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Automotive Industry

The automotive industry is witnessing a rapid digital transformation in customer service. It includes sales and after-sales mobile apps, comprehensive Dealership Management Systems, eCommerce application, Mobile CRM system, automated Vehicle Maintenance, Service booking Automation through mobile app, New vehicle search experience, real-time roadside assistance, and shopping of vehicle accessories & merchandise online. Awarded Global IT Leader by Clutch, Brainvire has transformed the digital landscape for some of the major players in the automotive industry. Modern car owners expect a seamless experience when interacting with dealers. The automotive industry is facing challenges like decreasing machine downtime to increase their product uptime in the market. CRM and ERP, when coupled with IoT, have helped in overcoming these challenges. Needless to say, the automotive industry is embracing the Industry 4.0 Revolution faster than ever before.

The Brainvire Advantage of Automotive Industry

Brainvire has always strived to surpass its clients’ expectations across diverse industry verticals. And the automotive industry is no exception to this! Our expertise in B2B and B2C eCommerce web application development, and mobile application development are making an everlasting impact in the market.

We have integrated our innovations for the automotive industry with Kerridge Autoline DMS. Such integrated solutions can streamline the sales and after-sales experience of car buyers to a great extent. It boosts the customer engagement rate significantly and helps in retaining the existing customers. Dealership franchises, on the other hand, can visualize the shopping journey of consumers and tweak their business strategies to meet the expectations of modern consumers. Ultimately, our technologies are preparing the automotive industry for the stiff competition that lies ahead of them.


Our Automotive Portfolio And Capabilities Include –

B2B, B2C E-commerce Solution

Mobile Service Van Automation

After-Sales Management

Custom Dealer Management solution

Warehouse & Inventory Management

Vehicle Management

Delivery Management

IoT Solutions

CRM & ERP Solutions

Kerridge Autoline ERP Integration

Business Intelligence (BI)

Supply Chain Management

Dock Less Vehicles

Cloud Solutions

Car Automation

Connected Mobility

Consumer Mobility

Centralised Marketing Solutions

ECM (Document Management System)

Blockchain Solutions

Predictive Maintenance

Augmented Reality

On-demand Economy

Service Management

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