Innovation for Adaptive Retailers

IT solutions for the retail industry to build an omnichannel platform helping to maximise conversions and boost customer experience. Stand out with a top-notch digital storefront that your company deserves in the competitive landscape. To help you meet your customers efficiently and maximise your bottom line, we create next-gen, feature-rich and scalable eCommerce solutions.

Brainvire helps retailers understand shoppers' actions and discover business opportunities to drive footfalls and web traffic. Our cross-channel platforms allow brick-and-mortar retail stores and hybrid retailers to engage customers, and influence purchasing decisions.

  • Software Development
    Digital Retail Strategy
    Increase your sales, branding and conversion ratio for your eCommerce store. Our team delivers retail IT solutions by designing prototypes for user interface, communication, and mobility that allow your consumers to ensure that their shopping experience is seamless through multiple touch points.
  • Customer Engagement
    Retail Omnichannel Solution
    Brainvire supports retailers, based on their clients, rivals and physical and digital properties, to find the right route to omnichannel retail. The direction of each retailer is special. It needs having the right combination of capabilities for stores, phones, digital marketing and CRM.
  • Magento Solution Partner
    Retail Ecommerce Solution
    As an ideal platform for disrupted communication between different sellers and their customers, we introduce multi-lingual and multi-currency marketplaces. We allow customers to access comprehensive services and products on a single platform via eCommerce web development.
  • Odoo Gold Partner
    Retail CRM and ERP
    For on-demand, integrated retail solutions, custom eCommerce development brings operational performance, improved productivity and customer experience. In order processing, CRM, delivery, retail analytics, and reporting, our expertise in cloud-based e-commerce management systems can be tailored for companies.
  • Retail IT Consulting
    Retail Ecommerce Operations
    With integration of retail modules, we customise solutions for augmented reality in retail eCommerce. POS, warehouse management, the management of product details, accounting and many others. Convenient product selection features help retailers and eCommerce companies improve revenue through consumer decision-making.
Segments We Serve
  • Department Stores
    Department Stores

    We will incorporate next-generation consumer touchpoints such as personal shopping assistants, kiosks and digital signage in addition to simple POS services.

  • Supermarkets (Grocery)
    Supermarkets (Grocery)

    Our solutions include the versatility required to introduce new business models; expand private labels; engage online shoppers; and handle transport and distribution better.

  • Diamond& Jewellery
    Diamond& Jewellery

    You will need to apply some customization to standard product pages to allow jewellery personalization and add a personalization feature as one more attribute of the product.

  • Automotive

    Reduce manual labour and save precious resources by conveniently handling data from a single hub for your product. All stakeholders can access consistent, accurate and updated data with a PIM framework.


Mr. Kevin ClorPlay
The new platform makes processing, shipping, and tracking orders more streamlined, and product inventory is easier to update. The dynamic system allows for all products to be viewed and purchased in one location. Brainvire Infotech Inc's team was communicative and easy to work with.
Mr. Kevin Clor
CIO - Tent and Table
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The new platform makes processing, shipping, and tracking orders more streamlined, and product inventory is easier to update. The dynamic system allows for all products to be viewed and purchased in one location. Brainvire Infotech Inc's team was communicative and easy to work with.

Kevin Clor
CIO, ABC Hardware
3 years ago
Good talks make good projects. Talk to us in person

The new backend has successfully automated many of the production steps, promoting efficiency and allowing internal leadership to focus elsewhere. Brainvire Infotech's accessibility, reliability, and strong customer service continue to impress.

Adam Gansky
Adam Gansky
Founder - 3d Innovation
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Our Retail IT Solutions Expertise
Brainvire is an award-winning agency with to accelerate the development of digital trade. We are proudly expanding companies and helping some of the largest retail stores and brands with digital operations.
Our Retail IT Solutions Expertise
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Our retail ecosystem improves customer experiences and maximises wallet share. It streamlines tasks through your ERP and CRM.

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  • Retail CRM and ERP Solutions
  • Digital Customer Engagement
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  • Omnichannel Experience
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  • Retail Data Analytics
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Why Choose Brainvire for Retail Solutions?
Our team will assist you in designing purpose-built retail applications to embrace an evolving retail environment and unified exchange in support of your business models.
  • Multiple Strategic Alliance
    Multiple Strategic Alliance

    We help retail businesses, distributors, suppliers, and wholesalers drive the satisfaction of their customers, increase sales and grow their audiences by combining our expertise in information technology and e-commerce growth.

  • Enterprise-grade Technology Solution
    Enterprise-grade Technology Solution

    You can create connected retail solutions that include interactive retail experience, robotics-enabled shopping assistants, customised IoT-enabled messaging, transformation of infrastructure, and more, with the support of our team.

