Get More Customers By Optimizing Magento Performance

Get More Customers By Optimizing Magento Performance

Are you an eCommerce Website trying to get more customers? If you are facing problems getting more customers, you might need to evaluate your Magento site. Magento site offers you powerful marketing tools, SEO, and Catalog Management tools. 

You can expand your customer base by ensuring that you conduct Magento performance optimization. It helps to increase the speed of your eCommerce website and increases customer retention. 

Before we guide you on how to do Magento performance optimization, let us understand what it is and what are its benefits.

What Is Magento?

Magento gives you an eCommerce development services platform. It gives you complete control over your business website design, a flexible shopping cart system, and customization. 

Don’t worry if you don’t know how to code; you can still make the perfect website for your eCommerce business. You only need a developer or coder for retail store development if you need a high level of customization for your site. 

The benefits of Magento are listed below:

  • It is easy to install, adding layouts, and plug-ins
  • It offers flexible eCommerce development services
  • Magento is effective and reasonably priced
  • Has features that let you add discounts and promotions during check-out
  • It gives you more than 50 gateways for payment

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What Is Magento Performance Optimization?

Firstly, note that this guide will help you in Magento performance optimization in Magento 2. Suppose you have Magento 1.x. You can follow the instructions given here. 

Magento performance optimization is an essential task that Magento 2 development services need to undertake. If the speed of your Magento 2 reduces, your website will take more than one second to load. When this happens, you will lose customers faster than you get them.

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Magento 2 performance optimization aims at speeding up your Magento site for your desktop as well as for any mobile device. Before knowing how to do Magento 2 speed optimization, let us understand why it slows down.

Magento Performance speed reduces due to the following reasons:

  • Wrong configuration
  • Cheap Hosting 
  • Having too many products’ attributes in your customizable products
  • You have coded your site using CSS, JavaScript, or HTML

You need to optimize these while using Magento Development Services. 

How To Do Magento 2 Speed Optimization?

If your Magento 2 is loading very slow and you want to speed up Magento 2, follow the steps given below diligently. There are several ways and steps you can undertake to perform Magento 2 speed optimization.

1. Optimize Time To First Byte (TTFB)

A major step to speed up Magento 2 is optimizing the Time To First Byte (TTFB). TTFB shows the time it takes for the browser to download the HTML of a page. When your customer comes to your website, they are initially met with a blank screen where the HTML is being rendered.

If you want to optimize TTFB for Magento 2 speed optimization, you need to inspect the Magento codebase. Even optimizing your TTFB can slow your Magento performance as it adds to your code. So, use some online monitoring tools and debug the high TTFB.

2.Invest In A Good Hosting Plan

Magento performance optimization can be successful only if you have a great hosting plan. You can either have a dedicated or shared hosting server.

  • Dedicated- Dedicated hosting servers allow your website to run on its own server. You will experience fewer crashes and faster loading speed with a dedicated server. But, this can be expensive.
  • Shared- Shared hosting server allows several websites on a single server. Your Magento 2 Performance might make a shared server reach maximum capacity quickly. That will immediately slow it down.

It is recommended that you invest in a dedicated and premium hosting plan for the best eCommerce development services. You can host your Magento 2 website on a VPS (Virtual Private Server) to have more storage and freedom.

For a successful eCommerce venture, you need to invest in quality and not compromise on expenses.

3.Run An Elasticsearch

Elasticsearch is a search engine. It is designed for the ease of searching for products. All leading Magento development company comes with this extension. Elasticsearch helps in the following function:

  • It understands multiple languages and interacts with customers on a global scale.
  • It provides auto-suggestions and product suggestions. That makes searching for a product easier, especially if you don’t know the actual name
  • Elasticsearch simplifies the indexing of search results. 

Using Elasticsearch helps in Magento 2 performance optimization as it makes searching for products easier for your customers.

4.Do Not Use JS Bundling

You are trying to speed up Magento 2. You want to avoid grouping your JavaScript files. Grouping these files create a large file that slows down the performance of your Magento site. You may think, doing this will reduce HTTP requests, but you can do that by enabling HTTP/2. 

