MEAN Stack Development for Modern Web Applications

Backed by the powerful full-stack JavaScript framework, MEAN stack is the preferred choice for programming. MEAN Stack Development is ideal for building web and mobile applications that are flexible, reliable, and straightforward.
  • JavaScript


    You won’t have to learn a separate programming language, since Node.js enables the use of JavaScript on both the front end and the back end.
  • Security


    Within the MEAN stack, MongoDB and Node.js have the capabilities to address security issues when your website is dealing with high traffic.
  • NoSQL


    With the NoSQL feature, enabled by MongoDB, you can modify and tweak the data layer quickly, without worrying about migration issues.
  • Open Source

    Open Source

    MEAN is free, open-source software that creates robust web applications and web development.
  • Cloud


    Managing MongoDB deployments with cloud solution capabilities saves you both time and money.
  • Share


    Codesharing has never been easier than with Node.js and npm (node package manager).
  • Enhanced Performance

    Enhanced Performance

    Since Node.js functions on a faster architecture, it is optimized to deliver better performance.
  • Flexibility


    Developing applications over MEAN enables you to write code that can later be transferred to AngularJS with absolute ease. This makes MEAN-based programming extremely easy.
  • Single-page Applications

    Single-page Applications

    Develop single-page applications over AngularJS that are easy to build, test and maintain.
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MEAN Stack Development Case Studies



The web portal is developed for the benefit of pet owners and pet sitters. Through this online portal pet owners will be able to easily search trustworthy pet care service near their location. Moreover, pet owners as well as the pet sitters, both ...

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The web platform is a powerful reporting tool and can be used by businesses belonging to any industry. It has been developed by the skilled expertise of Brainvire’s data scientists and in-house experts. The tool can generate resizable, colorful an...

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Insomnia Cookies
Insomnia Cookies

Insomnia Cookies

It offers users the option to taste the best and latest flavors of fresh food from the comfort of their homes. They can pick-up the order from their nearest store if time permits or simply get it delivered at their doorstep.

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Communication is their strength, especially for me as I'm a non-technical founder. The team knows their own strengths and weaknesses, using them to excel at their work. Brainvire Development does not shy away from challenges and has been able to m...

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Brainvire’s skilled developers initiated open end API development that helped obtain real-time financial information about the equity market. The team introduced a solution that is easy to integrate across different platforms. APIs are developed i...

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MEAN Development Services and Solutions

At Brainvire, we deliver excellent MEAN development solutions within a defined timeline.
  • Development Support
    Development Support
    Benefit from end-to-end MEAN stack application development, regardless of your business niche or scale.
  • Assistance in Consultation
    Assistance in Consultation
    We provide the necessary guidance and assistance for your MEAN development requirements.
  • Migration Support
    Migration Support
    We offer a smooth migration process when transferring your web application to the MEAN framework.
  • Performance Support
    Performance Support
    Hire MEAN developers who can audit your existing page and recommend tweaks to enable better performance.
  • Assistance in Deployment
    Assistance in Deployment
    We help you launch your brand-new website, make regular updates, build extensions, and perform replacements after the completion of the project.
  • Maintenance Support
    Maintenance Support
    Along with development assistance, we also provide extensive maintenance support in order to maintain a superior level of website performance.
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Take Your Pick from a Variety of Hiring Models

We offer our clients the bandwidth to choose the hiring model that suits their business requirements.

Committed Mean Development Team
Predefined Projects (Large and Small) | No Hidden Costs | Ease of Payment | Pay upon Project Completion
Assessment of the Requirements
  • You put forth your project requirements and the discussions begin.
  • We gauge your needs and assign developers and coders.
  • We create the necessary paperwork required to take the project ahead.
Project Development and Reporting
  • Interact with your dedicated team and iron out details and specifications.
  • Our developers and project managers start the development process, which you can review on a timely basis.
  • We maintain a constant line of communication using emails, Skype and calls.
Delivery and Launch
  • Our development team puts out the first project prototype.
  • We conduct a set of tests to fix bugs and check user-friendliness.
  • The project is delivered and launched on the agreed-upon platform.
Fixed Price and Fixed Timeline
Predefined Projects (Large and Small) | No Hidden Costs | Ease of Payment | Pay upon Project Completion
Low-Risk Business Model
  • Discuss project deadline
  • Determine the development timeline
  • Agreement on discussed price
Fully-Committed Experts
  • Budget-friendly solutions
  • Swift integration
  • Long-lasting relationship
  • No hidden costs
  • Milestone-based billing
  • World-class solutions
Team Hiring
Predefined Projects (Large and Small) | No Hidden Costs | Ease of Payment | Pay upon Project Completion
Full-Time Basis
  • Full dedication
  • Monthly billing
  • Normal work hours
Part-Time Basis
  • Maximum 4 hours every day
  • Billing based on each milestone
  • Reporting through Skype calls or emails
Hourly Basis
  • Work hours on the basis of project requirements
  • Communication as and when required
  • 2 hours of work each day

Why Partner with Brainvire for MEAN Stack Development Services?