  • All-in-One Retail Solution
    All-in-One Retail Solution

    Our customised solutions help stores optimise profitability. We introduce new consumer touch points, such as personal shopping assistants and kiosks, from loyalty, ERP and CRM to workforce management using cloud, analytics and mobile technologies.

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Our strategies help global retailers grow the business
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Solutions to Transform Retail
Brainvire, is driving digital transformation for both SMEs and Fortune 500 enterprises. We enable companies to unlock revenue growth, from eCommerce platforms to shopping cart solutions to stunning mCommerce apps.
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    Loyalty management
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    Custom Retail Software

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Digital Transformation in Retail
Digital Transformation in RetailDigital Transformation in Retail
16th Jan - 18th Jan, 2022
clock11:00AM - 11:30AM (EST) /assets/images/home/location.svgBooth: 927, Jacob K. NYC

Digital Transformation in Retail

Brainvire's experts are on hand in Booth 927 to help you lead your retail enterprise with the latest technologies. Don't miss this rare opportunity to gain expert opinions on digital retail solutions.

Building Your eCommerce Marketing Strategy
Building Your eCommerce Marketing StrategyBuilding Your eCommerce Marketing Strategy
28th Feb - 02th Mar, 2022
clock11:00AM - 11:30AM (EST) /assets/images/home/location.svgBooth: 606, Palm Springs, CA

Building Your eCommerce Marketing Strategy

Our experts can digitally transform your business with the latest technologies and help you stay ahead of the competition. Meet our industry specialists at Booth number 606 to find out more about how we're revolutionizing retail E-Commerce!

Transforming B2B business using Adobe Commerce
Transforming B2B business using Adobe CommerceTransforming B2B business using Adobe Commerce
23rdSep, 2021
clock11:00AM - 12:00PM (PST)

Transforming B2B business using Adobe Commerce

To help B2B businesses tide through their objective vertices such as - sales, operations, omnichannel experiences, and customer buying journey, our industry experts shared insights on how to scale their business online with Adobe.


  • What are the ERP and CRM systems provided for retail?
    Our custom eCommerce development increases operational efficiency, productivity, and customer engagement for on-demand integrated retail eCommerce solutions. Our experience in cloud-based e-commerce management systems can be customized for businesses in order processing, CRM, distribution, retail analytics, and reporting.
  • What is Omnichannel Experience for retail?
    We assist retailers in assessing the best path to omnichannel retail based on their customers, competitors, and physical and digital assets. We develop unique omnichannel strategies for each of our clients. It requires the right mix of capabilities in terms of stores, phones, digital marketing, and CRM.
  • What are the features of retail IT solutions?
    We implement multi-lingual and multi-currency marketplaces as an ideal medium for fragmented communication between various sellers and their customers. We use eCommerce web development to give consumers access to a wide variety of services and products on a single platform.
  • Do you offer a Mobile POS solution?
    Customers visiting your store will no longer have to wait in long lines. Customers can check out and make purchases from their own mobile devices using our retail mobile development services. Our POS mobile retail solutions are tailored to your store's specific needs.
  • Do you offer digital retail customer engagement solutions?
    Yes. By providing a single, 360-degree view of your customers in real-time for all touchpoints around the enterprise, our digital customer engagement services allow superior shopping experiences. Our solutions are a completely integrated series of modules for handling all facets of direct commerce effectively. A versatile platform for collecting, storing, and analyzing consumer data, as well as purchasing information.
  • How can I manage my inventory with a retail eCommerce solution?
    Our retail store development solutions maximize inventory efficiency across the entire supply chain. The solution assists retailers in optimizing regular replenishment decisions by ensuring that real service levels are matched with targets by using the least amount of inventory possible. It drives the reduction of working capital mainly inventory, freeing up cash that could be re-invested more strategically.
  • How can I integrate Odoo with Retail IT solutions?
    You'll be able to identify opportunities for more efficient inventory investments while still ensuring that day-to-day decisions are in line with the company's goals. We integrate your current retail business with Odoo ERP to digitally transform your business. With Odoo you get the best-practice retail processes, direct comprehensive financial planning, with the option of cloud or on-premise deployment.
  • Does retail eCommerce solutions include pricing management?
    We have AuroCRM, a complete retail CRM that gives you 360-degree customer views into your products, sales, inventory, and demand.AuroCRM includes a pricing solution that supports regular, promotional, and clearance pricing across all touchpoints. By providing visibility to cost, current price, and margin, as well as upcoming price events, key item, and inventory data, our solutions allow users to make informed pricing decisions.
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