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Customer engagement with combined power of CRM and e-Commerce

Get armed with your target audience details

E-commerce CRM gives you deep insight to boost conversion ratio and drive business growth!


Receive real-time figures for your customer preferences, frequency, and tendencies.

The ecommerce CRM provides you a 360-degree view of the customer base. This perfect segmentation will allow you to determine a various time slot to allure them, crafting SMS campaigns, social media campaigns, email marketing, and send them interesting promotional offers as well!

Get rid of business on excel sheet, experience the automation

E-commerce CRM provides powerful insights on customer contacts management, shopping cart abandonment, tracking visitors, lead nurturing, lead scoring, payment tracks, order management, shipment tracking, etc. Moreover, it provides you post-purchase customer ratings, reviews, and feedbacks to know and understand the scope of improvement in the business in order to grow higher! And because it’s completely automated, it saves a huge time, money, and the human efforts towards accomplishing the sales targets.

One-stop solution to increase and enhance the customer relationships

Approach to Customers

Approach customers through different mediums and digital processes, provide them interesting offers about your products.

Quotes to Customers

Send quotes to the customer, win it with beautiful templates and automation backup, and get it converted for orders.

Order Placement Through CRM

Saves customers’ time, the sales person can directly place an order on behalf of them from a CRM itself.

New Marketing Strategies

Expand your domains with new marketing strategies such as campaigns, webinars, cold calls and much more.

Reviews and Feedbacks

Get reviews and feedback from your customers in order to understand their needs and provide them solution beyond their expectations!

Statistical and Graphical Reports

View monthly, daily, yearly reports in statistics and graphs. Envisage the customer tendencies and current marketing strategies

Determine the best business strategies
to gain, retain, and regain customers through CRM
Brainvire outdoes at successfully integrating CRM with the business

Brainvire can help you integrating CRM with an organization to craft all three important and core elements of your business – Marketing, Sales, and Customer Support.

  • Brainvire holds highly experienced and certified CRM integration developers and QA professionals for major CRM tools across diverse industry verticals
  • Streamlining direct marketing, database management, and customer information management through CRM has come handy to our team.
  • We are known for establishing successful synchronization between Magento orders, quotes, inventory, survey, cart abandonment and much more.
  • Our experienced CRM integration developers and QA professionals deliver full-fledged, secure, and scalable solutions while strictly adhering to the timeline.
  • Brainvire offers a competent pricing model that fits the shrinking budgets while maintaining quality intact
  • We’ll provide you post-launch maintenance and support to keep your application functioning smoothly and sharply always.