Future of Distributed Ledger

Whether it's programming immutable smart contracts or offering decentralised web solutions for supply chain management, our blockchain consultants can direct you, helping businesses develop DLT-powered solutions while maintaining data integrity and efficiency. We build custom blockchain application development that leverages emerging technology to your advantage.

At Brainvire, we create blockchain software solutions that connect blockchain with business processes for customers. Blockchain changes businesses from monitoring and moving money or inventory to post-financial settlements and smart insurance contracts to industries and applications.

  • Product Design
    Proof Of Concept
    Help organisations build small POCs to understand how they are changing the organization's environment. By creating practical commercial/incentive models for all stakeholders in the ecosystem, we are driving enterprise wide adoption of blockchain-powered business networks across industries.
  • Secured Transactions
    Wallet and Exchange Solution
    Create a safe wallet solution using Blockchain modules for custom creation. By developing a network where data-based transactions are secure, verifiable, and traceable, Brainvire harnesses the power of Blockchain technology.
  • Apps Development
    Decentralized Blockchain
    Brainvire specialises in developing decentralised Blockchain blockchain technology solution that address shared data protection and privacy, standardisation of data sharing, consensus management and re-alignment of business processes.
  • Hyperledger Solutions
    Mobile Enablement
    Link your mobile application to the data storage and retrieval with blockchain. We help to gain benefits from improved efficiency, scalability, information security and digital keys through hyperledger growth. Through Blockchain technology, Hyperledger enables easy access.
  • Digital Enterprises
    ICO Development
    Unique Blockchain Creation Services and support for your ICO, ranging from conceptualising token design to maintaining infrastructure. We contextualise company's blockchain, explore the advantages and obstacles, and co-innovate around use cases and applicability.
Segments We Serve
  • Cryptocurrency Development
    Cryptocurrency Development

    Stay ahead in this crypto race with tailor-made cryptocurrency solutions. Our efficient services ensure your cryptocurrency trading company is extended and stands apart from competitors.

  • Real Estate Contract Management
    Real Estate Contract Management

    All communications and transactions in the management of property and real estate are managed by an authorised block chain. A blockchain is a list of records connected and protected using cryptography.

  • Insurance Claim Management
    Insurance Claim Management

    Claim processing involves manual work, taking into account the number of data points to be checked. A distributed blockchain network helps insurance companies to validate claims in no time.

  • Supply Chain Management
    Supply Chain Management

    Blockchain provides supply chain traceability allowing trend analysis and predictive monitoring for shippers and customers. Blockchain offers visibility into the network and prevents counterfeits.


Todd Koch
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Communication is their strength, especially for me as I'm a non-technical founder. The team knows their own strengths and weaknesses, using them to excel at their work. Brainvire Development does not shy away from challenges and has been able to meet all requirements set before them, no matter how difficult.
Todd Koch
Founder - RewardMob
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Brainvire transformed their client’s vision into functioning web- and mobile-based platforms, despite being unfamiliar with the insurance industry. Since providing digital marketing services, the site’s bounce rate has decreased by 50% and the client’s profits have increased significantly.

Brandon San Antonio
COO, Matrix Protection
5 years ago
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While the development is ongoing, the process of working with Brainvire Infotech Inc has been smooth. Their team possesses the necessary technical expertise and project management skills to create a quality product. They are available, supportive, and detail-oriented.

Vandana Biyani
Vandana Biyani
Co-Founder - Finocart
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Our Blockchain Expertise
We, as a blockchain development company, are business accelerators with distributed apps that bring value to stakeholders to form a blockchain-powered business network. Such stakeholders work across different industries/domains.
Our Blockchain Expertise
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Use our expertise to create a full stack blockchain solution and test it to make sure it suits your KPIs.

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Why Choose Brainvire for Blockchain Implementation?
From advisory, deployment, change management, to operationalization and device maintenance, we deliver a comprehensive suite of end-to-end blockchain services.Our clients can tailor their blockchain journey.
  • Advisory and Consulting services
    Advisory and Consulting services

    We formulate an initial business value proposition that includes cost-benefit, feasibility and complexity. With our Blockchain Consulting Services, we help to define and solve technology problems related to security, scalability, privacy and operational demands.

