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Brainvire’s consultants and being a Magento development company chose the Enterprise Edition of Magento due to its premium functionalities. The marketplace supports multiple languages and end-users can easily add bundled products to the cart. The...

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Marketplace platform which does enables all the small retailers to start online selling of the fashion products. It does hold more than 10,000 retailers and 2M plus products which makes it one of the largest fashion marketplace.

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Brainvire team performed a detailed analysis of the current infrastructure including all the mobile applications and websites. Having found the bugs and flows for each application, the team fixed the issues using the technologically advanced plugi...

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Union Coop
Union Coop

Union Coop

The team of experts developed the order management system for the store to make the entire flow easier and quicker. Page loading time was decreased from 13 seconds to seconds, which is just incredible! All of these changes resulted in increased tr...

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Loyalty pocket solution for retailers
Loyalty pocket solution for retailers

Loyalty pocket solution for retailers

Unique mobile application for mall and shopping complex where there are multiple individuals brands and shops are available which does provides their own unique loyalty solution. It helps users to get rid of carrying all those loyalty cards, and c...

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The Ultimate Digital Enabler Trusted by Brands Worldwide

Established brands and giant companies across the globe have chosen Brainvire as their reliable tech-partner
The Ultimate Digital Enabler Trusted by Brands Worldwide
The Ultimate Digital Enabler Trusted by Brands Worldwide
The Ultimate Digital Enabler Trusted by Brands Worldwide

Mobile Commerce Development Company

Our team has proven expertise in building mobile commerce app Development that drive results and increase revenue for our clients.
Mobile Commerce Development Company

Enterprise Mobility

Get flexible, high-performance, enterprise-oriented mobile device development solutions that are tailored to your business’ unique needs and specifications. We focus our expertise on creating all-in-one solutions that reap results.
  • User Experience Design and Testing

    User Experience Design and Testing

  • Mobile Application Security

    Mobile Application Security

  • Mobility Maintenance and Support Services

    Mobility Maintenance and Support Services

  • Mobility Business Integration Services

    Mobility Business Integration Services

Enterprise Mobility


Our consultants conduct a review of your requirements to recommend best practices and technical solutions to help you enhance your e-commerce experience. Now, businesses can leverage our knowledge of technology to recognize the mobile app development full potential for optimizing and streamlining their mobile commerce solutions.
  • Requirements Analysis

    Requirements Analysis

  • Trending Solutions

    Trending Solutions

  • Mobile Marketing

    Mobile Marketing

  • Technical Consulting

    Technical Consulting


Mobile Commerce Development Services

Brainvire’s designers devote a large part of their design strategy to rigorous analysis and technology implementation in order to create a genuinely customer-centered experience. Our design team will create impressive but connected consumer interactions that ensure the end result is consistent with the client’s branding and positioning.
  • m-Commerce Theme and Template Design

    m-Commerce Theme and Template Design

  • m-Commerce Market Assessment

    m-Commerce Market Assessment

  • m-Commerce Shopping Carts

    m-Commerce Shopping Carts

  • m-Commerce Marketing

    m-Commerce Marketing

Mobile Commerce Development Services

Why Choose Mobile Commerce Solutions?

  • 1
    Deliver a wonderful mobile experience
    Wow, your customers with a mobile app that makes it easier for them to purchase and relate to your brand.
  • 2
    Convert more customers
    Mobile applications convert 3x faster than your website. Don't miss out on the opportunity to increase your sales.
  • 3
    Facilitate stronger consumer relations
    Get a chance to occupy a position in the prime real estate of the customers' minds.
  • 4
    Match your brand with a completely personalised look
    With our comprehensive branding and layout choices, you will be able to find the perfect match for your brand.
  • 5
    Group and categorise all of your products
    We make it easy to build any custom product categories or import existing ones.
  • 6
    PWA for online presence
    Creating PWAs will increase the online visibility of the brand.

Our Mobile Commerce Services at a Glance

  • Mobile Banking Service
  • Mobile Trade Service
  • Retail apps
  • Life Insurance Account Information
  • Airline
  • Travel
  • Concert Ticket Reservation
  • Sales
  • Entertainment
  • News/Information
  • Database Application
  • On-demand apps
Our Mobile Commerce Services at a Glance
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Customized Solutions for Leading Brands

  • Bay Alarm Medical
  • Rev-A_Shelf
  • American Lighting
  • Super Media Store
  • Warehouse115
  • Fossil
  • (Werkt)
  • Prinics Co., Ltd (Kodak)
  • HVAC Direct
  • KGK
  • Insomnia Cookies
  • Healthy Planet
  • Tdotperformance
  • Micromo
  • BrianGavin
  • Tools Plus


