Learn How Magento’s Product Recommendations Personalizes Your Buyer Experience

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  • Published On May 9, 2021

  • Updated On June 17, 2024

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Learn How Magento's Product Recommendations Personalizes Your Buyer Experience

If you’re in the retail or eCommerce industry, you should consider that “one customer is equivalent to $ 1MM,” and you can’t disappoint them with dull and irrelevant recommendations on your online shop’s storefront. According to research, more than half of shoppers claim that they have spent more money than they wanted to because their experience was not personalized. As a result, you must recruit some industry-recognized retail eCommerce solutions or look for a better eCommerce development company that will get you some of the best deals and future buyers by personalizing your user experience.

Why do customers abandon one online store and move to another?

If you are a startup with a big budget and want to build your online store using Shopify, that’s fine. Or, if you’ve already displayed all of your products while building your store, but still the customers aren’t able to find those products when visited, then there is something wrong with the way you treat your customers.

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Find some powerful content creation tools that enable you to create best-in-class shopping experiences for your customers without any creative limits or the need for developer support.

So the real issue here is, not having a personalized experience for your customers and that makes your customer handling and marketing strategy worthless. The only best idea is to surface your storefront with some excited and related product recommendations offering good deals. Trust us this works!

Is there any content creation tool that creates product recommendation features?

Well, there is one such tool that we know which has been acquired by Adobe for $1.68 Billion. Yes, it is none other than Magento Commerce. Companies like Gartner believe in their content management features and page builder integration. There are so many brands that have had their eCommerce site enhanced by Magento page builder integration. The best part is we can also integrate the best-in-class Adobe Sensei which uses AI/ML algorithms for in-depth analysis to collect customer data. This data, when combined with your Magento catalog, turns out to be an interesting, accurate, and tailor-made customer journey. Therefore, with the help of Product Recommendations powered by Adobe Sensei you can personalize your customer experience.

A deep dive into the Product Recommendations of Magento Commerce

Buyers who interact with product recommendations in any position are said to be twice as likely to return to the online shop. Similarly, Magento product recommendation is the most effective way to improve customer loyalty, decrease bounce rates, and increase purchase rates. To entice shoppers to buy the product, product recommendations are shown on the storefront in a myriad of contexts, like “Customers who viewed this product also viewed.” 

Magento’s Product Recommendations are driven by Adobe Sensei, which analyzes clustered buyer data using Machine Learning and AI-based advanced Analytics. When this data is merged into your Magento database, it automatically shows interesting, beneficial, and tailored-made product recommendations in any position for your buyers. 

Let’s take a look at the process of applying product recommendations to the storefront.

In general, Magento’s Product Recommendations are software as a service (SaaS) products. You’ll notice that two sides collaborate with Adobe Sensei, one is the storefront side of Magento, which includes the activity processor and recommendations layout template, and the other is the backend, which includes the Admin UI, SaaS Export module, and Data Services. On the SaaS services line, Adobe Sensei intelligent services are used. This is how the recommendation modules are installed and configured, in which the storefront begins to gather two categories of data: behavioral and catalog data. Adobe Sensei processes the data and then measures product connections that will be used by the recommendations service. You can now use the Admin UI to create, maintain, and execute product recommendations by assigning dynamic blocks to your storefront.

Let’s talk about the two forms of data that the AI-powered Adobe Sensei has analyzed and measured.

Behavioral Data

Neither Magento nor Adobe Sensei collects the personal data of buyers. Behavioral data has been collected based on buyer’s behavior and experience with your online stores. Things like product impressions/views, add-to-cart items, and orders have been collected before the process of product recommendation. 

Catalog Data

Catalog Data includes product metadata, such as name, price, availability, and so on.

Therefore, when you install Magento’s Product Recommendations module, Adobe Sensei orders behavioral and catalog data, producing Product Recommendations for each recommendation form.

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Key Benefits of Magento’s Product Recommendations powered by Adobe Sensei:

  • Improves Customer Engagement 
  • Conversions Rate Increases 
  • Saves Money
  • Drives Productivity 
  • Boosts Return on investment 

Here are the easiest ways to make product recommendations:

Driven by AI-Based Adobe Sensei 

You can employ the esteemed AI, which has been directly integrated into Magento Commerce.

Page Tagging has been Auto-Deployed

They have drag and drop features and no coding or development is expected to tag storefront pages overnight. Adobe Sensei starts analyzing behavioral data right away.

Workflow and Metrics have been Simplified

Your product recommendations can be modified quickly, thanks to simplified methods and a standard workflow. With dedicated metrics, you can stay at the top of results.

Integrated the Experience of Merchants

The specialized UI is perfectly integrated into the Magento Commerce main page and admin panel for merchants to easily access through navigation.

A Secured Cloud-Based Functionality

The Product Recommendations Cloud service delivers reports directly to your storefront, with no effect on the server of Magento Commerce.


Product recommendation is the best way to acquire buyers, increase conversions, increase income, have a positive buying experience, and hold customers by assigning dynamic features. Having said that, we will conclude with a fantastic learning experience on what Magento’s product recommendation powered by Adobe Sensei can do for your online shop. If you’re losing customers and want to add AI-based Adobe Sensei integrated with Magento page builder, get in touch with Brainvire, for it is one of the best Magento development services for years now.

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