Our skilled team of MEAN stack developers can help develop web and mobile applications that are high-performing, scalable and robust. Whether it’s a single-page web app or a complex web development solution with multiple pages, we’ve got you covered.
  • Absolute Transparency
    Absolute Transparency
    Our working style is straightforward and transparent because we respect your business idea and functions. We have NDAs in place to make our working relationship more secure.
  • Experienced MEAN Stack Developers
    Experienced MEAN Stack Developers
    Our developers are skilled professionals with over three years of experience. They have worked on projects both large and small across industries.
  • Free, No-obligation Quote
    Free, No-obligation Quote
    Once we have discussed your project details, we will get back to you with a no-cost estimate within 24 working hours.
  • Straightforward Project Management
    Straightforward Project Management
    Our proficient MEAN developers address complex project management issues while we handle your development process.
  • Updates and Reporting
    Updates and Reporting
    We keep you posted on your project’s development and provide you with up-to-date reporting, which means you are constantly in the loop. We usually communicate via emails, calls and Skype.
  • Flexible Engagement Models
    Flexible Engagement Models
    We have different engagement models in place in order to meet your specific business requirements.
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Benefits of High-end MEAN Stack Development Services

If you want to build powerful, feature-rich web applications, the MEAN stack framework is the ideal choice. At Brainvire, we place emphasis on your business objectives and goals, and deliver top-notch development solutions that work wonders for your conversion rate.

Extensive Experience and Certification
Extensive Experience and Certification
  • 15+ Years of Industry Experience
  • Certified Developers with Extensive Expertise and Experience
  • Impressive Track Record with Many Successful Projects
Affordable, Scalable and Diverse
Affordable, Scalable and Diverse
  • Global Clientele Across Industries
  • Scalable and Customized Development Solutions
  • Competitive Pricing Without Compromising on Quality
Flexible and Reliable
Flexible and Reliable
  • Reliable Application Improvement, Support and Maintenance
  • 24/7 Availability and Trustworthy Reporting System
  • Flexible Engagement Models for Hiring Developers


MEAN stack is a robust framework designed to create prototypes for web pages. At Brainvire, our MEAN stack developers build modern web applications that are efficient and sleek and align with your business requirements.
  • Open-source Framework
    With our MEAN Stack development, create dynamic and best-in-class websites and mobile applications.
  • High-performing Websites and Applications
    Leverage the MEAN Stack framework and develop exceptional applications and websites for your business.
  • MEAN-based Applications with Code-reuse Capabilities
    Easily create and program your MEAN-based applications with the framework’s incredible code-reusability feature.
  • Enhanced Performance
    MEAN Stack has an event-driven architecture that helps you improve the performance of your site and apps.
  • Scalable and Secure Architecture
    Optimize your site’s performance while handling a huge amount of traffic with our MEAN Stack development solutions.

Our Clients

  • Alghanim
  • KGK
  • Arete
  • Admission Desk
  • FxConnect
  • Pawlee
  • Aletheia
  • Lavinstar Logistics
  • Keypath
  • Bay Alarm Medical
  • Specktron
  • PIQR Kuwait
  • Insomnia Cookies
  • RewardMob
  • DialCare
  • Unique News Video App
  • Havells
  • Zafco
  • YouGo
  • Sterlite
  • Square Panda
  • Encore Enterprise
  • Tent and Table
  • Healthy Planet
  • Intermountain Hearing Solution
  • Bridgestone
  • Entrepreneur
  • Blink
  • MyyearBook
  • Everything Breaks


    Node.js enables module and code reusability between the server side and client side. To eliminate faults, Node.js uses JSON format to enable data interchange, which maintains consistency across back-end and front-end interfaces.
    Applications developed over Node.js can reap the benefits of asynchronous I/O processing, which enhances overall responsiveness and efficiency.
    You can create applications in real time over a unified, single-language framework for both the client side and server side. You can also monitor and track users as you assess information.
    Code and module reusability is a great feature of the Node.js framework, which works flawlessly for both client-side and server-side applications. The JSON concept allows the transfer of data across interfaces.
    Node.js applications are built over the Express.js framework. Several popular systems operate over Express.js. It has robust features that are built to develop efficient web development and mobile applications.
    Thanks to the simplicity of the platform, APIs can be created over the Express.js framework to render HTTP interfaces. It manages cookies, server requests, and other HTTP elements while extending support to develop integrated interfaces.

