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Brainvire To Launch Ecommerce Gamification Extension For The Online Store Owners

“Brainvire team successfully executed their gamification idea and we are launching the eCommerce gamification extension for Magento so as to aid eCommerce merchants to elevate conversion ratio”

13 October, 2015 – Brainvire, one of the leading Information Technology solutions providers has successfully implemented their gamification idea and launched their extension for the online store owners. This eCommerce gamification extension works as a virtual sales assistant to turn the lazy passive visitors into the active shoppers and repeat customers in order to increase the sales at high rate.

In this web and mobile world, where online shopping has become more of a necessity rather than a thing of interest, most of the people have started buying online. With time, the number of online shopping websites is also soaring high resulting into the increased competition. In such competitive world, every eCommerce merchant strives to be at the top. Brainvire observed this struggle by the online store owners which sowed the seeds of gamification idea into the minds of the talented team members of Brainvire. So, they thought of developing something that can attract customers with real time discounting.

Ecommerce gamification extension for Magento is one of the best products of Brainvire which is built to attract customers by giving them online discounting in various ways when the visitor is navigating through the website. When user is browsing through a product category, a sudden pop window will come up just to provide discount on that particular category, just like a sales assistant in the store comes to you and tells you about the offer while you are browsing through the rack. The same thing goes for individual products along with the product category. The extension also gives suggestions to the visitor on the basis of the customer browsing history. Moreover, customers get coupons on the product page which they can use to avail discounts. Apart from coupons, they can get information about the offers right into the inbox based on the browsing pattern of the individual customers. Customers can also set the value if they want to get notified when the price of the particular product gets lesser than that price. Apart from all these, it can also help for surveys so as to get the feedback from the customers.

“Since our establishment, Brainvire have been pioneering innovative thoughts and exploring the world to come up with the products that aids small businesses and large enterprises to achieve their goals in the desired time. Today, I feel proud and glad to launch this eCommerce Magento extension, as it will solve the problems of almost every eCommerce merchant who have been trying to boost up the sales. I hope it suffices the requirements of all the online store owners and help them elevate their revenue and take their business to the next level”, says Mr. Chintan Shah, the CEO at Brainvire.

Brainvire, one of the leading IT and consulting companies is no more just into offering web and mobile development services. We also sell products that help businesses grow and prosper; one of which is eCommerce gamification extension for Magento. We are extremely happy for launching the same and we will continue build such products for all types of businesses irrespective of the size and industry.

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