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Till some time ago, loyalty programs were just to attract customers, and now it more of a trick to engage users and enhance their shopping experience. So, with the intention of turning passive visitors to the active shoppers and making shopping their addiction, we have come up with a gamification tool. This eCommerce gamification extension for Magento is specifically designed to earn the repeated customers. It brings the happy customers back to your store, leaving no room for them to seek for options.

Believe it or not, one of the main problems of all the eCommerce merchants is to convert the visits into sales. Solve this problem and get the incredible results using this Magento eCommerce gamification extension without any difficulty.


Easy set up and


Follows the standard

Magento guidelines

Real time chat

Email subscription

Dynamic real time discounting

based on products and categories

Prompted coupon

based discounts

front end customer panel

Low Price Check

If you wish to enter the desired price, select ‘custom value’ and do so; or else you may select the price from the list.

Discount Without Coupon

Get the most out of the online discounting that you can grab from the pop up that appears on the product page. You can use it within a specific time period without the use of coupon .

Discount Offer

The extension is smart enough to know your choices based upon your browsing pattern and sends you the best offers directly into your mail box.

Onfly Coupon Based on Product

You can grab coupon from the popup that appears and avail the discount. The offer will be for the products that you were already browsing.

Onfly Coupon for Category

The pop up will have the discount offer related to the products from the category that you were browsing.


Knowing and understanding customers, their reviews, needs, wants and expectations can help you exceed their expectations. There can be nothing better than surveys that will help you understand your customers. Survey can help you know if your customer liked your product or service; it can help you know their exact requirements. You can then combine the data and analyze to make decisions before getting the next slot of products or delivering services. Most customers will not fill up the surveys in paper these days. With the intention of making most people fill up the survey, we have developed the Survey extension.

This Magento eCommerce gamification extension has such an amazing interface that no one will deny answering the questions. It just helps you to ask same questions to everyone, and that too in the same structured format.

Easy interface for questions and answers

It is displayed on any product category or CMS page

It is setup with the help of
the layout configuration
for any page

Support a lot of inputs
from customers like date, time, multi – select etc

Analyze survey data easily
with CSV export

Follow all the Standard Magento guidelines

Supports one question on page survey as well as full page questions

Allows coupon set up
for customer

Easy set up and installation

All the questions of the survey are listed in single page. Once a user answers all of them, it can be submitted.

There will be only question on a page. Once you answer that, you can click on ‘Next’ button to get next question. Once user answers all questions, he/she can submit the form.

On submitting the form, the customer will get discount coupon code.