Odoo ERP for Your E-commerce Venture

At Brainvire, we are adept at website development and offer ODOO Implementation and software Consulting Services.We have the most proficient team on board to tailor a growing e-commerce venture.
Full-service Odoo ERP for Your E-commerce Venture

Seamless Business Automation

Online shopping is all the rage today. An increasing number of businesses are getting on the e-commerce bandwagon to digitally market their products and services. When you have a range of products to offer, managing an e-commerce business can be quite taxing. Add an internal business application to the mix, and things can quickly get out of hand. With Odoo ERP system, e-commerce integration has never been easier, since all tasks are managed on a single platform!
  • Project Management And Sales Management

    Project Management And Sales Management

  • Inventory Management

    Inventory Management

  • Purchase Management

    Purchase Management

  • Manufacture


  • Accounting Processes

    Accounting Processes

  • CRM


Seamless Business Automation

Improved Customer Management

With Odoo ERP’s excellent integration, maintaining a lucrative customer relationship is easy. Odoo prioritizes follow-up sales, making target audience management simpler. With Odoo ERP Development services, you can track sales at every stage, which helps you optimize the process for the customer. This platform has all the essential inputs and insights of ongoing business functions assembled in one central location for transparency and healthy customer relationship management.
  • Custom Features

    Custom Features

  • In-store Navigation

    In-store Navigation

  • Faster and Better Performance

    Faster and Better Performance

  • Efficient and Perfect Solutions

    Efficient and Perfect Solutions

Improved Customer Management

Operate Your E-commerce Website with Odoo ERP

Say no to manual reporting and spreadsheets with the Odoo ERP platform. We help you design eCommerce solutions that give you the gift of synchronized price lists, item records, taxes, inventory management, orders and deliveries, business partners, shipping, tracking and payments, and a host of other things. All these features can be utilized at highly affordable prices.
  • Reduced Manual Work

    Reduced Manual Work

  • Product Management

    Product Management

  • Order Management

    Order Management

  • Better Customer Experience

    Better Customer Experience

  • Single Point of Operation

    Single Point of Operation

  • Low Inventory Costs

    Low Inventory Costs

Operate Your E-commerce Website with Odoo ERP

Why Use Odoo ERP?

  • 1
    Open-source Solution
    Customize each and every module in Odoo ERP as per your needs and business processes, while retaining all the benefits of a highly integrated system.
  • 2
    User-friendly and Mobile Optimized
    Odoo ERP functionalities rely on the latest technology stack with the most up-to-date features. These technologies are user-friendly and mobile optimized.
  • 3
    Odoo is simple to use and also highly versatile. It is cloud-enabled and allows the system to be tailored to suit individual business requirements.
  • 4
    Integration with Existing Business Suites
    All relevant customer data is maintained in a highly organized manner, and you can easily integrate it with your existing business suits.
  • 5
    Global Accounting Practice and Reconciliation
    Reconcile all the accounting entries and records of various needs properly by Odoo reconciliation model.
  • 6
    Multiple Store Management
    Odoo ERP integration with e-commerce stores provides multiple store management options using a single platform. This means you can keep an eye on all your inventory without the hassle of monitoring your stores individually.

Why Choose Odoo ERP from Brainvire?

  • Enterprise and Community version support
  • Omni channel real time solution
  • Integrated Analytical tool
  • Quality Odoo development as per standard practices
  • Certified, skilled, and experienced developers
  • Strict adherence to timeline
  • Post-development support
  • A competent pricing model
Why Choose Odoo ERP from Brainvire?
You will be in good company of

You will be in good company of

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Tailored Software Consulting Services for Leading Enterprises

  • Bay Alarm Medical
  • Tent and Table
  • Craftsvilla
  • Super Media Store
  • Warehouse115
  • Fossil
  • Blink
  • Zafco
  • KGK
  • Insomnia Cookies
  • Healthy Planet
  • Tdotperformance
  • Micromo
  • BrianGavin
  • Tools Plus


  • Sales


    • CRM
    • Invoicing
    • Subscription
    • Rental
  • POS


    • Super Markets
    • Foodchain
    • Loyalty
    • Customer Checkout
  • eCommerce


    • Order Management
    • Product Master
    • Promotion
    • Return Management


  • Accounting


    • Bank Synchronization
    • Invoicing
    • Manage Expenses
    • Easy Reconciliation
  • Manufacturing


    • MRP
    • PLM
    • Maintenance
    • Quality
  • Supply Chain

    Supply Chain

    • Warehouse Management
    • 3 PL/4 PL Management
    • RFID and Barcode
    • 3D Warehouse Layout

