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Go-to-Market Solutions

Discover sustainable growth of different marketplace models with customization for your business

  • B2BEngage your targeted businesses and effectively boost awareness about your products and services with operational efficiency and enhanced collaboration.
  • B2CElevate your consumer experiences with innovative products and personalized services that meet diverse evolving demands.
  • B2B2CEnsure quality products reach your end consumers with a robust and seamless industry network, a comprehensive supply chain, and strategic partnerships.
  • D2CDeliver high-quality products and services with personalized outreach by engaging directly with consumers through immersive brand experiences online.

Embark on a Profitable Journey with Our Comprehensive E-Commerce Ecosystem in Marketplace Solutions!

Embark on a Profitable Journey with Our Comprehensive E-Commerce Ecosystem in Marketplace Solutions!

Omnichannel Marketing

Deliver unified user journeys and experiences both online and offline

  • Commerce IntegrationCreate seamless and consistent customer shopping experiences by integrating your online and offline commerce channels.
  • Retail UnificationEliminate isolation and enhance your customer engagement with harmonized experiences by integrating online, in-store, and mobile retail channels.
  • Cross-Channel IntegrationProvide a consistent customer journey with connected channels and optimized communication and transactions.
  • Channel-Agnostic Retail StrategiesPrioritize customer experience over specific channels with cohesive marketing strategies.
  • Holistic Shopping ExperienceDeliver effortless transitions for customers across different channels while maintaining a unified brand experience.

eCommerce Fulfillment

Transform eCommerce shipment and logistics with digital technology

  • Tech-Driven LogisticsDrive your logistics service while staying ahead of the curve and industry trends with advanced technologies and innovations.
  • Real-Time Tracking and VisibilityEnsure transparency and peace of mind for your customers with real-time tracking and shipment process visibility.
  • Predictive AnalyticsEnhance efficiency and cost-effectiveness by optimizing your route planning, inventory management, and overall logistics operations.
  • Integrated Supply Chain ManagementStreamline your processes from production to delivery, positioning your logistics development services as part of a comprehensive supply chain management solution.
  • Responsive Customer SupportEnsure assistance and updates throughout the logistics processes with responsive and customer-centric support.

Community Nurturing

Build an engaged community with social networking and strategic affiliate alliances

  • Influencer CollaborationsExpand your reach and credibility with strategic influencer collaborations to showcase your products/services.
  • Shoppable User-Generated ContentEnable seamless shopping experiences with eCommerce functionalities directly integrated into social media platforms and turn customers into brand ambassadors by encouraging experience-sharing through photos and reviews.
  • Performance-Based PartnershipsBoost your performance and conversions with mutually beneficial affiliate programs where partners earn commissions based on actual sales or leads generated.
  • Interactive CampaignsEnhance customer engagement and gather valuable insights with contests, polls, and interactive campaigns.
  • Social ListeningIdentify trends, gather feedback, and understand customer sentiments better through social media conversation monitoring.
  • Transparent Tracking SystemsProvide affiliates with accurate and transparent performance data through robust tracking systems.
  • Tiered Commission StructuresReward high-performing affiliates with higher commission rates through tiered commission structures.

Secure Payments

Strengthen your customer trust with seamless payment models

  • Seamless Checkout ExperienceEnhance your overall shopping experience with user-friendly and hassle-free payment processes.
  • Multiple Payment OptionsAccommodate diverse customer preferences with various payment methods.
  • Mobile Wallet IntegrationEnable convenient and swift payments, prioritizing compatibility with popular mobile wallets.
  • Subscription Billing SolutionsOffer seamless recurring payment options with flexible subscription models.
  • PCI DSS ComplianceEnsure secure handling of cardholder information by adhering to Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards.

Insightful Data Dashboards

Grow and optimize your performance with real-time intelligence

  • Data IntegrationEnsure comprehensive analytics coverage leveraging systems integrating with various data sources seamlessly.
  • Real-Time Data ProcessingGet real-time insights into customer behavior and business performance with synchronized data processing capabilities.
  • Advanced Analytics AlgorithmsDerive meaningful patterns, trends, and predictions from complex data sets through advanced analytics algorithms.
  • Customizable DashboardsEnsure relevant information for different stakeholders with customizable dashboards catering to specific user roles.
  • Machine Learning IntegrationGet predictive analytics and personalized insights based on user behavior with ML capabilities.

Headless Commerce

Unleash seamless experiences, faster performance, and limitless customization for future-ready digital storefronts

  • Design FreedomEnsure comprehensive analytics coverage leveraging systems integrating with various data sources seamlessly.
  • Real-Time Data ProcessingGet real-time insights into customer behavior and business performance with synchronized data processing capabilities.
  • Advanced Analytics AlgorithmsDerive meaningful patterns, trends, and predictions from complex data sets through advanced analytics algorithms.
  • Customizable DashboardsEnsure relevant information for different stakeholders with customizable dashboards catering to specific user roles.
  • Machine Learning IntegrationGet predictive analytics and personalized insights based on user behavior with ML capabilities.

