AI Infused Mobile App Development Will Be At Peak In 2018

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Talking About AI Infused Mobile App Development Will Be At Peak In 2018, Artificial intelligence used to be called trendsetter of 2017 and now it’s setting benchmarks. As per Gartner’s latest report, “By 2018, world’s largest 200 companies will extensively use intelligent apps and take an advantage of big data analytics to redefine their customer experience strategies.” when we are talking about intelligent apps, the market is flooded with a plethora of apps such as chatbots, personal assistants, and more. Myriads of AI-based mobile app development is in pipeline and will be out in 2018.

The year 2018 is certainly a year of personalized customer experience. The business that gives it a better way stays ahead in the competition. In this article, we will talk about the vital things an organization should talk to mobile application Development Company.

Enterprises have notified IT partners to introduce AI in every module!

As competitors are growing ahead with the use of AI, other businesses don’t like to stay behind. As the user is needed to be given more customized experience, so are the employees, too! Big organizations have started stating the terms of AI-based android application development in most of the modules to eliminate hard work and to use the human brain where it’s good at! Building strategies to survive!

Take an example of Forbes. Its AI-based software named Quill is amazing. Quill takes the structured data and fetches the meaning form them and in return gives a complete rich content. It is the same as the writer does. Plus, it has powers to remove the content that is not relevant.

In order to establish intelligent apps for your business growth, something needs to be in consideration:

mobile application development

Data Lake

A robust data lake system that is fast in indexing and cataloging. The metadata management, data security, data governance, etc. features are the most significant requirements of a powerful mobile app development based on AI or machine learning. The whole ecosystem should be equipped with fast and smoother data access, data management and data delivery.

Data as a Service (DaaS)

DaaS enabled application must contain seamless data discovery. Plus every aspect of data provisioning, data monitoring or even data tracking has to be in an accelerated mode not on a slower pitch.

Analytics as a Service (AaaS)

Talking About AI Infused Mobile App Development Will Be At Peak In 2018, Enterprise Analytics should contain supportive features such as embeddable analytics and integrated wider perspectives of massively scaled business functionalities. This service should be perfectly maintained in order to take crucial and smart moves for the organization.

Application development

Intelligent mobile app development should be equipped with trending cloud technologies such as DevOps, Microsoft Azure, etc. At the time of development, every technology or framework must be in an updated format to keeping in mind future scopes. On whichever platform, IoT devices, web or mobile, it should run accurately.

 Another angle

An effective intelligent app makes a hell lot of difference. But what if it overdoes? For example, a chatbot interacting with the customer, questioning customer and putting the suggestion forward is perfect! But if chatbot starts asking too many questions making customers annoyed or confused, does the reverse of a personalized experience.


Talking About AI Infused Mobile App Development Will Be At Peak In 2018, 2018 is the year of nothing but a personalized experience. Intelligent mobile app development needs to consider Data lake, Data as a Service (DaaS), Analytic as a Service (AaaS), and research-based implementation. In order to reap a myriad of benefits of having AI based apps, strategize it in a way that it runs smoothly till 2025!

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