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Why Your Business Should Seriously Consider Switching To Magento?

Open Source Platform

As it’s an open-source platform, Magento developers and users can customize, extend or modify the source code to optimize default features and activate advanced functionalities.

Feature Rich

Magento offers varied features that allow website owners to manage their entire business operations from product formation to sale checkouts while concurrently providing various marketing and promotion options as well.


Unlike most other ecommerce development platforms, Magento offers high scalability to support businesses of all sizes ranging from small enterprises to some of the biggest corporations in the world.

SEO Friendly

Magento 2 Migration users can benefit from enhanced SERP (Search Engine Result Pages) rankings due to SEO tools such as sitemaps (XML and HTML), Metadata/URL rewrites among many others. Magento offers niche SEO tools that are far superior to the ones offered by other ecommerce platforms.

Magento Development Company


Enhanced Security

With Magento, companies can use essential security features such as an SSL certificate or PCI compliance, which guarantee the highest level of security to the website.

Multiple Store and Language Support

Magento allows businesses to run multiple stores, in multiple currencies and languages, through a single installation process.

High Mobile Performance

Desktop websites created using Magento are compatible and highly responsive on mobile platforms such as notebooks or tablets.

Numerous Extensions

Along with the ability to modify your website’s source code, Magento offers many essential extensions (ranging...

Convenient Third-Parties Integration

Magento facilitates the integration of any third-party tool such as Google Analytics or Checkout, payment gateways (PayPal, Braintree, etc.), shipment tracking and database applications amongst many others.

Magento’s Worldwide Popularity Stems From Its Myriad of Features

  • An integrated Google Analytics Script that offers many different web analytics based reports
  • State of the art product comparison and filtering systems
  • Easy product navigation
  • Supports various online payment options
  • Provides a plethora of shipping-related support
  • One-page checkout with SSL support
  • Completely SEO friendly with added Google SiteMap support
  • Comprehensive International support
  • Provides various marketing tools such as coupons or discounts along with many unique promotion options
Magento Development Agency
Magento developers

Brainvire, A Leading Magento Development Company, Has Solid Industry Experience Of Providing The Following Magento-Powered Website Functionalities

  • Designing customized websites
  • Designing website user interfaces
  • E-store setups
  • E-store configurations
  • Designing and developing the website’s landing page
  • Real-time website management along with various other related functionalities
  • Integrated shopping carts
  • Integrated payment gateway
  • Third-party business services integration
  • SEO and website analytics
  • Customized module development


We maintain a high level of confidentiality and transparency in all our business transactions.
Our team of highly trained and experienced developers will always be at hand to assist with your Magento migration and development requirements.
Expect responsive support in the creation and execution of your business website along with a complete streamlining of the entire process.
We assure complete compliance with the signed NDA.
Magento Ecommerce Development

Planning to
develop ECOMMERCE Project?

Let’s schedule a meeting!


We can begin with you sharing a brief description of your project. You can either call or mail us for the same. Our Magento developers or experts will then approach you.
This approach would aim to know more about your business goals and determine an ideal way to execute it.
You have the liberty to stay in contact with any of the team members to ensure project execution. However, we would recommend maintaining a single point of contact as it ensures a healthy stream of communication.
As per our experience, the Project delivery manager is the ideal person to stay in touch with throughout the process. As he can give you precise knowledge and updates of the project. You can take timely feedback. This way, you will receive the actual progress of the project and there’s transparency in communication.
A project can be implemented at different stages. Brainvire consultants will plan and outline your project. We will suggest appropriate direction and strategies to attain your business goals.
Brainvire experts will use the final mockup to design and develop your website. The mere presence of a Quality Analyst will test the website and ensure that the project gets completed on time. The Server Admin will set up the server and the Magento web is ready to go live.
Our Magento project developers believe in adopting an agile methodology. Initially, a team of 2 to 3 members will be assigned to your project.
First, the B.A conducts a feasibility study of all your needs and carries out an onboard process. He will then offer you an initial consultation wherein he will discuss the overall budget, necessary breakdown for the project and proposal for submission of the project.
Once you have crossed this stage, you will be introduced to the Magento developer and project delivery manager who will be closely working on the project.
Our reliable Quality Analyst will test the website and ensure that the website is developed as promised.
Lastly, the server administrator will set up a server and deploy your Magento website that is ready to go live!
We understand the confidentiality of your business. Under any given circumstances, we compromise neither on your project idea nor on the minute details you offered to us.
We are always ready to provide you with the most secure experience and hence we are completely fine to sign an NDA if at all you want us to. We are ready to take all the necessary precautionary measures to protect every tiny business detail.
Brainvire experts can identify and recommend the most appropriate extensions for payment gateways, store features, order management tools and much more.
Our experts have the proficiency to customize tools as per your business needs and provide you an ideal solution.
At Brainvire, we have a dedicated team of experienced Magento developers and full-time working employees. This ultimate combination of developers and designers help us to satisfy client needs.
Our in-house team is highly efficient to understand and accomplish client needs. Hence, we don’t need to outsource any of our work. We can assure a timely delivery of creative and effective Magento development solutions for our clients.
Brainvire offers an hourly basis as well as a fixed price model. However, the overall pricing mainly depends on the project requirements of each client. Based on the requirements, strategy, and execution the cost of the project can be determined.
Therefore, it is essential to carry out a comprehensive analysis of the requirements to ensure that we and the client are on the same page. This helps us to quote the right figure for the project. Besides, we can track all the changes in the requests of the client throughout the development cycle. This way, we can eliminate any unexpected increment in the budget.
We have worked on several CRM and ERP tools to integrate eCommerce websites and order data. A basic integration automatically links the customer and order data from the website to your internal system.
Then, why do you need a CRM/ERP tool? When a customer updates their order details, you need these tools. For instance, a customer has changed the delivery address after placing the order. Your CRM/ERP tool can transfer this detail to the website and update the website data.
Besides, a lot of manual data entry process can be eliminated from your business. While working on any website, our daily aim is to enhance customer utility and automation.
Ideally, we provide a 30-days support period for all Magento web development projects. This will ensure consistency in performance. This 30-days tenure begins from the day the last task is delivered. If you wish to enjoy the much-needed additional assistance, then you can extend our services by paying an incremental sum.
Brainvire does not have fixed costs. Our services and products come at variable costs. This cost mainly depends on versions, servers, editions, and your requirements.
But, we do promise to provide you supreme-quality services as per your budget.
The duration of website development is highly based on the scope and size of the project. Since our experts are well-versed with the industry and the latest technologies we can develop your website in the shortest possible duration.


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