Full Stack Development with JavaScript for Creating Futuristic Web Applications

When you talk about full stack development, it includes creation of a complete system from scratch, right from the user interface to the data storage. The full stack frameworks are those tools or platforms that help us do that. Everything that you need to build a complete web application can be done with full stack frameworks. These frameworks gather various libraries useful for the web application development. The libraries are gathered into a single software stack making it easy for the developers to access them for their application development process.

Full stack web development with JavaScript has become a trend these days with number of ecommerce companies opting to implement full stack JavaScript web applications for their needs. Full stack JavaScript web applications are those that are developed with JS. Both the backend as well as the frontend of these web based applications are built with JavaScript. Execution of these JavaScript applications would require node.js. Node.js is a runtime environment on which JavaScript applications are executed. As node.js technology was put onto the server, it enabled development of scalable network applications.

Actually, MEAN stack technology is a good example of this full stack JavaScript technology and uses four technologies - MongoDB, Express, AngularJS, and Node.js, thereby helping in development of complete web applications. Here MongoDB is a schema-less, NoSQL database which stores data in form of JSON documents. Here we can write JSON queries on ExpressJS and NodeJS server and seamlessly pass these JSON documents to AngularJS frontend. Here AngularJS can also be replaced with other technologies like backbone.js, ember.js or any other kind of JavaScript framework.

Today there are various kinds of JavaScript modules and build tools that make development and structuring of javaScript applications much easier. It’s always preferred to use the tools based on Node.js development technology like Bower or say Component for front-end management, Grunt.js or Gulp.js for automated development processes, Jasmine or Mocha.js for unit testing tasks and RequireJ or Browserify for module loading. Hence, all the web application development tasks are possible to perform with tools based on Node.JS technology.

Applications can be developed with optimum utilization of network resources and file systems with full stack frameworks under use. Real time conflict resolution, shared server and client rendering, automatic data synchronization are the real time benefits of leveraging full stack MVC frameworks for web development. It is possible to develop speedy and much more interactive applications using this full stack technology. Scalable applications are possible to develop with full stack that allows for code reuse thereby cutting down the time and efforts employed in the application development process.

Rendering pages in two different places with similar routes, templates and business logic will significantly reduce the load time of the pages and this is possible only with the use of full stack JavaScript technology. It automatically helps in synchronization of data from everywhere on real time basis. As it is MVC framework, just like the other Model-View-Controller based frameworks, here also the template changes will automatically update the view as the model changes and reverse is also possible. It can possibly help in data synchronization between browsers, servers and the database with the use of data sync engines.

Hence, with all the above mentioned advantages, it is definitely not wrong to say that a good full stack development company with JavaScript leads to the creation of futuristic web applications. Those looking for full stack development services can approach the Brainvire experts to get the best of the services to meet their customized needs at affordable prices.

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