Avoid JS bundling to enable Magento 2 speed optimization.

5.Think Of A Content Delivery Network (CDN) Plan 

Content Delivery Network (CND) is the backbone of eCommerce website development services. It is a group of regional servers which transfer static content like images. For Magento performance optimization, it is crucial to have a CND to serve static information faster. 

A CND helps you serve content globally and fast. It is an online service, and it needs investing. 

6.Use Varnish

Using Varnish helps you cache your content. Varnish is a program and is available for Magento 2. Make sure your host supports the Varnish program. It is a unique program that helps in storing fragments or entire files in the memory. It enables you to increase your Magento 2 speed optimization.

Varnish is a flexible program. If you know how to code or have a Magento development services agent, you can write caching policies in Varnish’s language. This language is translated into C code and compiled. It enhances Magento’s performance and works on small and large servers. Ensure you test it out before going live with a Magento 2 website.

7.Your CSS Delivery Should Be Optimized

CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) is a programming language that helps you design your website. It usually takes a little longer to load due to its size and content. To ensure Magento 2 performance optimization, you need to optimize your CSS delivery. 

  • Make sure your above-the-fold content is high in your HTML to ensure quick rendering.
  • You should move CSS sources to the bottom of your coding page. You need to do this so that by the time your customer scrolls through your content, these can load easily.

However, ensure that you do these steps manually to optimize your Magento performance.

8.Configure CSS And JavaScript 

When you are running a Magento 2 site, you or your Magento development services agent will work with CSS and JavaScript. To speed up Magento 2, you need to minify JavaScript/CSS and merge JS and CSS files. It will improve your Magento 2 performance optimization.

When you minify your JS/CSS, you can reduce the unnecessary characters and minimize the coding. That helps to speed up Magento 2 significantly. You can optimize your Magento 2 performance by merging the CS/JS files too. You need to do these in your configuration settings.

9.Audit Your Third-Party Extension

Third-party extensions for your Magento 2 site include payment gateways, order archives, admin logger, and more.  These extensions could make your site slow if there are too many or if they haven’t been coded correctly.

When your Magento 2 site loads, your extensions need to load too. If there are too many or they are poorly coded, then your Magento 2 speed optimization goes for a toss. So, ensure that you audit your third-party extensions. 

Auditing the extensions means you go through everything you have and remove large and unnecessary extensions. You can speed up Magento 2 with the Google PageSpeed tool.

When you finish auditing and sorting your extension, test the speed of your site. If installing or uninstalling an extension changes the speed, note it as a benchmark speed. You will have success in Magento 2 speed optimization with this process.

All these essential steps will help in Magento 2 performance optimization on a desktop.

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How To Optimize Magento 2 In Mobiles?

Smartphones are popular these days. People prefer shopping on E-Commerce websites on their phones. So, you need to conduct Magento 2 performance optimization for a mobile website too.

You can consult with your eCommerce development services agent or follow these steps with your Magento development software.

  • Firstly, you need to shift your Magento 2 website to a mobile device using Progressive Web Apps. PWA is fast, secure, responsive, and has an offline mode and shareable content.
  • Ensure you lower your web page’s weight. That is the amount of file space taken up by your webpage. You enhance Magento 2 performance optimization by reducing the page weight by optimizing static content and setting GZIP compression.
  • Use HTTP/2, an updated version of HTTP, to request files faster and enable Magento 2 speed optimization.
  • Magento optimization is complete only if you undertake Magento 2 image optimization. Use Lazy Loading images so that images load as the user keeps scrolling.


Magento Performance optimization is crucial to enhance your customer’s shopping experience. It will help you retain customers and get new customers. Your Magento 2 speed optimization will make your eCommerce business the ultimate site to shop.

If you don’t know how to optimize Magento performance, you can avail Magento development services or hire Magento developers. You can also consult your magento partner to guide you through these steps. This way you can have a prospering business by getting Magento 2 speed optimization done.