Bharat Patel

Bharat Patel

Head of Digital Marketing

Awarded with the 100 Smartest Digital Leaders - WDM Congress!

About Bharat Patel

Hi, I am Bharat Patel; I kick-started my career in Chartered Accountancy but was always curious about Digital Marketing. So in 2006, with my sheer passion, I took a leap of faith and switched my career to Digital Marketing to explore this new journey.

The journey shaped me to be a skilled digital marketer and led me towards several milestone achievements. One such accomplishment was to accept the role of a Digital Marketing Head at Brainvire.

This position allowed me to make optimal use of comprehensive digital marketing expertise. The innovative research for automation led several brands under my wings to an exceptional digital presence.

I was glad about the achievement as my team experienced growth and stability. Today, the digital marketing team has almost doubled, and I am confident that all of us have a bright future ahead.

The most exciting aspect about this industry is that it helps you learn something new every day. I am always on my laptop working or planning and end up across new information in general, not just precisely to my industry.

Well, that's about me!

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