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Startups, SMBs and fortune 500 companies can use Node.js for various desktop application, real-time applications, mobile and web applications, full stack development and even large scale applications.

World’s Major brands
have migrated their legacy
applications to Node.js? Have you?

When and why you should start thinking of Node.js?

Node.js is world’s multipurpose platform with 4 million+ users across the globe and with the annual growth rate of 100%!

  • Node.js has marked its strong presence in IOT, cloud stacks, connected devices, and real time web applications.
  • The companies where data sensitive applications and solutions are used as wellas developed, Node.js plays a key role there.
  • Node.js along with Angular and ReactJS delivers the robust solutions to the enterprises.
  • Node.js offers a versatility to deploy web apps and APIs that can be used with robots and microcontrollers, too.
  • Node.js is basically an open source, event driven and non-blocking I/O model which provides a strong hand to build server side network web applications. Node.js has become a widely popular environment to develop next gen cross platform web and mobile applications with faster backend and user friendly front end developments.

What’s the business gain
opting for Node.js development services?

Thousands of libraries

Node Package Manager (NPM) consists
of thousands of open source

Inexpensive Development Cycle

The technology itself is very rich in
features and requires less resources
to accomplish big projects

Faster Development Process

Compared to other technologies, it
takes quite less time to develop
Node.js based solutions

Robust Client-app Communication

Node.js based application can handle
N number of client application
requests at one time

Front & Back-end Development

This JavaScript based technology is
used to speed up both back end &
front end application


It offers high scalability to solutions in
order to meet the heavy application

Improved Productivity

Faster and scalable application
improves the productivity to
quite high standards

Highly Secured

The technology is comprised of security
wise robust architecture to rely on

Node.js is popular because of its myriads of features!

Open Source

Lightweight programming language

Event Driven Architecture

AJAX and JSON development stack

Cloud Scalability

Built on Google V8 JavaScript engine

Code Reusability

Compatibility with both browser & server

Supported by IBM, Microsoft and Intel

Strong Node.js community support

Brainvire, a well-known Node.js company, holds hands On expertise in crafting feature-rich Node.js based solutions

  • Node.js based Server Side development
  • Node.js based API Development and Integration
  • Node js application development using database such as MySQL, MongoDB(NoSQL), and Redis
  • E-commerce & Shopping Cart development
  • Mobile App Development
  • Plug-in Development

Brainvire doesn’t stop with few Node js based solutions, there are many more!

  • IOT App Development
  • Real-time chatbots and chat application development
  • Social Networking app development
  • Content Management App development
  • Image processing app development
  • Development of video calling application and its integration
  • Integration with SAP
  • Integration with WebRTC and Web Socket
  • Develop collaboration with Conferencing Applications
  • Network programming with help of Node JS
  • Node js based Desktop Application development
  • MEAN Stack development

The Reasons to choose Brainvire as Node js Solution Partner

High confidentiality and
100% transparency in
business deal

Flexible hiring
options to suit client

Adherence to

Years of experience in
Node js based industrial

Dedicated team of
experienced Node js

Unique, secure and
scalable solutions for large
or small scale business

Risk assessment and
Quality control

24 x 7 technical
support and

World’s tech giants have already started reaping benefits from Node.js!

Using Node.js, Brainvire supported various industries to shape up their business plans into money making solutions!

Planning to shift to Node.js?

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