Mining to Jewelry

In order to provide innovative software and e-commerce solutions, Brainvire blends its domain knowledge of diamond and jewellery companies with its technological capabilities. In addition to offering our popular ready-to-use technology products, e-commerce websites, marketplaces, custom builders, retail ERP and POS software and other such solutions are also customised for growth.

In order to make the world's magnificent and costly items available, Brainvire introduces B2B and B2C digital solutions for the jewelry business. You can list your items with just a single click through our easy-to-use CMS.

  • Workflow Management
    Diamond ERP
    Digitize the operation, including manufacturers, clients, internal team members, from mining to final jewellery.Our solutions allow you to automate different business processes as well. It's a full programme for jewellery development, inventory and account management.
  • GIA Integration
    eCommerce Solution
    Customer estimates based on daily diamond and metal prices, Purchase/New Product Design, Metal and Amount Outstanding, Daily Stock Tally Overview, Stock Analysis, Configurability and Personalized Layout, Vendor and Customer Management, Search and Category Choices.
  • RAPAPORT Integration
    B2B Application
    Enterprise mobile application where 360 diamond views can be bid, bought, purchased. With the latest industry trends, our jewellery app development services are highly interactive. In the competitive world, we ensure our custom-built tech solutions stand out and provide engaging digital experiences.
  • Virtual Try On
    Augmented Reality
    Digital attempts to access various jewellery and make a buying decision on the basis of that. Until buying, try to know how a specific ring, earrings, or any other piece of jewellery would look in advance. You can try rings, necklaces, earrings, etc. with one-tap access to the huge selection of jewellery.
  • Business Automation
    ERP/CRM Solution
    Provide customers 360 degrees to the understanding of the customer to the sales team. Jewelry CRM helps understand the customer needs and provides an efficient platform to form strategies to meet demands. It provides an intuitive dashboard to showcase project reports lively.
Segments We Serve
  • Omnichannel Solution
    Omnichannel Solution

    We help businesses to link ERP, eCommerce, mobile, CRM, etc. with omnichannel solutions. We deliver full-life-cycle customer experiences proven to generate conversions and drive sales.

  • B2B2C Solution
    B2B2C Solution

    We assist the manufacturer of Diamonds to control its inventory, supplier, clients, and overall activities. We help build digital solutions for jewelry businesses to tackle orders.

  • Jewelry Manufacturer
    Jewelry Manufacturer

    With our ERP solutions for the diamond and jewelry industry, you can streamline your business operations and ensure it functions without any glitches.

  • Diamond Search
    Diamond Search

    Provide very thorough search mechanisms so that individuals can very easily locate their diamond or jewellery needed. Our Mobility solution for Jewelry and Diamond Business provides the best user experience.


Brian Gavin
Brainvire is dedicated towards achieving project success. They developed a comprehensive solution despite time differences. Our platform is now functional and includes thousands of unique products.
Brian Gavin
CEO - BrianGavin
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195 Reviews

Brainvire accomplished their task in the time allotted. They have clear and transparent communication, using project management tools to track progress and updates. They’re skilled in tech areas that are hard to find.

Pankaj Soni
Manager, KGK
5 years ago
Let’s Work Together On Transforming Your Ideas Into Reality!

They have a professional approach and a strong understanding of the business. The team invested themselves dedicatedly, worked on changing developmental needs, and have good communication skills.

Aaron Srun
Aaron Srun
Project Manager - Larson Jewellers
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Our Diamond and Jewelry Solutions Expertise
We design solutions to meet specific needs of each customer and enable them to solve all challenges. Our mission is to share the unique story of your brand and give customers a superb retail experience.
Our Diamond and Jewelry Solutions Expertise
Spotlight Solutions

To help you build your perfect eCommerce experience, we create brand new software solutions using latest technologies.

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  • Diamond ERP Solution
  • eCommerce Implementation
  • Marketplace Integration
  • Augmented Reality Commerce
  • Jewelry B2B Solution
  • Jewelry B2C Ecommerce
  • Jewelry B2B2C Application
  • Mobile POS Solution
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Why Choose Brainvire for Jewelry Solutions?
Tap into our development solutions and help to generate more sales for your jewellery business. Website services include a seamless digital network coupled with a personalised touch.
  • Subject Matter Experts
    Subject Matter Experts

    To help you streamline company processes and drive more sales, our team provides amazing ERP solutions. For the diamond and jewellery industry, we also develop and deliver customised solutions such as inventory management, POS systems, CRM applications, and ERP.

  • Strategic Alliance
    Strategic Alliance

    At Brainvire, we concentrate on offering an exceptional user experience. We put your business goals, innovative vision, insights powered by data, consumer needs, and the latest technology together and create websites and apps like never before!

  • Huge Industry Presence
    Huge Industry Presence

    Selling distinctive pieces of jewellery will help your brand stand apart from competition. You can apply some customization to standard product pages to allow jewellery personalization and add a personalization feature as one more attribute of the product.

We have helped global business grow manifold times!
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Our strategies help global retailers grow the business
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Solutions to Transform Jewelry Industry
You can update or create an entirely new and entertaining website for your diamond and jewellery company with our talented and qualified team of developers. We create unique experiences for your business.
  • Explore Solutions
    Jewelry Ecommerce App
    GIA Integration
    RAPAPORT Integration
    Diamond ERP Solution
    Jewelry Manufacturing System
    Metal based Amount Conversions
  • Our Support Solutions
    Jewels Trading Solution
    Inventory Management
    Job Work Management
    Production Planning
    Stock Inventory Control
    Material Requirement Planning

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