  • Mobile Payments

    Mobile Payments

    • Payment Gateway
    • E-banking
    • E-wallets
    • Cash on Delivery
  • Order Management

    Order Management

    • Order Management
    • Return Management
    • Real-time Tracking
    • Delivery
  • Customer Care

    Customer Care

    • Customer Queries
    • Feedback
    • Returns and Exchanges
    • Tech Support


  • Quality Analysis

    Quality Analysis

    • Initial Phase Planning
    • Testing
    • Performance Measurement
    • Launch
  • Technical Acceptability

    Technical Acceptability

    • Integration Effort
    • Interoperability
    • Scalability
    • Remote Access
  • Security


    • Privacy
    • Authentication
    • Confidentiality
    • Integrity

Complete Order Tracking

M-commerce allows customers to track orders with the help of various filters. It provides real-time updates on order status, packaging and delivery.
  1. Order placement
    Order placement
    The process begins when a customer places an order in the store or online.
  2. Order creation
    Order creation
    The order is accepted and an invoice is sent to the customer.
  3. Real-time tracking
    Real-time tracking
    The order is shipped via third-party logistics and the order is tracked while in transit.
  4. Delivery
    Once the order is delivered to the customer, the order stands fulfilled.

Mobile Commerce Development

Mobile commerce is the best way to broaden the reach of your business straight into the palms of customers. Mobile commerce services provide abundant features, integrations and extensions, and an interactive UI/UX.
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  • Brainvire develops an innovative peer-to-peer marketplace for an online sneaker reseller on the web, iOS, and Android platforms
    Brainvire develops an innovative peer-to-peer marketpla...
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  • Combo of Social Media + eCommerce Marketplace Boosts the Sales of Skydiving Equipment by 43%
    Combo of Social Media + eCommerce Marketplace Boosts th...
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  • Advanced eCommerce Mobile App Skyrockets Sales for Canada’s Leading Retailer of Nutritional Supplements
    Health Care & Life Science
    Advanced eCommerce Mobile App Skyrockets Sales for Cana...
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  • Brainvire Develops Powerful Web and Mobile Application for Kuwait-based Marketplace
    Brainvire Develops Powerful Web and Mobile Application ...
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Trusted M-commerce Experts

Brainvire has proven expertise in mobile commerce development services and an experienced team of developers.
  • 700+

    M-commerce Apps Built
  • 100+

    Customizations and Extensions
  • 100%

    PCI Compliant

Mobile Commerce: Leverage the Mobile Phenomenon to Grow Your Business

Mobile Commerce: Leverage the Mobile Phenomenon to Grow Your Business

We have been acknowledged as mobile commerce development service experts.

  • Awards
  • Awards
  • Awards
  • Awards
  • Awards
  • Awards


  • Can I develop a mobile app for my online store?

    Yes! Brainvire helps you in web development and mobile applications development for your business. We have experience in travel, e-commerce, automobiles, and many other niches. We can develop m-commerce applications for most types of businesses.
  • What benefit will I gain from m-commerce services?

    Brainvire has years of experience in creating efficient, versatile, high-performing apps for m-commerce. We have a talented team of designers and developers that is proficient in creating results-oriented mobile, web and enterprise solutions.
  • What are the advantages of choosing m-commerce?

    M-commerce helps you take advantage of the booming mobile app phenomenon. Modern consumers conduct daily business activities on a smartphone. M-commerce allows you to increase your customer base by putting your product into the hands of potential customers via their mobile phones.
  • Can I develop my mobile solution while my e-commerce website is still live?

    Yes. Your e-commerce website will remain functional while we are developing your m-commerce solution. We will develop your new app on our development server and deploy it on your new server without hampering your website.
  • Will my website be upgraded from time to time, as required?

    Brainvire will provide two types of upgrades: 1. Whenever you think you need any improvements to the e-commerce system we've developed for you, simply contact us and we'll change it to fit your requirements. 2. When you think your e-commerce website needs a platform upgrade, we'll be there to transfer it to a stable, updated version, along with all its dependencies.
  • Do I need to know a programming language in order to get an online store built with you?

    No! To set up your store you don't need any programming language experience. Through our admin panel, you can build a professional-looking website directly. Our solution also gives you full control over the configuration of your carts.
  • Does Brainvire offer custom design services, too?

    Yes. Along with a team of talented designers and developers, we have our own design studio. We’ll help you create a distinctive identity by creating a company logo, models, prototypes, and overall branding.
  • Do you offer hosting services?

    When you create your own e-commerce website with us, we’ll upload it to your server to make it live. If you don't have a server, we'll help set up one for you. Our IT geeks are always available to fix your technical problems so you can focus more on your business.
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    Transactions Everyday
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