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  • Published On December 9, 2020

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Better User Experience

We often come around with confusing experiences with a Google search. The most common could be, not being able to find the right products despite searching with the relevant keywords.

Yes, we understand the frustration of not being able to find something on your search results despite the best of efforts. Interestingly, every year, 15% of overall searches made in Google are new, making it difficult for web surfers to reach the desired results.

Enter the modern search solutions, like Magento and Klevu that have changed the scenario around web-search. Both Magento and Klevu tend to deliver out of the box functionality, serving the primary focus of business ‘customer experience’.

These smart solutions tend to provide additional insight into the analysis of businesses, allowing you to unlock new potentials in customer management and marketing.

What Is Klevu?

Klevu is an AI-powered eCommerce search solution that provides users with a smart search function. It makes use of a combination of machine learning and natural language processing (NLP) to allow real-time search results, besides providing the customers with additional recommendations for products on an eCommerce platform.

Thinking about the results generated with the help of Klevu?

With Klevu, customers get accurate results over their searches, getting exact matches over their keywords. Having such seamless functionality over your eCommerce platform is the right way to increase your revenue besides improved customer satisfaction by hiring eCommerce website developers.

Klevu covers its users over the services of an entire digital agency, providing growing businesses with opportunities to get a competitive advantage over other retailers present across different platforms.

So, now that you have understood how Klevu helps you expand your business, we bet you want to learn more.

Installing Klevu

Installing Klevu in your system is as easy as searching for products on Google. Take a look at a detailed step-by-step explanation for Klevu installation over Magento 1, Magento 2 and Shopify.

Magento 1


  • Cron setup
  • Updated Magento Indices 
  • ‘Catalog and Search’ visibility of products

The Steps

  1. Install the Klevu extension over your Magento Platform
  2. Once you are done with the installation procedure, open the ‘Magento Admin Panel → System → Magento Connect → Magento Connect Manager’
  3. Paste your extension key, click on install and proceed further. Remember, you need to clear the cache before you actually install the setup.
  4. Log out and log in again to activate the system over Magento 1 and reach out the configuration section over system.
  5. Configure your wizard and start using the 14 days trial for free.

Magento 2

Suggested below is the ‘Composer’ method of installation over Magento 2

Step 1: Use the suggested code to start the process of installation of Magento 2 under composer method:

“require”: {



“replace”: {

    “klevu/module-mysqlcompat”: “*”


Step 2: Configure the extension 

Step 3: Register as a new user or start with the 14-day trial for free at Klevu 

Step 4: Configure your store with the desired settings


Here are the steps to integrate Klevu with Shopify.

  1. Reach the app page over your Shopify platform and search for the Klevu app.
  2. Once you have successfully installed the Kelvu app over your Shopify platform, signup and visit the Kleive Merchant Centre over your Shopify platform.
  3. Now that you have finally integrated Klevu with your Shopify, you can also upgrade your plan.

What makes Klevu different?

Klevu is your one-stop shop to cater to all the demands of your eCommerce business. Ranging from actionable insights to trending tags, Klevu has them all. Besides covering ecommerce stores of all sizes, it is dedicated to adding to the ease of its users with features, like:

  • Intuitive Dashboard to Provide You with Actionable Insights

The user-friendly design approach of Klevu’s dashboard allows users to have an eagle-eye view on all the  necessary elements of their ecommerce platform. The dashboard provides users with actionable insights on all the aspects of sales, search results and past performances in byte-sized readable data. Moreover, Klevu provides the users with daily search reports over email.

  • User-friendly Styling, Saving Time over Platform Adoption

The intuitive styling of Klevu platform adds for the easy adoption by its users. The extension is designed to allow seamless operations, without having to waste time on learning the different aspects. Moreover, the automated process of gathering data and actionable insights enable businesses with automation.

  • Klevu Provides Businesses with Custom Attributes and Search Data Handling Approach

Klevu uses algorithms to allow automated ranking of the products, as per the user preferences, allowing them to take full control over search data handling. Moreover, its easy reporting and customer segmentation feature allow automation of your e-Commerce business like none other. Its customisable search results pages allow the software to seamlessly adapt to the website brand and layout.

  • Klevu Allows Natural Language Processing

One of the major benefits of adopting Klevu is the NLP functionality that the users are provided with. The extension helps your business extract similar keywords to highlight or recommend products with similar or related keywords. Similarly, the algorithms used by Klevu also allow broken sentence fragmentation to display accurate results, without having to worry about the different sets of keywords that are used.


Now that we have come across all the necessary aspects of Klevu integration in regards to the likes of Magento and Shopify, we can clearly say that it promotes a better, more secured, and automated eCommerce experience over the traditional extensions.

Considering the combined aspects of machine learning and NLP over your platforms, Klevu is certainly the right extension to boost your business with the much-desired exposure and experience. Moreover, its custom functionality is an added benefit, making it approachable for businesses of every size.

Considering the plethora of advantages that you can add over a click, have you tried the Klevu experience yet?

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