• Unique Design
    Unique Design
    We develop apps with an innovative design approach that offers a seamless user experience and an easy-to-use interface.
  • Customized Mobile App Development
    Customized Mobile App Development
    Our highly skilled team of mobile developers provides you with an application and services to suit your business goals.
  • On-time Delivery
    On-time Delivery
    We believe in offering quality over quantity and strive hard to develop your mobile app on time to help your business meet its goals.
  • Excellent hands-on experience
    Excellent hands-on experience
    Brainvire’s mobile app developers have years of experience to build the best mobile app to boost your business needs.

Our Mobile Application Development Process

Our Mobile Application Development Process
  • Research and ideation
    Research and ideation
    Hire mobile app developers from Brainvire as we believe in agile mobile app development, which is why we break-down the process of mobile app development into a small process. First, it starts with understanding your business needs, and then comes the right solution to start building the mobile application.
  • Create Design Blueprint
    Create Design Blueprint
    At Brainvire, we believe innovation is the key. We carefully craft a wireframe for the whole mobile app and keep you in the loop to deliver the best mobile app to power-up your business.
  • Development and Testing
    Development and Testing
    Once you approve the design, our innovator's next move is to build the application page-by-page and send it to you for feedback. Once we receive the necessary feedback, we work on it and ensure to conduct the essential testing procedure to build a bug-free and seamless mobile app.
  • Deploy the Mobile App
    Deploy the Mobile App
    Once you are happy with the application, our team moves to launch the application to your server and the app store for smooth navigation of your customers, and your business to get its wings and reach the pinnacle of success.
  • iOS Development

    Our team of skilled apps developers offers you unparalleled insights on developing the best iOS app development and transforms your idea into reality. We understand all your concerns and relieve you from all the stress by taking it upon us to give you and your business the best possible boost. We work tirelessly to research, ideate, plan, and develop applications. Contact us to hire mobile app developers.
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    • Dynamic Brand Value
    • Enhanced security
    • Secured transactions
    • Filtered audience
    • Enhanced User experience
    • Better ROI
  • Android Development

    After researching thoroughly on the Android market trends, we begin developing a mobile application using top-notch technology. At Brainvire, all our experts are highly qualified Android developers who have years of hands-on experience in delivering cost-effective and innovative solutions for your business needs.
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    • Android Handset Testing Solutions
    • Server Application Development
    • Custom Software Application
    • App submission on Playstore
    • Third-Party Application Porting
    • Rich Multimedia Applications
  • Xamarin Development

    Our skilled Xamarin development team leverages Xamarin.android and Xamarin.iOS to create high-performance and truly native mobile apps that will help power-up your business results. Moreover, we also test the robustness and consistency of the mobile apps using Xamarin Test Cloud to ensure the best performance.
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    • Code Reusability Across Platforms
    • High-Performance Apps
    • Less prone to errors
    • Faster time-to-market
    • Better testing
    • Great Compatibility
  • SAP Mobile Development

    Our SAP mobile development offers you an integrated set of development tools that connects the backend systems to your responsive mobile applications. This ensures we deliver only the best to your end-users so that they can reap the benefits from a native user experience on a device from anywhere.
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    • Easy Integration
    • Easy access from anywhere
    • Native User experience
    • Programming at its best
    • Coding
    • Responsive application
  • UWP Development

    We, at Brainvire, understand that every business has some special requirements and that’s why we thrive to address the different UWP development that your business needs specifically. All the development projects from our end are quality-tested.
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    • Customized App Design
    • Smooth Tab Navigation
    • Boosts User Experience
    • Visually appealing
    • Total Functionality Analysis
    • Unique features in place
  • Interactive TV Development

    We also offer hybrid mobile app development services that work seamlessly in every app store. The hybrid mobile application offers excellent performance and is loaded with dynamic and unique features.
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    • Cost-Effective Solution
    • Integration With Various app store
    • Exceptional connectivity
    • Web-based Programming
    • Cross-Platform App Interface
    • Easy Mobile Platform Access
  • Mobile Backend Engineering

