• One-time Coding
    One-time Coding
    We write code for mobile applications using the best-in-class Xamarin library and programming languages.
  • Cross-platform Compatibility
    Cross-platform Compatibility
    With our Xamarin app development services, you can create mobile applications with faster API and deploy them on various platforms.
  • Native UI
    Native UI
    Brainvire offers power-packed, cross-platform mobile app development solutions that help you create a native UI and share it easily on C# codebase with platform-specific.
  • Technical Know-how
    Technical Know-how
    Our team of experts have a complete understanding of Xamarin apps development, as well as Java, Objective-C, and C#.

Xamarin App Development Services

Xamarin App Development Services
  • Understanding Your Business Requirements
    Understanding Your Business Requirements
    To offer you the best end result, we begin by thoroughly understanding your objectives and needs. We also analyze platform specific business issues at hand. Only after we’ve completely figured out your business idea do we move ahead with the project.
  • Identifying Project Details
    Identifying Project Details
    Our team works with you to define your project idea and figure out the functions and features you want to add to the application. In this stage, we also discuss the app’s technical implication and look, along with your project deadline.
  • Designing and Development
    Designing and Development
    This is the phase in which we start designing your application. We keep you updated about the actions we’re taking and will finalize the design upon your approval. Once the design is approved, we start developing the Xamarin apps.
  • QA and App Launch
    QA and App Launch
    For us, quality matters the most! We conduct tests on the app to ensure that it functions smoothly. If there are any code errors or bugs, we fix them immediately. Once we’ve determined that the app is good to go, we will deploy it in the market.
  • Xamarin Application Consulting

    If you’ve got a Xamarin application idea, capitalize on our app consultation services. Our team of app developers will go through your project requirements and offer you an appropriate detailed and streamlined insight. With this insight, Our Xamarin App Development Team also provides you with incredible app solutions that will let you take your idea to the next level!
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    • Project Analysis
    • Top-quality Solutions
    • Streamlined Process
    • Risk Evaluation
    • Dedicated Developers
    • App Deployment
  • Xamarin Custom Application Development Services

    We develop special applications that deliver a brilliant, fast, and seamless user experience. Our team is proficient in curating Xamarin applications using incredible technologies such as Java and C#. Our veteran experts develop highly scalable, secure apps and tailor-made to your unique business needs.
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    • Budget-friendly Applications
    • Secure and Scalable Features
    • Optimized App Performance
    • Top-notch Functionalities
    • Excellent User Experience
    • Customizable Design
  • Cross-platform App Development Services

    The team of developers at Brainvire has the full potential to build native mobile applications for your business. Our experts are capable of developing cross-platform applications for both Android and iOS markets. With these applications, you can easily improve your business’ reach across multiple platforms.
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    • C#
    • UX/UI Design
    • MVC Pattern
    • Native UI
    • Xamarin Test Cloud
    • Native SDKs
  • Xamarin Android App Development Services

    With our Xamarin developers at your disposal, you can create a totally native Android application with optimized performance and excellent UI for a diverse set of platforms. Our team of Xamarin app developers also makes sure the developed application offers your users a top-notch browsing experience.
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    • Cost-effective Solutions
    • Native UI Experience
    • High-end User Experience
    • Time-saving Process
    • Fully Functional App
    • Native API
  • Xamarin MAC and iOS App Development Services

    We help you develop UI controls using various technologies such as Xcode and Objective-C. We also help you deploy and handle all your iOS and Mac applications. A fully-featured Visual Studio for Mac and single shared codebase for different operating systems. You can easily leverage our technical understanding of cross-platform app design to develop amazing iOS apps using 75% code sharing and 25% C#.
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    • Uncompromised Experience
    • Apps for Apple Watch
    • Apps for Apple TV
    • Feature-rich Apps
    • High-quality Performance
    • C# Know-how
  • Xamarin Forms App Development Services

