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50+ Testimonials from our Satisfied & Happy Clients!

Our Verified Reviews

Feedback from user acceptance testing has been very convincing and the end-users have received the app without any significant re-tooling required. The team reliably follows project management expectations.


Nishchai Nevrekar

Senior Manager – Firestar Diamond Pvt Ltd.

Nishchai Nevrekar - Firestar Diamond Group-2
Easa Saleh Algurg Group

The CRM integration was successful, and 3 entities are currently using it. Brainvire’s team is friendly and able to provide worthwhile suggestions due to experience, and their project management is straightforward. Overall, their planning and execution are impeccable.


Mr. Debasis Panda

Group IT Manager – Easa Saleh Algurg Group

Brainvire has been flexible both in terms of payment schedules and use of project management tools. They provide transparent progress updates, reliable communication, and quick delivery, all while remaining professional and dedicated to finding the right solution.


Vishal Mehta

Founder – Discipline Trader

Discipline Trader

Brainvire was established as a valuable resource due to an attractive price, excellent project management, and transparency. They’re accommodating and organized, and yield a proactive and intuitive approach. Deliverables have been accurate and visually appealing throughout the ongoing relationship.


Kevin Harward

Founder – Intermountain Hearing Centers

The new e-commerce store receives a lot of compliments and logistically the business now operates more cohesively. The team makes an effort to respond to requests effectively and efficiently, and go out of their way to please, earning themselves more and more responsibilities.


Carlos Antillano

Head of E-Commerce – La Cuisine International


Brainvire provides high-quality custom code and superior project management at a reasonable price. Despite the language barrier, they collaborate well with multiple teams and excel at communication. They are also good at explaining technical matters to non-technical staff.


Mr. Dan Weber

Chief Strategy Officer, Furniture Manufacturer

The platform received positive feedback and is still undergoing enhancements and expansions. Though Brainvire can sometimes move too quickly and sacrifice quality, responsiveness and project management was consistent and reliable, even despite the time difference. Overall, they exceed expectations.


Mr. Greg Pietsch

Founder – The Value Compass

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Brainvire is scalable, flexible and highly responsive. Their main app project handles 2 million unique visitors a day, and results in steadily renewed contracts. They manage complex algorithms well, and although they could expand their services, regular meetings with their CEO ensure accountability.


Vice President, Indian Media Outlet

Brainvire is proactive and reliable. Daily orders went from as low as 2 to as high as 80 since they started their project, and their assistance also brought front page search engine optimization results. They could improve in content writing, but they excel in precise cost projections and timelines.


Mr. Mohammad Fazullah

IT Director of Zafco

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Provogue Client Logo

The provider’s international presence offers broad expertise in tandem with the development team’s small-scale operations, ensuring on-trend tech solutions with a personal touch. Brainvire’s efforts continue to support better supply-chain control and style predictions.


Mr. Tim Eynon

Brainvire does a good job with digital marketing and responded to extreme issues. If something comes up that’s extremely important and is affecting our ability make money, they respond and fix it very quickly. They communicate with the server company and other third-party vendors to make sure the fix is in place properly. Brainvire will problem-solve with you. They’re not afraid to tell you that the way you want to do something is not correct and they’ll give you a different solution.


Mr. Kevin Clor
CEO / Founder Of TentAndTable

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Beautiful Baby

I am truly happy with Brainvire’s exceptional service. Whenever I had a question they answered it without delay. With extreme professionalism and outstanding customer service, Brainvire’s team helped us to resolve our problems with extreme diligence. I would definitely recommend Brainvire to all my customers, friends and clients across USA.


Mr. Richard Desilva

The new backend has successfully automated many of the production steps, promoting efficiency and allowing internal leadership to focus elsewhere. Brainvire Infotech’s accessibility, reliability, and strong customer service continue to impress.


Adam Gansky

Founder of 3D Innovation

Client Testimonials d innovation
PJtoolJewelry Client Testimonials logo

Brainvire was flexible in terms of scope details, performing UX when needed or implementing bits and pieces from a graphics team. While a language barrier is occasionally present, they were available and responsive. The few minor bugs that were found after the launch were fixed in less than a day.