    Our team of skilled mobile app developers will leave no stones unturned to ensure that you get a powerful backend development that allows your mobile application to function seamlessly. Years of hands-on experience and expertise have helped us build unparalleled backend development so as to help businesses achieve their goals.
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    • Top-class performance
    • Dynamic and Unique Features
    • Easy Data Synchronization
    • Receptive User Interface
    • Seamless Navigation
    • Easy-to-use Functionalities
  • QA and Testing

    Brainvire is proud to house a team of highly-skilled experts that provides quality assurance and software testing services to fulfill all your testing and quality needs. Our team ensures you with the best resources for your needs so as to maintain transparency and efficiency. We also provide you with 24x7 maintenance and assistance even after post-development.
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    • Real-time Bug Issue Solution
    • Real-time Code Error Solutions
    • Post-Development App Maintenance
    • Ultimate Quality Assurance
    • Application Optimization
    • Online App Review
  • Security and Compliance

    Our skilled mobile app developers are dedicated to providing utmost security and compliance by adhering to strict secure software development practices. We integrate various tools to the mobile application, allowing our app developers to model the application, scan the code, check for quality, and ensure that it meets regulations.
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    • Secure Coding
    • Implementation of Secure Development Lifecycle
    • Cost-effective measures
    • Integrating Automated Secure Development
    • Immediate Real-time Response
    • Real-time solutions
39% Surge in Urban Vehicle Parking Revenues After a Smart Vehicle Parking Application was Fuelled by IoT
39% Surge in Urban Vehicle Parking Revenues After a Smart Vehicle Parking Application was Fuelled by IoT
Brainvire’s HIPAA-Compliant Solution Successfully Processes Over 4 Million Medical Records on AWS Servers
Brainvire’s HIPAA-Compliant Solution Successfully Processes Over 4 Million Medical Records on AWS Servers
A Food Delivery-cum-Management App Generates Revenues to the Tune of USD 20 Million Within 3 Months of Launch
A Food Delivery-cum-Management App Generates Revenues to the Tune of USD 20 Million Within 3 Months of Launch
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Brandon San Antonio
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I haven't come up with something that Brainvire wasn't able to find the technology for. Brainvire sets the expectations of a project and then commits to them. Their project management team made the entire process smooth.
Brandon San Antonio
CEO - Everything Breaks
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Brainvire was established as a valuable resource due to an attractive price, excellent project management, and transparency. They’re accommodating and organized, and yield a proactive and intuitive approach. Deliverables have been accurate and visually appealing throughout the ongoing relationship

Kevin Harwards
Founder, Intermountain Hearing Centers
6 years ago

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  • How much time will it take for the team to complete my project?

    Our team of developers takes around 1 to 2 weeks to build your application from scratch. However, the required time to complete your project can only be determined after considering your business and application needs.
  • Does the team follow the necessary guidelines?

    Our team of skilled developers strictly adheres to the standard guidelines and functionality set by Apple, Google. Moreover, we also offer necessary quality assurance and testing services so that there's no room for any rejection.
  • Can I give my feedback while your team develops the application?

    Yes. We believe in agile development, which is why we seek your feedback at every step to ensure we do justice to your business and application needs.
  • Does Brainvire offer post-development support and maintenance for mobile applications?

    Yes! We offer post-development assistance support and maintenance even after your application is launched successfully. Besides, we also provide other services like troubleshooting, system improvement, etc., to ensure the app is offering 100% performance.
  • Do you offer hourly based hire mobile developer system?

    Yes, Brainvire offers hourly based hire mobile developer system to clients. Client’s convenience is one of the attributes of Brainvire’s services and hence the firm offers a flexible hiring model where clients can opt for hourly based hire model.
  • What is the process for hire mobile app developer from Brainvire?

    Visit the Brainvire’s website and click on the request a quote option to hire mobile app developer from Brainvire. You can hire Brainvire developers within a few clicks and kick-start the website development process.
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