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Talking About Triple Your Business ROI With Geofencing App Development, Have you ever wondered why some mobile applications are available for free? How are these mobile app development companies making money without even charging a single penny? The answer lies in a single letter world – Geofencing. Whenever you download a mobile app from App or Play store and agree to a prompt asking your location, you are actually giving permission to your smartphone to track where you are and whether you are entering or exiting from a specific location.

Triple Your Business ROI With Geofencing App Development!

A lot has been talked about Geofencing but,

What Exactly Is Geofencing? How Does It Work?

Basically, Geo-fencing or popularly known as GPS-location is a service that allows business to access their consumer’s location around specific area or region and send them various offers and information about their business.

According to the latest survey conducted by TSheets;

• 59% of people said that their decision-making process depends heavily on location based service.

• 30% people trust over such applications

• Almost 78% people permit apps to track their location

• While 85% people make use of various special offers sent by app alerts.

The increasing adoption of smartphone usage has made Geofencing an ideal location advertising tactic. Such increasing smartphone adoption has explored many untapped market opportunities in form of on-demand services. UBER, OLA, and Lyft are the leading and thriving examples of the Geofencing based application that has handicapped people with convenient utility service.

Is GPS Technology Confined Till Utility Based App Development?

A lot of misconceptions regarding GPS technology is floating around in the mind of the people. To name a few,

1. GPS technology is meant to support business & enterprise app development.

2. GPS is really out for navigation purpose.

3. GPS is the only most advanced system of its own kind and lot more.

But the fact is, GPS technology is implemented in a number of domains like entertainment, hospitality, healthcare and lot more.

One of the best examples of GPS technology is Sniper Go Application. It’s an AR based hit game developed by Brainvire InfoTech that drives entire gaming experience at a new level. The game is all about finding and killing targets in the real world using GPS based location. The application is equipped with real-time location, multi-user room, innovative playing modes, various avatars, animations and weapons and lot more.

How Can Geofencing Based App Development Add Value To Your Business?

Talking About Triple Your Business ROI With Geofencing App Development,  Today, consumers share their personal information such demographics, shopping preference, and location with particular brands whenever they download their mobile apps. They do so as they want to be updated on any new information provided the brands. With geo-fencing you can gain advantages like;

1. Create Hyper-Local Campaigns

Geofencing is best executed when you keep it small and reach to the set of people that are just five minutes away from your store.

2. Develop a Targeted Audience

Based on demographics and interest, you can apply a filter to reach a specific type of audiences. For instance; you can target set of audiences that visit your competitor’s store.

3. Offering Special Discounts and Offers

When you are sending push notifications to your specific customers, you are actually targeting them with special offers. So, while Geofencing, ensure that the content is relevant and you are offering them best offers when they enter into your area.

4. Utilize A/B Testing

Just like other ads, you can even test more than one type of content to identify which serves the best to consumers. You might come to a conclusion let say a free drink drives more feet to your stores as compared to chips or pizza.

Examples of the Leading Companies That Thrive Their Business By Geo-Fencing App Development

• Facebook
• Instagram
• Foursquare
• Google Places
• Zomato
• Starbucks

Geo- Fencing – Gaining Momentum within Business & Customer!

Talking About Triple Your Business ROI With Geofencing App Development,  As Geofencing is gaining momentum within business as mobile app developes for hire and customers, if used effectively will help you to receive conversions and boost the brand . Let’s watch how Geofencing based applications mold the future of mobile app development.

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