Inventory Management

Drive maximum impact with strategically orchestrated inventory

  • Demand ForecastingForecast demands, optimize stock levels, and stay ahead of market trends with predictive analytics.
  • Automated ReplenishmentReduce manual effort and minimize stockout risks with automated restocking processes and streamlined operations.
  • Multi-Channel Inventory SyncCreate a seamless shopping experience for customers with consistency across various sales channels.
  • Unified OperationsDrive operational efficiency by integrating your inventory management to other business systems like accounting, CRM, and order processing seamlessly.
  • Customizable AlertsEnable proactive decision-making with timely alerts for low stock levels, expiring products, or other critical updates.

Instant Notifications

Personalize customer journeys through secure communication with partners and customers

  • Increased Sales OpportunitiesCreate a sense of urgency and drive impulse purchases with notifications highlighting your flash sales, limited-time offers, and exclusive deals.
  • Customer EngagementBuild ongoing engagement with product recommendations, wishlist updates, and tailored content aligning with individual preferences.
  • Customization OptionsPersonalize your customer experiences with customization options, giving them control over the type and frequency of alerts they receive.
  • Cross-Selling OpportunitiesBoost your average order value with complementary product suggestions, encouraging customers to explore additional items.
  • Automated AlertsStreamline the customer journey and improve satisfaction with automated alerts for order confirmations, shipment notifications, and other routine updates.

eCommerce Intelligence

Enable futuristic shopping experiences with tech intelligence

  • AI AlgorithmsEnhance shopping experiences with personalized product recommendations based on user behavior analysis.
  • AutomationImprove your operational efficiency, reduce manual errors, and shift focus on strategic initiatives with automated, streamlined routine tasks.
  • AI/MLBoost customer satisfaction and loyalty by delivering personalized shopping experiences through comprehensive customer behavior analysis and predicting preferences with AI and Machine Learning.
  • Blockchain IntegrationBuild customer trust with secure online transactions that ensure data integrity and reduce fraud risks.
  • AR/VRLet customers visualize products in real-world environments and build their confidence in purchase decisions with immersive shopping experiences powered by Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR).

eCommerce Secure Solutions

Shield transactions against cyber threats with robust systems

  • Industry Standards AdherenceEnsure security compliances like PCI DSS, GDPR, HIPAA, SOC 2, ESIGN, and TÜV, according to your industry standards.
  • Data EncryptionEnhance overall data security and assure customers of encrypted data during transmissions as well as storage.
  • Fraud DetectionCreate a secure environment and reduce fraud risks with advanced detection systems that actively monitor transactions.
  • Firewall ProtectionPrevent unauthorized access and protect against potential cyber threats with robust firewall protection.
  • Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)Add an extra layer of security to customer accounts with Multi-Factor Authentication implementation.

Secure Onboarding

Secure and automate onboarding for partners and customers

  • Secure Document ExchangeBuild trust and compliance enabling users to share essential documents securely, ensuring encryption and protection for sensitive information.
  • Automated Document Verification and ComplianceEnsure users meet requirements and adhere to regulatory standards with automated document verification processes for compliance.
  • Approval FlowEnhance the security and integrity of the onboarding journey ensuring necessary authorizations are obtained efficiently.
  • Digital SignaturesEnhance the authenticity of agreements, contracts, and legally binding transactions by incorporating digital signatures.
  • Risk ManagementEmploy advanced algorithms and security measures to identify and mitigate potential risks, safeguarding both parties involved.
  • Seamless OnboardingFacilitate a user-friendly and seamless onboarding process with streamlined registration, profile creation, and initial interactions.
  • Post-Onboarding Follow-UpsProvide additional assistance and encourage continued engagement through feedback gathered from automated follow-up communications after onboarding.
  • Progress Tracking and GamificationMake your onboarding process more engaging and encourage completion with automated progress tracking mechanisms and gamification elements guiding users through steps.

Unlock the Power of Seamless Integration with Our Marketplace Solutions!

Unlock the Power of Seamless Integration with Our Marketplace Solutions!

Powerful eCommerce Integrations

Boost efficiency and growth with streamlined business operations

  • Unified Business OperationsManage and optimize your business operations, from inventory and order processing to financials, through seamless ERP integrations.
  • 360-Degree Customer EngagementElevate customer engagement and satisfaction with personalized marketing through CRM integration.
  • Efficient Catalog ManagementEnsure a cohesive and visually appealing product catalog through PIM integration, facilitating easy updates and reduced errors.
  • Collaborative Document WorkflowsMake team communication more efficient with DMS integration for secure, collaborative document workflows and version control.
  • End-to-End Business IntegrationEnsure a comprehensive and interconnected business landscape leveraging SAP integration for consolidating financials, logistics, and customer management.

Data Migration Solutions

Transition to a more future-ready eCommerce platform effortlessly

  • Seamless TransitionExperience flawless eCommerce data migration with our expert solutions.
  • Enhanced SecuritySafeguard sensitive customer and business data during migration with robust security protocols.
  • Cost EfficiencyReduce maintenance expenses and streamline costs associated with outdated systems by migrating to a more efficient platform.
  • Data Backup and RecoveryProvide a safety net in case of unexpected issues by prioritizing a data migration solution that includes robust backup and recovery mechanisms.
  • Business ContinuityMaintain uninterrupted sales and customer engagement during migration.

