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Brainvire Launches Cloud Based ERP System to Automate Business Process and Accelerate Digital Transformation

To win over the need to integrate all departments and functions across a business into a single software while being able to serve each department's specific needs, Brainvire has come up with its flagship Enterprise Retail Planning solution - Control ERP. This ERP software will allow businesses to have a full-fledged and customized ERP for smooth management of their services within a centralized and integrated system. It prosperously offers tailored ERP retail solutions to businesses for having an omnichannel experience. This makes achieving all the business goals effortlessly and within deadline, and thereby achieve a superior performance.

Throughout its journey, Brainvire has consistently transformed ideas into innovative solutions across diverse industry verticals. Control ERP, a jewel in Brainvire's portfolio, empowers clients to effortlessly streamline their sales operations, encompassing accounting, reporting, inventory management, and various other processes with remarkable efficiency. This Odoo partner offers an ERP software that can be tailored to suit specific business needs, including marketplace integration, Magento integration, biometric device integration, payment integration, and more.

Mr. Chintan Shah, delighted with the addition of another bead of achievement into a string of accomplishments, said:"ERP is the core requirement of any business to acquire improved collaboration and better analytics. Business can get all the solutions from inventory management to payroll with the help of Control ERP. Business houses can gain leverage from such automated solutions and can expect a boost in their ROI."

Splendid Features to Help Control ERP Outstand the Competition

  • Inventory Management: Acquire centralized inventory management with the help of Odoo and Magento. It can also easily track manufacturer's batches with the help of barcode or serial numbers.
  • Accounting: Streamlining multifarious accounting activities have become easy. Efficiently manage a different budget and compare your current performance with each of them.
  • Purchase : Gain a complete end-to-end purchasing solution and effortlessly track the supplier's details. Managing invoices and handling products becomes effortless.
  • Sales: Now be a selling expert by efficiently managing sales and measuring performance. And administer orders and contracts over time.
  • Experience seamless product management and plan tasks steadily. Automatically triggers the quality check for the manufacturing department.
  • POS: Endure simplified payments and seek advantage of all point-of-sale features with the help of real data.
  • HR activities :Tracking and managing payroll of employees becomes a cakewalk.
  • Control ERP Commerce Integration: Obtain omnichannel experience with the smooth unification of e-commerce with Control ERP. And get centralized accounting and customer database management.

What Do Clients Have to Say?

Ryan, owner of Vitabai Inc. Says, "The development is taking place smoothly with good communication between the team and the company. They readily address the issues and take care of all the requirements arising during the process. Being frank, we are very happy with the efforts and dedication shown by the Control ERP team."

Do you still have any doubts or questions in your mind? Don't worry! We are here to clear up all the dubiousness. Schedule a demo to seek more information and we will contact you back.

About Brainvire

Brainvire is a global IT solutions & Magento development service provider that offers progressive end-to-end web and app development. With over 18 years of experience, and core employee strength of 550, it has been offering solutions to diverse verticals of the industries such as mobile and wireless, healthcare sector, logistics, education, gaming, advertising, media, and entertainment, etc. Its specialization comprises of

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