Surpass the ERP Borders

Brainvire’s Odoo ERP solutions give you the flexibility and versatility you need to scale the heights of business profitability. This cloud-based, easy-to-use software is a one-stop shop for your eStore’s unprecedented growth. But there’s more to Odoo ERP than meets the eye.
  1. 100% Open-source
    100% Open-source
    It is full-featured Open Source ERP which guarantees you complete control and access to the source code.
  2. Fully Integrated and Flexible
    Fully Integrated and Flexible
    Tailor your business goals with a strong and dynamic web-based ERP software.
  3. Cost-efficient
    It’s license-free, so more of your budget can be allocated to odoo customization and implementation efforts.
  4. Simple and Robust
    Simple and Robust
    With 1,000+ modules available, you have full control over the integration of your venture(s)
  5. Boost Sales and Performance
    Boost Sales and Performance
    Use Odoo Sales, Odoo POS, and Odoo CRM to boost sales. Benefit from better and faster perfor

Odoo ERP Integration

If you want to add wings to your eStore, Odoo ERP Integration is the way to do it! You can automate all business functions while expanding your commercial scope on one centralized platform. Get a step ahead of your competition with a variety of Odoo ERP tools that bridge the gap between customers and businesses.
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  • Canada-based Condo Rental Giant Experiences Increased Operational Efficiency in Accounting with Odoo ERP Integration
    Real Estate
    Canada-based Condo Rental Giant Experiences Increased O...
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  • Omnichannel Retail ERP solution for Diamond Giant
    Diamond & Jewelry
    Omnichannel Retail ERP solution for Diamond Giant
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  • Replacing Salesforce with Odoo ERP Boosts Business Efficiency by 45% for a Premier Security Systems Company
    Health Care & Life Science
    Replacing Salesforce with Odoo ERP Boosts Business Effi...
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  • America’s Leading Retail Chain Automates its Sales Workflow by 100%
    America’s Leading Retail Chain Automates its Sales Work...
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We Are the Trusted Experts in Odoo ERP Development

Our highly skilled Odoo ERP developers will seamlessly integrate your 125+ Full ERP suite built, which will help you to come up with more ways to sell online.
  • 50+

    Third-party Integrations
  • 5M+

  • 100%

    PCI Compliant

Take Your Online Store to the Next Level with Our Odoo ERP Solutions

Take Your Online Store to the Next Level with Our Odoo ERP Solutions

Brainvire for Unmatched Odoo Solutions

Our Odoo developers have delivered innovative solutions to a global clientele. Our proven track record of Odoo implementations speaks for itself!

  • Awards
  • Awards
  • Awards
  • Awards
  • Awards
  • Awards


  • Is Odoo an open-source platform?

    Yes. Odoo's open-source development model has helped companies to leverage thousands of developers and industry experts to create the world's largest ecosystem of fully integrated business apps.
  • Can I install Odoo on premise and on cloud environment?

    Yes, users can host the Odoo server both in On Premise and On Cloud depending on your business needs.
  • What are the different types for Odoo?

    Odoo Community Edition and Enterprise Edition The Community version is similar to the Enterprise version, but has some changes for most of the modules. The Enterprise version is based on the Community version plus the exclusive Enterprise Contract module package, such as Auto Bank Reconciliation, Clean Layout, Responsive to Mobile Devices, etc. The Community version is free whereas the Enterprise version is license-based.
  • What is the difference between Odoo ERP other Market available ERPs?

    Odoo ERP is an integrated system that uses all resources, departments, and activities for the completion of operations and follow-up of all aspects of administrative and accounting software. They help in the reversing desktops that only enter data and complete exchange calculations or programs where minimal administrative interference is needed.
  • Are Brainvire’s Odoo services customizable?

    Yes. Our Odoo development services are completely customizable according to the client’s requirements. Our odoo certified developers take care of the whole development process from scratch with standard approaches, flow and strategies.
  • Is Odoo affordable for my business?

    Yes. Brainvire’s Odoo services are affordable and dependable. They are viable for all kinds of business-MSMEs, SMEs, and enterprises. We create Odoo solutions across different domains. Our developers strive to improve CRM, product management, marketing, and sales using appropriate development strategies.
  • How will Odoo help my business?

    Odoo is a scalable, open-source business solution that helps companies enhance their CRM, ERP. eCommerce, mobile app, management of services, marketing, sales, and commercial services. At Brainvire, we provide our clients with sophisticated Odoo development services.
  • Why choose Brainvire for Odoo development?

    Brainvire houses skilled and experienced Odoo developers that deliver innovative, robust, and scalable solutions to innumerable clients across the globe. We have a proven track record of having Odoo ERP implementation for several clients over the past few years, which demonstrates our keen interest and experience in the ERP sector.
  • ERP Projects Live


    ERP Projects Live
  • Transactions Everyday


    Transactions Everyday
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  • Odoo Certified Professionals


    Odoo Certified Professionals