• Extremely Responsive
    Extremely Responsive
    We help you create progressive website apps that deliver top-quality performance and offer smooth navigation between multiple pages.
  • Faster Performance
    Faster Performance
    Our team of Progressive App Developers builds progressive web applications that offer quicker responses to customer interaction, as well as seamless scrolling.
  • Offline Support
    Offline Support
    Brainvire helps you add native and dynamic mobile features, such as camera access and offline support, to your progressive web application.
  • Higher User Engagement
    Higher User Engagement
    With our progressive web app solutions, you can offer your users a full-screen experience and increase user engagement.

Analyzing Your Progressive Web Apps Requirements

Analyzing Your Progressive Web Apps Requirements
  • Analyzing Your Requirements
    Analyzing Your Requirements
    Our team of Progressive Web App developers carefully analyzes all your business requirements and objectives so they can better understand your web application idea and offer in-depth insights for its design.
  • Designing & Wireframing
    Designing & Wireframing
    At this stage, our skilled team thoroughly researches and brainstorms app solutions. Our Progressive Web Apps professionals come up with a unique and intuitive design. We then show you the design and, upon your approval, go ahead with development.
  • App Development
    App Development
    This is when we start adding features and functionalities to your app’s design and bring it to life. We begin developing codes and screens for your application. Once the app has been developed, we send it to you for approval.
  • Testing & Deployment
    Testing & Deployment
    After receiving your approval on the web app development, we run a few tests to closely check for code errors and bugs. If we find any issues, we immediately fix them and make sure the app functions smoothly before finally deploying it!
  • Progressive Custom App Development

    Brainvire has a team of highly skilled and talented progressive web app developers. Our team is equipped with all the latest programming languages, such as JavaScript, CSS and HTML, and is adept at using them. We have years of experience in building progressive web applications that are in line with our clients’ needs.
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    • Highly Receptive
    • Top-notch Performance
    • Offline Support
    • Search Engine Optimization
    • Data Security
    • Stable Functionality
  • Progressive Web App Design & Development

    With our top-quality PWA solutions, we assist you in unlocking the potential of various types of mobile phones. We follow a seamless, standard development process to provide you with exceptional app design and a streamlined customer experience. Our PWA services also help you raise your conversion rates with effective push notification and better user experience.
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    • Interactive Design
    • Intuitive UI
    • Faster Development
    • Organized Approach
    • Seamless Navigation
    • Appealing Features
  • Progressive Web App Plugin Development

    With Brainvire by your side, you can curate an extensive range of plugins for your progressive website applications and stay on the cutting edge. Our team develops incredible PWA plugins that are tailor-made to meet your business needs. These plugins also help improve your revenue while offering amazing customer user experience.
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    • User-friendly
    • Mobile Optimized
    • Extremely Receptive
    • Improved Engagement
    • Increased ROI
    • Fully Customizable
  • Progressive Web App Shell Architecture

    Our team of veteran experts develops high-quality website applications using the app shell approach. We follow a coherent methodology to determine the app differentiators and embed them accurately in order to offer you incredible speed and performance. We help you develop PWAs that deliver computable gains.
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    • Higher Reliability
    • Faster Load Time
    • Exceptional User Experience
    • Zero Loss of Speed
    • Re-engaging
    • Robust Solutions
  • Receptive Website App Design

    We develop progressive website applications that are in line with your project requirements. We make sure the design of the app is receptive and helps you increase your user engagement. We also create progressive web apps that offer your customers a seamless user experience.
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    • UX/UI Design
    • Easy Navigation
    • Feature-rich
    • Responsive
    • Superior Quality
    • Device Compatibility
  • Progressive Web App Migration

    Brainvire uses secure migration strategies like DDoS protection, CDNs, TLS/SSL certified support, Cloudflare, etc. We strictly adhere to these strategies and offer you a smooth website app migration service. While migrating your existing application, we also ensure that it’s compatible with all the advanced features.
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    • Easy Migration
    • Safer Migration Approach
    • Compatibility Analysis
    • Data Backup
    • App Integration
    • Best Migration Practices
  • Progressive Web App Technology Stack