PJ Tools
Website Manager, Jewelry Supply Store

I choose Brainvire for my social media portal because of the competitive costing offered by them. I am satisfied with the services offered by these people. My requirements turned out in the exact outcome I expected. These people are supporting us even after completion of the project and helping us for the enhancement of our website. I strongly recommend Brainvire because of the amount of hard work these people put into my project.


Mr. Daniel Coburn
Co. Founder OF Bragshare

Daniel Coburn new
titanexclusive Client Testimonials logo

The client found communication to be strong which ensured good customer service. They did think Brainvire’s costs were high for some things but also notes that the value could have also been lacking with lower cost providers.


Founder, Titan Exclusive

The number of sellers has doubled, and the number of marketplace products continues to increase. Brainvire’s team works quickly, and their project management is ideal, which ultimately allowed them to salvage the project. The collaboration is ongoing, and there are plans for future development.


Mike Phipps

Co-Founder, Consumer Marketplace

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Sudeep Sharma Vavni New

Brainvire’s help has kept development on track, and they take ownership of their deliverables every week. The Brainvire team understands priorities and manages expectations and themselves well. They’re responsible, reliable, and work around the clock to deliver.


Mr.Sudeep Sharma

Vavni Inc.

The team at Brainvire is thorough and has an impressive attention to detail. They value relationship-building and take responsibility for the project. Though the time difference can present challenges, they do their best to communicate in a timely manner and have been reliable thus far.


David Byun

CEO of Accessory Geeks

David Byun New
pridgenbrothers Client Testimonial logo

The dedicated team’s responsiveness is very impressive. They’re available seemingly at all hours and complete tasks efficiently and for a quarter of the price of previously contracted, American developers.


Ron Cruz

President, Pridgen Brothers

The best thing about Brainvire is Compatibility. Whenever we have a query Brainvire is always ready (24*7) to take care and resolve our issues. We would suggest them to everybody for their Web Design and Development need. Great quality of works and brilliant employees.


Mr. Craig Agranoff
Founder Of Matrix

Craig Agranoff
Let My Space Client Logo

They were professional, and they delivered on time. They have a team of very experienced people. From a technical point of view, they’re definitely sound and have great expertise. Our user base has increased by an average of 20%–25% every quarter. We are looking to automate further. We currently have over 5,000 landlords registered and over 12,000 tenants.


Jyoti Goyal


Page load times went down from about 12 to 2 seconds, and efficiency between databases increased substantially. Brainvire is honest, and provides breakdowns of what’s planned and how much it will cost. While they could offer a direct support line, they are responsive via email and IM.



Marketing Manager, E-commerce Storefronts

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agrihealth nz Client Testimonial logo

Brainvire’s ability to turn non-technical user experience descriptions into a fully operational software is impressive. They deliver on time and clearly state the anticipated level of effort and budget for tasks.


Ravi Paricherla
Consultant, Agricultural Technology

Despite the limited budget, Brainvire delivered an app with an attractive visual design and user-friendly navigation. Brainvire’s team is responsive, friendly, and professional. The communication is both detailed and prompt, which helps keep the project on track.


Mr. Pranav Desai

Founder of VoiceOfSap

Pranav Desai
Seekzoo Client Logo

The upcoming launch will proceed as scheduled, thanks to Brainvire Infotech’s complete adherence to the initial timeline and impressive customization. The team’s responsiveness, attention to detail, and cost-effective price point continue to add value to the partnership.


Joe Lam

Marketing Director/Partner of THe Healing Tree

After both solutions launched, nearly 1,300 customers registered on both platforms, and demand has risen by an average 20% each quarter. Brainvire Infotech’s constant availability, prompt turnaround time, and streamlined project management continue to strengthen the partnership.


Mr. Deepak Tolani

Owner of spinNpress

Client Testimonials spin n press

The innovation and accommodation Brainvire deploys for a project is impressive. Their product has significantly improved customer satisfaction and created an industry standard.


Mr. Shivabalan Athmaraman

Manager of Veritas Infrastructure Solution

Both the completed website and mobile task-management app wrapped up successfully. The assigned developers met all technical objectives for maintenance work but failed to complete ground-up tasks by their self-imposed deadline.


