The Best & Affordable Tools for Mobile Game Development

mobile game development

It is evident that the entire population today own a smartphone which has indeed given a rise in mobile game development. There are multiple no. of mobile games that one can enjoy in their leisure time. Irrespective of how costly it is, it doesn’t matter they still go for high-end games especially the kids and few adults as well.

If you own a business, it might be good for you to hire a mobile game development company or use viable game development tools because it has great potential for uplifting the business. If you still aren’t able to believe then here are few reasons that justify my point

  • As stated earlier, it has huge potential for revenue generation the reason being the abundant use of mobile phones and craze for games.
  • The gaming industry is one such industry which is growing day by day, hence it has greater prospects and scope in the future.
  • Games are becoming a part of many industries including education thereby, gaining a huge audience of all age groups.
  • With the best technology, it is easy to develop exciting mobile games thus providing best gaming experiences for players.

However for mobile game development, one needs to have the best tools or rather hire somebody who uses the best tools for mobile game development. Here are few best tools that can work wonders for mobile game development

  1. Construct 2

This is one software which is best for creating 2D games and that too without coding. Moreover, it supports most of the mobile platforms like that of iOS, Android, Windows Phone as well as Blackberry. It is also suitable for web game creation.

  1. Fusion

Another tool that can be used for 2D game creation is Fusion. Programming language knowledge isn’t needed and is best suited to create event-based games. It can be used for platforms like Windows, iOS, Android.

  1. Game Maker

Game Maker studio is yet another mobile game development tool that can help you to create 2D games. It is easy to use and start with if you want to develop mobile games yourself. It provides features like full support 2D spine animations, various shaders, steam and git integration, etc. It supports platforms like iOS, Android, Windows Phone, Tizen, Amazon Fire and PS Vita. Also, it is one of the low budget iOS game development tools, thus anyone can easily afford it.

  1. Unity

Unity is the world leading tool in game development industry. It provides multi-platform solutions for creating 2D and 3D games. It is most appropriate for beginner developers providing aids with numerous guides and tutorials. Android, iOS, Windows Phone, Tizen and Fire OS mobile platforms can make use of it to the fullest.

  1. Maya LT

Another useful software for 3D modeling and animation is Maya LT. It comes with many features and modeling tools. It can be used for creating different surfaces, textures, lighting and the skeleton of characters. Maya is typically used by qualified game developers for fast and effective game development. It is also very easy to learn in case you are a beginner.

There are other tools too like Spine, Monogame, Appgame Kit, Unreal engine, CocoonJS, etc but what is more important is that you choose one that you find most appropriate for you.