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What is Blockchain technology?

It is quite important for you to know what Blockchain is and why it matters to your business. The blockchain is the next ‘big thing’ in IT industry to revolutionize every key aspect. Put simply, Blockchain technology is distributed ledger platform to hold your transactions in secured and encrypted manner. It is a series of blocks that are divided across the network and chained together to offer reliable, secure, and highly-advanced to record digital information.


Conduct trusted, secured, and tamper-proof transactions

Tamper-Proof Records of Data through Cryptographically Secure Network

Blockchain technology helps to conduct trusted and secured transactions that are tamper-proof. Although, originally it was designed to support the trading of digital currency, Bitcoin. Along with preventing alter or modify of data inside these blocks, this technology also eliminates the need for intermediary organizations such as financial institutes, banks, and so on. With an aim to save the transactions more securely and reliably, Blockchain has the potential to change the way business operates.

Blockchain Offers Myriad Benefits to Transform Your Business

Accelerate Growth

A new way to save your transactions that can establish trust and transparency with your customers. Hence, it will enhance the customer loyalty

Highly Secured Processes

The advanced encryption of Blockchain makes it difficult to hack and provides utmost security to your business transactions

Faster Transactions

It allows the rapid transaction without any risk of losing the data. Run smart contracts that are not limited to business days or hours

Less Intermediary Transaction

Blockchain is a peer-to-peer network that reduces the dependencies of any intermediary organization

Customer Engagement

Provide your customers with established, secured, and transparent way where there is almost no chance of risk, fraud, and alteration of data.

Increased ROI

It helps business creating smarter, modern, and efficient way of business processes that ultimately results in activating business growth factor.

Where Can Blockchain Showcase Its Potential?
Magnify Retail Sector

Don’t worry if you’re expanding the e-commerce venture through the distribution marketplace. The blockchain is here to help you with secure and transparent marketplace transactions, inventory-tracking, and supply chain management.

Envisioning a Transparent Public Sector

In order to drive strong integration capabilities in public sector enhancing the entire transactions of real-estate, government-owned assets, and back-office performance, Blockchain is a solution. It helps building trusted transactions, transparent ecosystem hence, accelerate the realization.

Healthcare Industry

Right from the maintaining health records to the supply chain management, Healthcare industry can be benefited by Blockchain services. It helps the secure data retrieval and storage to handle massive and real-time transactions.

Streamlined Supply Chain

Achieve interoperability and transparency across the chain through Blockchain transactions. Track the materials, update the real-time processes, trace materials, demonstrate authenticity, and simplify the entire transportation flow identifying the high-end use case of Blockchain in the supply chain.

Expand the Business with Simplified Processes

By implementing a ledger-based, cryptographically-secured, and block-pattern cloud platform across the chain which has no point of failure, Blockchain creates a more enhanced and advanced network.

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  • Threat-free wallet
  • Cryptocurrency exchanges
  • Digital Contract Development
  • Private Blockchain development
  • Supply chain management through Blockchain

What Makes Brainvire An Ideal Choice For Blockchain Technology?

Leveraging the years of know-how and insightful approach, Brainvire identifies the next-level technological enhancement to accelerate the business growth. Brainvire provides you with the comprehensive solutions right from Blockchain realization, prototyping, consulting, testing, and implementing enterprise solutions. We help businesses to become robust, enhanced and streamlined through the advanced technologies and secure way of transections.

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