Magento Commerce: Why is it a better choice for B2B Users?

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  • Published OnJune 12, 2021

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Magento Commerce: Why is it a better choice for B2B Users?

Magento is a well-renowned brand that formerly used to deal with products for the B2C commerce market. But with the launch of Magento 2.2, things changed. Now the platform has native B2B features added to its core. 

Now, the question arises why Magento Commerce for B2B users? And Why not normal eCommerce development? That’s because most of the B2B commerce platforms do not offer a fast, fully integrated, and hassle-free shopping experience. Instead, they are built on the B2C standard with some tweaks for B2B consumers. 

This won’t attract consumers and will bring down your user experience.

Magento Commerce: Why is it a better choice for B2B Users?

This piece is a detailed guide on Magento B2B commerce and why to migrate from your existing platform to Magento. 

Magento 2.2 B2B Features 

Magento Commerce: Why is it a better choice for B2B Users?
source: agentosupport

Multiple Buyers per Account

The launch of Magento 2.2 solves the challenge of having multiple buyers per account. This version introduces the Magento 2 company account feature for B2B merchants. It is built to simplify the complex requirement for B2B account management of your consumers.

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This feature enables B2B dealers to assist company accounts with multiple prospects in different organizational structures. The multiple users of the Magento 2 B2B account can share details and make decisions related to sales. Everything is under the defined position and permission, though. 

With Magento 2.2, B2B company account, B2B customers can sign in and manage the company structure, company profile, and account information and even keep track of requisition lists, quotes, and more.

Company Users

Magento 2.2 enterprise edition enables company accounts to grant access to multiple users, usually B2B dealers, with all rights reserved for admin. The admin has the authority to assign, create and remove company users from the structure. 

Merchants can have a complete list of appointed users on the account dashboard’s ‘company user tab.’ By clicking or adding a new user tab, the company admin can create any number of users and assign their roles in the company. 

In the admin panel, B2B merchants can also add any number of consumers to the company or modify the assignment if required. In the company structure, it is easy to categorize users under particular teams as wanted. 

Request Quotes

Usual B2C check out includes payment through credit card, but a B2B purchase experience begins with a request for quote process, as most of the products don’t belong to the fixed price category. Magento 2.2 simplifies the workflow for the request for quote procedure. 

B2B shoppers can raise requests for quotes straight from their shopping cart. While requesting quotes, dealers can add documents or comments to justify the requested price range. In addition, they can see the status of the quote and interact with the dealers when required. 

For every quote, a B2B company can set the expiration date, calculate the total cost, and see what percentage discount offers will suit the margin targets. The quoting tool also proposes additional SKUs or substituted increased order prices.  

Company Structure 

Magento Commerce: Why is it a better choice for B2B Users?
source: dckap

B2B commerce is complicated! Not because the services and products are never-ending, but also due to the lengthy sales cycle that usually involves various processes. To deal with such a workload, you need an expandable and logical structure. Magento B2B’s company structure is everything that you need. 

After the B2B account is activated, the company structure includes the admin, and only the admin can expand it according to the various operational management processes. The structure must comply with the practical purchasing process with multiple company users per company subdivision and divisions. 

Magento 2 development services provider empower merchants to create personalized navigation experience for their consumers. If you haven’t migrated yet, do it soon to extract profit from the B2B investment. 

Quick Order and Requisition List 

B2B commerce platforms are expected to extend full support for sales orders including fast reorders for wholesale merchants to boost repeat business. Customers can go by SKUs or can upload CSV files along with SKU to initiate their orders. Magento verifies that the SKU’s are in inventory and catalog and also helps in fetching details like price or thumbnail picture so that the shopper can validate whether the correct SKUs are entered or not. 

Magento also offers personalized features like listing frequently buyer products for easy reordering. Shoppers just need to add the product, enter the quantity, and press on add to cart to begin the purchase process. Customers can also build multiple lists and include that in their accounts. 

Consumers can copy-paste the previous order listing or choose ‘add to the requisition list’ from products in category sheets to form such lists. It also enables consumers to order from a preorder list, including keeping the same check-out options. This makes the shopping experience less time-consuming and hassle-free.

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Permissions and Roles

To enhance the performance and quality of B2B businesses, every company user (other than admin) must be restricted to access specific details and documents in Magento 2 stores. However, as mentioned earlier, company admins can create and edit any number of users, then assign positions and permission to subordinates. Besides, the default Magento 2 B2B account feature has assisted three user positions, including default user, assistant buyer, and senior buyer.  

Precisely, the default user is responsible for quotes and sales, and users beneath the senior buyer role might be able to access all the information related to quotes and sales. But both of these roles can only view company credit, company profile, and more. Whereas the assistant buyer users might be authorized for placing an order while using the quote check out. They can also view company profiles, orders, and quotes. 

Why should your current B2B Commerce platform be replaced by Magento 2.2? 

Magento Commerce: Why is it a better choice for B2B Users?
source: amzur

Not built for speed

Lack of speed kills conversion rates. B2B shoppers stay busy and do not have enough time to mess around with poor-quality web pages that take forever to load. As a result, 47% of people expect a website to load in less than two seconds. 

Magento Commerce: Why is it a better choice for B2B Users?

Customers cannot order by entering SKU 

Ordering by SKU makes the reorder process faster. For example, if you are dealing with distemper paints and a buyer buys 500 boxes every month, there are high chances they will like to order by entering SKU as it makes the procedure effortless.  

Fails to offer self-service features

Some B2B e-commerce platforms do not allow users to go through basic daily tasks like viewing order status, checking credit limits, or validating the shipping information of the dispatch item. 

If your B2B platform does not offer these features, then it’s essential to switch to Magento commerce. 

To be one of them, consult Magento development services today. 

Magento Commerce: Why is it a better choice for B2B Users?


Whether you are looking to launch a brand new B2B website or migrate the existing one or looking to hire a Magento developer , Magento commerce is the ultimate option. It is integrated with native B2B features that make the purchase procedure easier and address every single B2B business issue.

With such an overview of speed and improved conversion rates, shouldn’t you make the right move to Magento 2.2? Brainvire is a Magento partner company offering Magento consultation.

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