Industry Solutions

    • Retail

      American Lighting

      Elevating B2B/B2C operations for a prominent lighting brand through unified ERP and Adobe Commerce solutions.


      Improving customer service with an advanced food ordering app, enabling users to effortlessly order and track their orders on a live map.


      Automating business processes for one of the largest US residential cabinet distributors with Adobe Commerce solutions.


      Centralizing management with seamless data migration across six websites with custom Adobe Commerce solutions.

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    • FMCG

      Alokozay Shop

      Maximizing user engagement with enhanced reach, flexibility, and accessibility for a leading Middle East FMCG company.

      Fresh Direct

      Making doorstep delivery of groceries seamless and efficient to the USA’s fastest-growing market via website and app solutions.


      Transforming UAE’s grocery shopping through a cutting-edge eCommerce platform with advanced features like ‘Scan and Go’.


      Customizing an electronics marketplace with Microsoft NAV, Magento Enterprise Edition, and multilingual support.

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    • Home Décor & Furniture


      Facilitating realtors to list products on the website effortlessly with third-party integrations and simplified affiliate marketing.

      Home Plus

      Delivering advanced B2C/B2B experiences with Adobe Commerce’s rich features, extensions, customization, and SAP B1 integration.


      Driving immersive experiences by enabling users to visualize furniture in their space through integrated AR features in a furniture retailer’s app.


      Enhancing user experience and inventory management with a Middle East home décor website revamp and multi-website architecture.

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    • Diamond and Jewerly


      Revolutionizing the diamond trading and buying experience with state-of-the-art digital solutions.


      Enhancing the legacy of a diamond heritage firm with a customized marketplace uniting representatives and customers.

      Brian Gavin

      Enhancing eCommerce engagement and operational efficiency for a diamond jewelry brand with a seamless Odoo ERP integration.


      Introducing a micro-website portal for clients to manage and enhance their website appearances effectively on the JewellersKart website.

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    • Educations

      LMS K12

      Boosting website traffic, converting visitors to buyers, and elevating user experience with tailored Adobe Commerce solutions.


      Optimizing learning advancements with a tailored app featuring role assignments, a user-friendly design, and solutions for complex user needs.


      Expanding online visibility and traction for a prominent education firm in the Asia-Pacific region.


      Ensuring seamless operations across platforms with integrated Odoo, Magento, and Amazon Marketplace solutions.

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    • Automotive

      TDOT Performance

      Increasing transaction processing efficiency and sales by 41% with unified operations management and unique Odoo features.


      Driving a 70% surge in used car sales for a major automotive company with hassle-free operations through a robust website and PWA solutions.

      Fab Car

      Making car dealing seamless and highly-efficient for a leading automotive hub with effective mobile and web app solutions.

      American Tyres

      Revolutionizing tire and wheel retail through seamless online shopping with streamlined operations through Odoo.

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    • Healthcare

      Healthy Planet

      Enhancing user experience with easy product discoverability and seamless navigation through an advanced mobile app.

      Bay Alarm Medical

      Ensuring the safety of the elderly during medical emergencies with real-time alerts and guides through an innovative medical assistance app.


      Enhancing B2C/B2B experiences in healthcare with rich features, expansive extensions, and customizable solutions through Adobe Commerce.


      Boosting user experience and shipping efficiency for B2B sales with scalable architecture and tailored Adobe Commerce solutions.

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    • Apparels & Lifestyle


      Enabling efficient vendor product information management for a diverse catalog of 2M+ products and 10000+ vendors.


      Enhancing features and reliability for a Singaporean footwear giant with a unified source code for multiple Magento Enterprise websites.


      Streamlining catalog and order management for buyers and suppliers on mobile app through Magento for Asia’s top eyewear marketplace.


      Delivering seamless product management and improved customer shopping experiences with a collaborative eCommerce and ERP solution.

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    • Sport

      Sun sand and sports

      Boosting conversion rates by 30% for a sports retail brand through effective digital marketing strategies and social media engagement.

      Sports Traveler

      Developing a user-friendly and easy-to-navigate online event and hotel booking portal with a fast time to market.


      Delivering personalized experiences with a mobile app revamp for a premier sports apparel brand through Salesforce Commerce Cloud.

      Nation’s Best sport – NBS

      Transforming B2B eCommerce for a sporting supplier with Adobe Commerce’s tailored B2B features.

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    • Manufacturing/Construction


      Enhancing user experience, scalability, and cost-effiency through a multilingual B2B marketplace with advanced features and role-based functionalities.


      Simplifying a complex construction material marketplace with a specialized hub for buyers and dealers with customized quotes and transactions.

      NMR consulting

      Creating a unified interface for order collection, data security, and invoicing through dynamic SharePoint Order Management.


      Managing multiple production facilities effectively with Odoo ERP for backend operations, personalized stock report generation, and more.

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