Vice President, Financial Advisory

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Infogain Client Logo

Brainvire’s resources are working on our own, and the deliverables are good in terms of quality. We make sure to review the work periodically, provide feedback and give necessary corrections. We’ve found the approach to be comfortable, and we’re happy with Brainvire.


Mr. Sumit Sheth

The revamped software supports increased traffic from nearly 700 concurrent users. Although the launch was pushed back by 2 months due to the amount of work involved, Brainvire delivered a satisfactory final product with minimal downtime.



vtrans client
Seekzoo Client Logo

Pros include the quality of the initial site buildout as well as Brainvire’s responsiveness and eagerness to course correct as needed. One con for the non-technical founder is that invoicing could tie costs to production more clearly.


Mr. Shane Nelson
Founder Of SeekZoo

We hired developers from Brainvire for our project and I must say they did an excellent job! Every detail was understood and the project was delivered with a great amount of accuracy. We are looking forward to working again with this team for our future projects as well.


Mr. Shivan Bindal


Our project required a very specific skill set and so we decided to outsource it to Brainvire. I have to say that I’m impressed! The project was carried out with all the right elements in place. Professional attitudes of the developers and the accuracy of their work helped complete the task in time. I’m happy with the quality of work done.


Mr. Subbarao Jayanti
Dhanush Infotech

Brainvire completed the job professionally and with an interest to solve the actual root problem I was having. They demonstrated both communication and technical skills to a high level and were willing to be flexible with the terms of the brief in order to get the job done. I would recommend them to others and am planning to work with them again.


Mr. Timothy Drylie

client testimonial img

Great Work! Brainvire not only completed the project on time but we very particular about reporting kept the communication very transparent throughout the project. The entire project was an enjoyable experience and we definitely recommend Brainvire as “The” software development company to hire for open source development.


Mr. Amrish Bansal
CEO of Rancore Technologies

I am delighted partnering with Brainvire. The costing model offered by Brainvire perfectly suited to us and the solution came out as promised. For design dependent modules, outside designer was also hired and functionality development was solely governed by Brainvire.


Mr. Manjesh Singh


client new

One of my friend recommended me Brainvire. It was an immense pleasure to work with them. I found their team to be extremely professional, co-operative and have worked closely with our organization and collectively we have made excellent strides towards our goals during the past 5 months. Our web page finally meets our expectations. Thanks to Brainvire. I highly recommend Brainvire to everyone. Their staff has the skills to make your e-commerce dreams a reality. I highly encourage you to learn what Brainvire has to offer to your organization.


Mr. Umesh Ranglani

Our project required high-security features. We outsourced the project to Brainvire and they were able to successfully complete it with all the required specifications. We are very happy with the quality of work and professionalism displayed during the course of the project.


Mr. Betty Boettcher


Brainvire is a professional company with professional developers who understand the problems that we are facing as a company. Outsourcing my projects at Brainvire saves me valuable time because they work efficiently and they unburden me from the actual time management.


Mr. Clarke Verdel

I have worked with the Brainvire team constantly for around 6 to 7 months. I can surely suggest Brainvire’s name to my corporate circle. Brainvire helped me by developing a sophisticated technological website. The team focused into the nitty-gritty and worked with patience which I admire a lot. I could talk to them as my friends rather than professionals. Everything went as per my anticipation. I enjoyed working with these guys and looking forward to working with them more.


Mr. Chad Gundry

Chad Gundry Copy

Hiring developers from Brainvire were the best decision. We got the project developed to all the specifications. The team displayed utmost professionalism and were in constant communication with our managers and provided reports regularly. High quality work methods and high-quality output – that’s what made this project a huge success!


Mr. Deepak Thomas

Considering the complex nature of the project, we decided to outsource it to Brainvire. The team was able to build the software with all the necessary functionalities and features with great expertise. The communication was prompt and the work done was flawless. We enjoyed working with this enthusiastic team of developers! Big Thank You!


Mr. Vivek Shukla


I’m happy with the way our project turned out. We had limited time and experts at Brainvire were able to deliver the project within specified time. Looking forward to working with this team of developers again. The team proved to be highly skilled and knowledgeable. Great Work!


