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AR Development Services (Augmented Reality)

AR transcends the customer experience by showcasing amplified elements in real environment

<style="text-align: left; font-family: Roboto Condensed,sans-serif; font-size: 35px; color: #fff; margin: 0 0 15px 0;">AR Development Services (Augmented Reality)

AR transcends the customer experience by showcasing amplified elements in real environment

Business Giants That Went For Real-Time Implementation Of Augmented Reality

Amazon offered an AR view that uses 3D rendering to showcase how a product will look at real-life locations.


A Swiss luxury watch brand Tissot launched an installed AR window that allows people to try various watches on their wrists without actually wearing them.

pokemon go

Pokemon GO made a sensation by showing virtual characters at real-life locations and set records of huge revenues and users.

Ikea Logo

Ikea is a furniture giant. Its mobile app Ikea Place showcases the furniture items picked by users at theirreal locations with different angles.


Accuvein works like a hand scanner and checks below patient’s skin. Doctors and nurses use it to find out veins and valves positions in patient’s body.

Augmented Reality is a computer-mediated reality that showcases computer-generated inputs like images, videos, audios, haptics, or GPS data to a real-time environment.

Implementation of AR has reached beyond gaming. A lot of industry verticals have started incorporating AR for more personalized user experience.

Jewelry Industry

Diamond, Gold and Platinum Jewelry giants are offering AR based application which accurately displays the exact look of the jewelry on the body.

Furniture Industry

Like Ikea, alot of furniture supplier companies have started opting for AR to efficiently showcase their products at user’s locations.


Aviation, Military, and science labs are taking advantages of augmented reality to perform various experiments and checks without actually doing it in thereal world.


AR-based cosmetics app will enable the women to see the effects of shades on their faces which can help in making a purchase.


With AR based applications, students can learn and experiment a lot of things without having to worry about the consequences of mistakes.


Like AccuVein, a lot of AR-based applications have captured the healthcare market with a vision to deeply understand and analyze the patient’s problems.

Retail & Ecommerce

With AR based applications, sales representatives can show entire product with different angles and views without actually worrying about product’s space occupancy.


Appearances of real characters at real locations make the game larger than live and interesting at the same time. AR-based gaming app has a power to attract the huge user base and revenues at the same time.

Real Estate

AR applications empower realtors to showcase the buildings’ outer appearances and inner appearances including rooms, balcony, foyer, amenities everything in a 360-degree 3D view.

Brainvire has achieved excellence in following AR development frameworks:

Pokemon Go


Android’s ARCore

Unity 3d



Autodesk 3ds Max

What makes Brainvire a favorable partner for Augmented Reality development?

Hands on experience on various AR based projects

Excellent and certified developer team to rely upon completely

Experienced Q&A team that ensures error-free and cutting-edge solution

Competent pricing model that fits the shrinking budget

365 days and 24/7 support and maintenance for AR development

Intelligent Digital marketing team that ensures application reaches to right audience


AR is the future of customer engagement. Let’s meet to make it happen for your business.

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