    If you are looking for a developer to build specific features for your website (i.e., Android and iOS apps using Xamarin.Forms), we’ve got you covered! Our veteran experts have hands-on experience in developing platform specific features for your mobile application. Using Xamarin essential components, they can create a feature-rich app.
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    • Intuitive User Interface
    • Cross-platform Compatibility
    • Faster Delivery
    • Visually Appealing Appearance
    • Single UI
    • Native Platform
  • Xamarin Upgrading and Migration Services

    With our process-oriented approach, we help you upgrade or migrate your existing cross-platform application to Xamarin and ensure that it stays relevant to the present market trends. We can also help you migrate applications that are already in Xamarin PCL to a different platform at an affordable rate.
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    • App Integration
    • App Migration
    • App Upgrading
    • Cross-platform Migration
    • Enhanced Opportunities
    • Increased Reach
  • Xamarin App QA and Testing

    At Brainvire, we hate bugs! We make sure your application is free of bugs and other code-related errors by running multiple tests on it. We conduct functionality and usability tests on the application and ensure that it runs smoothly on diverse platforms. We also offer performance testing and code sharing assessment services.
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    • Quality Assurance
    • Bug-free Apps
    • Zero Code Errors
    • Load Testing
    • Design Testing
    • Compatibility Testing
  • Xamarin App Support and Maintenance

    Our highly experienced Xamarin developers are available 24/7 to offer the support you require. We provide complete application maintenance services, from seamless integration to architecture design. We also ensure that your application is constantly updated and in line with the current trends.
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    • Round-the-clock Support
    • Post-development Maintenance
    • Performance Monitoring
    • Technical Support
    • Quality Assessment
    • Configuration Management
Kuwait’s Multinational Company Noted 41% Boost In ROI After A Launch of 7 Sales Mobile Apps For Their Automotive Group
Kuwait’s Multinational Company Noted 41% Boost In ROI After A Launch of 7 Sales Mobile Apps For Their Automotive Group
Freight Management Mobile Application to improve the Logistics Performance Index
Freight Management Mobile Application to improve the Logistics Performance Index
Advanced eCommerce Mobile App Skyrockets Sales for Canada’s Leading Retailer of Nutritional Supplements
Advanced eCommerce Mobile App Skyrockets Sales for Canada’s Leading Retailer of Nutritional Supplements
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Dhaval Thakkar
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Mobile enablement for Kuwait's leading conglomerate integrated with their automobile ERP, SAP solution, and multiple other enterprise solution. Rich customer experience and digitization of all the car showroom activities make this solution unique and helped to increased customer satisfaction level by 23%.
Dhaval Thakkar
Director of IT - Alghanim
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215 Reviews

Brainvire accomplished their task in the time allotted. They have clear and transparent communication, using project management tools to track progress and updates. They’re skilled in tech areas that are hard to find.

Pankaj Soni
Manager, KGK
5 years ago

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  • A Cutting-Edge App To Manage Logistics Seamlessly
    A/B testing
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  • E-commerce Mobile App for Healthy Planet Canada
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  • Why is Xamarin the best application development solution?

    Xamarin has become a popular choice among developers, especially when it comes to building cross-platform apps. Whether you’re an established business or a startup, Xamarin is the most affordable option. It also lets you develop native applications, unlike other technologies.
  • Will I be kept in the loop regarding the actions that are being taken?

    Absolutely! Our project manager will communicate with you at every stage of the development process. They’ll keep updating you about the project and the actions that are being implemented. We’ll also secure your approval at every stage.
  • Will you deploy my application on the Apple App Store and Google Play?

    Yes, helping you launch your Xamarin app on these app stores is a major part of our process. Our team will also ensure that the required standards are met and best practices are followed.
  • Can you help me migrate an existing application using Xamarin?

    If you want to migrate your existing application to Xamarin, we have got you covered! Our team is highly skilled and adept in using C#, as well as other technologies like HTML, Objective-C and Java.
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