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  • Published On February 1, 2022

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With over 4.95 billion people using the internet today, social media is the most effective way for marketing campaigns is through social media. From Instagram and Twitter to YouTube, social media is used to reach the audience with a targeted message. 

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Many of social media platforms offer hyper-targeted ads to get the most attention on your content, increasing your revenue. But competition on social media increases the need for creative marketing strategies for your products.

Every day, 3.5 billion people use social media to connect and share information with their friends and family members.

Marketers are well aware of the possibilities.

Especially when a whopping 73 percent of buyers say that a brand’s social media presence has influenced their purchasing choice.

What is a social media campaign?

A social media marketing strategy promotes products or services through social media channels so that customers are more aware of and can use them effectively. Social media marketing programs are strategically designed aimed at a specific audience and deliver quantifiable outcomes. 

Plan your campaign

If you have a clear goal for your campaign, think about how it will go. Ideally, there should be an idea distinguishing the campaign from the others. 

Using your brand to promote your products is an effective way for your customers to get the message. You can also see if there’s any written or visual material that needs a lot of attention.

Let’s take a look at a few things that you need to consider when creating a social media campaign

Purpose of a social media campaign

A social media marketing campaign can help businesses achieve their objectives. Those who want to establish and promote their company’s identity focus on branding and visibility. Other social media campaigns target creating and solidifying brand impressions. It affects what your audience views and thinks about your brand. Social networks have many different purposes, such as increasing conversions (making sales), engagement, and loyalty.

Choose your budget and targeting

You must set a plan of action for the duration of your marketing campaign. If you are running organic campaigns, you can skip this step by simply publishing or scheduling content on the platform or on the social scheduling app.

To ensure your campaign is as successful as possible, you need to plan the budget and targeting. 

Put in place a system to track performance

It is essential to monitor campaign results to determine if the campaign has succeeded. One of the benefits of tracking your metrics is to know if you need to make any changes to future campaigns. The metrics you collect in an effective campaign largely depend on the campaign goal. 

Google Analytics can provide detailed information about traffic to your site and how that information has changed.

Perform competitor analysis

Competitor analysis can help understand other companies’ strategies and evaluate what strategies and channels effectively overcome their weaknesses. It will help guide your social campaign. 

Choose your social media channels

When implementing a social marketing program, focusing on some social media channels can benefit your results. Your buyer’s persona helps you understand the preferred social networks of your target audience. Generally speaking, it varies from product to service provided. 

Create buyer personas

It is crucial to identify the right goal in the campaign to achieve it. A buyer persona contains a document with detailed information regarding the best possible buyer. Then use this tool to create a message that resonates in your marketing campaign. Identify the necessary information for your buyer persona and make it clear. 

Set social media campaign goals

To achieve a successful objective, the goal must be precise, measurable, achievable, pertinent, and timebound (SMART). After setting the objectives, you should indicate the metrics to measure their success. It is absolutely vital to achieving goals.

Social media analytics

You should use Social Analytics tools at the start of any campaign to monitor how the campaign evolves. With the information provided in the report, the campaign will improve its effectiveness for maximum impact. 

Have a social media calendar

Choosing a timeline for posting on social media can be extremely important. Using social media calendars, you can outline your content from the beginning of the campaign to the end. A timetable is a way of keeping track of your social media performance. Your social calendar can assist you with planning necessary actions while maximizing your time.

Let us take a look at some of the best social media campaigns

Top social media campaigns

When done correctly, this kind of digital advertising campaign will reach channel customers personally. We can study a few successful social media campaigns to push boundaries and reinvent processes. 

1. Always #LikeAGirl Campaign

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The #LikeAgirl campaign was launched to challenge stereotypes and empower young women. They showed confident girls who adapted that expression to make a powerful statement and didn’t use insults to justify it. Social media was filled with stories of accomplishments for teenage girls and personal success. 

2. Lonely Whale Foundation #StopSucking Campaign

The Lonely Whale Foundation has launched an online petition to stop using plastic straws in any form. Straw is a major polluting force in the waterways. It quickly became viral thanks to stars including Adrian Grenier and Emmanuelle Chiriqui.

3. Apple #ShotOniPhone Campaign

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Apple’s #iPhone campaign has become a viral campaign on social media. During a recent success with the iPhone, Apple encouraged social media users to share photos to have a chance to display their work on a billboard. 

The hashtag took a big turn on Twitter in recent months, with Apple using #ShotoniPhone in its official Twitter account. 

4. Taco Bell Jewelry Influencer Campaign

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In 2013, when influencer marketing didn’t have the ubiquitousness as today, Taco Bell took a step forward in distributing jewelry to minor models and actors famous for their internet presence. They include a gift card with invite-only food samples. 

With a professional social media marketing strategy, you can create an impactful and successful social media presence that attracts more customers and increases your brand’s web visibility.

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