Mr. Deepak Parek
Basic Research

We hired Brainvire and I must say that they met all the expectations for the graphics and technical specifications of our project. The final result was accurate. This was the first time we outsourced work and we are looking forward to a long-term association for technology projects.


Mr. Denial Townsend
The Plum Tree Group


Brainvire has an excellent team of developers! We were very short on time and required new features to be added to our site. They thoroughly understood the concept and completed the project successfully! Great job!


Mr. Teresa de Grosbois

Evolutionary Business Council

We hired developers and designers from Brainvire as per a recommendation. Brainvire truly and skillfully completed the task with utmost skill. We are satisfied with the work done and would definitely recommend Brainvire for software development and design.


Mr. Shawne Duperon
Shawne TV


When the world was moving at a very speedy pace, Brainvire helped us stay connected. Thanks to their unique services and supports. We were able to reach our clients across the globe and also monitored shipping and delivery with simple apps.


Travis French
President of Amplify MM

When the world was moving at a very fast pace, Brainvire helped us stay connected. Thanks to their unique mobile application. We were able to reach our clients across the globe and also monitored shipping and delivery with simple mobile apps. I just want to say it’s truly worth investing in services of Brainvire. They gave me what I required and exactly the way I required. Timelines were not wavering and I got my requirements fulfilled exactly in time. It was a great team to work with.


Mr. Vinay Saini

Serene Corporation

We have dealt with a lot of web development firms and other tech support companies, none come close to Brainvire. We would recommend them to everyone. Great quality of work and brilliant employees.


Mr. Matthew

BIG THANK YOU to Brainvire team for all their smart work and fantastic services. We are very pleased with the end result of an outstanding website and mobile apps that exceeded our expectations. Our initial conversation with Brainvire’s team was very friendly and approachable. We spoke with the team and discussed our ideas and soon the team came back with the impressive designs that suit our requirements. With a clear understanding of our business, the new website design is awesome with user-friendly functionality and fast loading capacity. It was an immense pleasure to work with Brainvire and we look forward to a long-term working relationship with them in the near future.


Mr. Greg Pietsch


Value Compass

Just wanted to say massive thanks for all the help from the Brainvire team. After years of having a website with no search engine listings, we finally decided to re-design our e-commerce shop. We choose Brainvire to transform our e-commerce shop and are already seeing positive results including being listed at position four in just under a day. I truly appreciate Brainvire’s effort and thank everyone and let other customers know it was the best commercial decision I have ever made in years.


Mr. Rohit Singla

I wanted an elegant and differentiated online presence by utilizing every significant medium to connect with my clients. For that, I chose Brainvire to create an online presence. Through their prompt response and efficient technical abilities they designed and delivered results that exceeded my expectations!


Mr. Jayant Kulkarni


Brainvire totally exceeded our expectations. We approached the development team with an initial idea of the project and they turned it into a dream come true. We are extremely satisfied with the results and are sure to re-hire if need be. Highly recommended for all types of development!


Mr. Vinay Jatwani
Founder Of Jigsaw / Dispensaries

Considering the diverse features we wanted to include in our software, we decided to hire specialists. Brainvire did an excellent job! The project was completed professionally as per all the specifications that we provided. We are more than happy with the quality of work done! Good job!


Mr. Darin McOwen
Trend Micro Group


Brainvire’s flexibility has really stood out for me when looking for an online e-commerce store. I am very impressed with their easily accessible technical support and quick to resolve any problem attitude. A friendly team which is always ready to help, I would not hesitate to recommend Brainvire. Great services and solutions from a very nice bunch of people!


Mr. Kunal Mehta

We outsourced software development for the first time and Brainvire totally changed out outlook towards outsourcing. Not only did we get quality work but also got all the necessary features and flawless operations. Communication was good and the project was delivered within stipulated time.


Mr. Allan Gourdie

Sale Servant

Peer Evals

Brainvire have taken our business to the next level. Their professional solutions continue to impress us and their knowledge has catapulted our sales. They have created 4 different websites for our companies and all with excellent results. We will surely use them for our upcoming projects and strongly recommend Brainvire!


Mr. Gaurav Shah

4.81/5 (37)

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