Core Competencies of MEAN Stack Development

  • MEAN Lets You Switch Between the Client Side and Server Side

    MEAN Lets You Switch Between the Client Side and Server Side

    MEAN stack developers specialize in full stack JavaScript for both client-side and server-side apps.

  • MEAN Enables Isomorphic Coding

    MEAN Enables Isomorphic Coding

    Porting code that was written over a different framework is easy with the MEAN stack framework.

  • MEAN and JSON Compatibility

    MEAN and JSON Compatibility

    Both AngularJS and Node.js use JSON format, which further simplifies the MEAN framework.

  • Cloud Compatibility and Open Source

    Cloud Compatibility and Open Source

    MEAN stack technologies are available free of cost. With MongoDB, cloud compatibility becomes possible within an application.

  • High Speed with Reusable Codes

    High Speed with Reusable Codes

    The Node.js framework is not only speedy but also scalable, thanks to its robust architecture. With AngularJS, you can access the reusability, maintenance and testability of web mobile applications.

  • Guaranteed Quality Assurance

    Guaranteed Quality Assurance

    Web applications developed over the MEAN framework can benefit from automated testing. This means that quality is assured no matter what.

MEAN for Enterprise Application Development

MEAN stack development is crucial for taking your growing enterprise to new heights. You can develop robust, responsive applications that are user-friendly and efficient.
MEAN for Enterprise Application Development
  • Uniform Programming Language
  • Open-source Capabilities
  • OS Compatibility
  • Agile Quality App Development
  • Backed by MVC Architecture
  • Speedy Data Storage and Retrieval

MEAN for Startup Application Development

With MEAN, it has never been easier to bring your idea to life and launch a web application for your startup. MEAN development has the mix of technology stacks that is perfect for your startup venture.
MEAN for Startup Application Development
  • Productive Performance
  • Streamlined Development Process
  • Ability to Process Multiple Requests
  • Ability to Scale Smoothly
  • Prompt Code Execution
  • Excellent Prototyping Functionalities


  • Will I have ownership of the source code produced?

    Yes, you will. You are the sole and exclusive owner of the development projects we undertake on your behalf. You have sole intellectual property rights to apps developed from your ideas. We have the necessary paperwork in place to secure your peace of mind.
  • How much control do I have over the MEAN stack development team I hire?

    You will have total control over the dedicated team working on your development project. The team will work exclusively for you, and you will have complete access to the processes.
  • When I hire MEAN stack developers from Brainvire, do they work solely on my project?

    Yes. A dedicated team of developers and a project manager will be working full-time on your business requirements, extending the necessary support and assistance.
  • Will your developers upgrade and support my web application in the future?

    Yes. We provide the necessary support and upgrades for every development project we undertake. Our assistance doesn’t stop after the application is delivered and launched. For extended assistance, we have reasonably priced upgrades and support plans.
  • How is project quality assured?

    At Brainvire, we work under strict quality guidelines. We have formal processes in place to ensure quality control. Our first time right philosophy keeps us focused on quality.
  • Will I save money if I use MEAN stack for web app development?

    Yes, you will. If you use MEAN stack to code your projects, you won’t have to work on different platforms anymore. This will considerably reduce your development costs while delivering your projects quickly.
  • Will the MEAN stack framework add value to my business?

    The MEAN stack framework offers both front-end and back-end capabilities which are all JavaScript based, as it enables developers to switch seamlessly from client side to server side and vice versa. This benefits your business in a number of ways, as it adds greater flexibility with high-speed performance delivery.
  • Why should I hire a dedicated MEAN stack development team from Brainvire?

    There are several benefits to hiring a dedicated development team from Brainvire. Some of them are: Absolute control over and access to the development process High-quality and timely deliveries, with regular updates Dedicated project manager overseeing the development of the project without additional costs
  • What is mean stack development services?

    This is an open-source JavaScript-based framework for full-stack development platform. This framework is widely used to design dynamic apps and websites. MEAN stack is an acronym for MongoDB, Express JS, Angular JS, and the popular Node JS. Brainvire’s MEAN developers have the knack to build fast processing and flexible websites and apps.
  • As a mean stack development company do you offer post project completion support?

    Yes, Brainvire MEAN stack development company offers 24X7 post project completion support to their clients. These developers can guide you with the right use of the website and also any other issues.
  • Do you offer mean stack application development services?

    Yes, Brainvire is a house of skilled and certified MEAN stack developers. These developers can develop useful and progressive websites and applications based on MEAN. These developers can include the right features and functionalities in this JavaScript-based framework.
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    Web Projects Completed
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