  • Blockchain Ecosystem Services
    Blockchain Ecosystem Services

    We create blockchain networks, bringing together industry participants to deliver market solutions. We provide focused services like Business Consortia Services, Start-up and Enterprise Strategy Development and Cryptocurrency Ecosystem Strategy Development.

  • Smart Contracts Development
    Smart Contracts Development

    Our smart contracts developers create precise smart contracts making the business environment conflict-free. Automate tailored smart contracts for your business processes, customer engagements. We build custom decentralised applications for your needs.

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Solutions to Transform with Blockchain
Our Blockchain development services use distributed ledger technology for all enterprises. Blockchain applications like data masking, identity authentication, data transfer are decentralised solutions.
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    Decentralized Applications

    Blockchain Integration

    Digital Identity Solution

    Sandbox Environment

    Interbank Reconciliation

    IEO And ICO Services

  • Our Support Solutions

    Public Blockchain

    Permissioned Blockchain

    KYC Cloud Management

    Digital Tokenization

    Digital Identity Validation

    Decentralized Exchange

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  • What are the features of custom blockchain application development?

    Brainvire designs and integrates custom Blockchain solutions into existing enterprise systems for businesses to leverage a safe, secure environment for diverse business transactions. We use third-party blockchain software solutions to build stable, scalable Blockchain solutions that can minimize damages, prevent fraud, remove costly intermediary fees, boost local and foreign trade, distribute confidential information, and much more in a centralized framework.
  • What are the benefits of a custom blockchain solution?

    We use the peer-to-peer nature of blockchain to build internal and external breach-resistant applications for preventing fraud and cyber-attacks and managing sensitive data. By embedding automated workflows into existing applications, we create Blockchain-as-a-Service (BaaS) solutions to replace error-prone, paper-heavy, and time-consuming processes. We build public and private blockchains for applications that need to share data records, status changes, payments, and other transaction data without incurring additional costs.
  • Do you leverage data mining capabilities in blockchain services?

    We build blockchain technology solutions with data mining features. We build decentralized networks for mining pools, create miner output dashboards, and provide architecture solutions for mining farms, as well as integrating Application-Specific Integrated Circuit (ASIC) chips inside existing blockchain mining solutions to accelerate transaction verifications.
  • Can you build a custom blockchain solution for my finance business?

    We build Blockchain Wallet and Exchange Applications that include features such as trading blockchain tokens and multiple cryptocurrencies, auto-generating private and public keys, and participation in Initial Coin Offerings (ICO), Security Token Offerings (STO), and Digital Security Offerings (DSO) (DSO).
  • How can I integrate blockchain technology to ensure secure transactions?

    For registering loan requests and intellectual resources, creating letters of credit for foreign transactions, and validating insurance eligibility, our Blockchain Smart Contract Development is designed to provide decentralized web solutions for banking, healthcare, e-commerce, supply chain, real estate, and gaming industries. We create highly scalable white-label Cryptocurrency Exchange Software for exchange operators, fund managers, token issuers, brokers and dealers, and custodians to handle cryptocurrency global trading and blockchain-based digital assets, all of which are covered by a layered architecture.
  • I want to integrate my mobile app with blockchain. Can you help?

    Link your mobile app to blockchain for data storage and retrieval. Through hyper ledger development, we assist in gaining benefits such as increased performance, scalability, information security, and digital keys. Hyperledger makes it possible to access knowledge thanks to Blockchain technology.
  • Can you develop a decentralized blockchain app?

    Brainvire specializes in designing decentralized blockchain technology solutions that solve shared data security and privacy, data standardization, consensus management, and business process re-alignment. We create custom decentralized applications and incorporate them into existing enterprise frameworks, allowing companies to collaborate in a safe and secure environment. We create custom decentralized applications and incorporate them into existing enterprise frameworks so that companies can collaborate and conduct a variety of business transactions in a safe and secure environment.
  • How can I digitally transform my supply chain business with a blockchain solution?

    For shippers and consumers, blockchain offers supply chain traceability, allowing for pattern analysis and predictive monitoring. Blockchain provides network visibility and prevents counterfeiting. We provide custom Blockchain Supply Chain Solutions to help supply chain and logistics companies improve security, manage costs, track the provenance of products, document digitization, and automation, and digital certification and logistics tracking, and identify inefficiencies in their current processes.