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React Native App Development

React Native Provides Superior Performance Same Like Native Apps

Invented by Facebook & Instagram, React Native is the first hybrid app technology that performs exactly like a native does. React Native copes up with 2 major ecosystems – Android apps & iOS apps with same UI features and performance but at the half cost and in the less time. The tech giants like Facebook, Airbnb, GitHub, Pixar, Microsoft, Pinterest etc. have already prioritized React Native higher in their mobile app projects.


Why should you choose React Native for Your Mobile App Development?

The USP of React Native is the cost and time saver characteristics. It takes a lot in terms of time & money to go for separate Android and iOS development. React Native is a wide and feature-rich JavaScript library that provides iOS and Android style of UI building blocks to create interactive UI and Seamless & faster navigation oriented mobile applications. React Native’s rich set of libraries empowers the developers to craft real-time mobile applications with the same robustness of Java and Objective C.

Huge cost saver because it’s open source and eliminates the need of 2 separate native developments

Why are Tech Giants Preferring React Native over Other Technologies?

React Native empowers to write native code. Plus, Partial Native app + partial react native is possible, No overhauling is required.

  • Delivers the High Performance because of feature-rich library components

  • Huge Community Support and Regular updates for all the basics and advancements

  • Rich Ecosystem that seamlessly integrates with all APIs and Plugin



Why should you entrust Brainvire For React Native App Development?

    • Brainvire holds the pool of skilled React Native App developers with experience in React Web Development, React Plugin Development, React Interactive UI Development, and Migration of jQuery or JavaScript to React.
    • Brainvire follows agile processes and progressive techniques to deliver futuristic & performance-oriented applications in a committed timeline.
    • Proven expertise in the diversified domain such as eCommerce, CRM, Booking app, dating app, portal app, finance app, educational app
    • Brainvire’s QA team ensures application success by cogent testing with all automated and manual testing methodologies.
    • Brainvire offers a competitive pricing model that fits the shrinking budget of your organization.
    • Brainvire stays in strict adherence to NDA terms.
    • We, at Brainvire, won’t leave clients post-development, we provide maintenance and 24 X 7 support, too.
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