    Our skilled team of Progressive Web App Developers follows an agile methodology to select the perfect tech stack. Our app developers build your progressive website applications by using some of the best-known programming languages and technologies.
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    • Angular
    • Ionic
    • CSS3
    • HTML
    • JavaScript
    • ReactJS
  • Testing & QA

    When developing your progressive website application, we follow a flexible strategy and conduct various comprehensive tests on the app. We perform usability, compatibility and performance tests to make sure your application works the way you want it to. We also ensure that the code is free of errors.
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    • Timesaving Services
    • Quicker Deployment
    • Bug & Code Fixes
    • Functionality Testing
    • Quality Assurance
    • Zero Errors
  • Progressive Web App Support & Maintenance

    Our dedicated support team will help you resolve all your app-related issues in no time. We’ll take care of your application’s functionality and keep monitoring its performance. Our team also ensures that the application is kept up to date and meets the current technology standards.
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    • Performance Monitoring
    • Dedicated Team
    • 24/7 Maintenance
    • App Upgrading
    • Technical Support
    • End-to-end Maintenance
Quarterly Distribution of Over USD 5M Managed by Brainvire’s Investor App
Quarterly Distribution of Over USD 5M Managed by Brainvire’s Investor App
A Customized Mobile Application for Online Diamond Trading and Bidding
A Customized Mobile Application for Online Diamond Trading and Bidding
A Food Delivery-cum-Management App Generates Revenues to the Tune of USD 20 Million Within 3 Months of Launch
A Food Delivery-cum-Management App Generates Revenues to the Tune of USD 20 Million Within 3 Months of Launch
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Kevin Harward
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Brainvire has excellent project management skills, accommodating, transparent, organized, and intuitive. Their deliverables were accurate and visually appealing throughout the ongoing relationship.
Kevin Harward
Founder - Intermountain Hearing Solution
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224 Reviews

The platform recently launched, and it already has thousands of users. Brainvire Infotech Inc collaborated effectively, and openly exchanged ideas. The team was well-organized and communicated through weekly reports. Overall, it was a positive engagement.

Saud Almadhi
CEO, Almontage
4 years ago

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  • Food Delivery App for Non-Profit Organization
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  • Edunguru- E- Learning Application
    JW Player
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  • Digital Initiative to Ensure Safety While Traveling
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  • Facility Management Solution for Eagle Hills
    Real Estate
    Azure cloud
    Microsoft SQL Server
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  • What are Progressive Web Apps (PWA)?

    Progressive web applications are built using web technologies including HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. PWA offers functionalities that can easily rival a native app, plus they can work on any platform that uses a standards-compliant browser. Using the latest technologies, you can turn most websites into a progressive web app easily.
  • How much does a PWA cost? Is it a cost-effective option?

    The cost of making a website ranges between $5,000 to $15,000 approx. Developing a native app will easily set you back between $20,000 and $70,000 approx. Progressive Web Apps, on the other hand, will just cost you around $6,000 and $20,000. Moreover, many businesses will only need the PWA, which will help them make a saving over developing a site and a native app separately. So, PWA is a cost-effective option.
  • What benefits can I reap by opting for PWA execution?

    The execution of PWA offers you a lot of advantages, such as improved SEO, increased customer engagement, faster load time, optimized app performance, decreased bounce rate, higher user acquisition, increased conversion rate, better visibility, and many others.
  • Will every mobile and browser support my progressive web app?

    All the latest desktops and mobile phones and their internet browsers are compatible with PWAs. But the best support, as compared to other browsers, is offered by Google Chrome.
  • Can you launch my PWA on the Apple App Store or Google Play?

    No, we cannot launch your progressive web application on the App Store or Google Play. You can share and install the app only through a link.
  • What type of progressive web app development team will be assigned to my project?

    The development team assigned for your project will consist of full stack developers who are adept in various JavaScript frameworks, project managers, UX designers, PWA architects, and front-end developers who are skilled in CSS, HTML, and other frameworks.
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