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Empower your business with Brainvire’s tailor-made Odoo Open Source ERP solutions.

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Take your business up a notch with the best Open Source ERP Solution.

An all-in-one business software, Odoo Open Source ERP helps businesses streamline the entire process into a system. It is an integrated software that automates the business modules, simplifies intricate management processes, and delivers error and risk-free execution.

We, at Brainvire, deliver an unrivaled Odoo ERP solution tailored to your requirements and ensure it helps your business stay ahead of the curve!

We boast a team of highly-qualified and experienced developers. Adopting the highest standards, our team creates customer-centric solutions that are a perfect fit for your business.

Odoo ERP Development Company

Why Should Businesses Adopt Odoo ERP Solutions?

The most sought-after ERP Solution, Odoo is an Open Source software ideal for all your business requirements. It offers a myriad of modules including Inventory, eCommerce, Human Resources, Sales, Manufacturing, Accounting, and Customer Relationship Management (CRM).

Being an integrated software, Odoo ERP solution helps eliminate the hassles of multiple software and offers one roof for every system.

User-Friendly and Flexible, We Offer Customized Odoo Solutions

At Brainvire, our team of skilled and experienced developers can help you build voice over internet protocol solutions. Our experts also help you embed your VoIP solution with Sharpen.
We help businesses develop a seamless search box based on their product models. Our team also offers Amazon MWS Services alongside Odoo Amazon Connector-based integration. With our Odoo ERP solutions, you can easily manage your locations and warehouse, and integrate 3rd party logistics via API integration.
Brainvire helps you create 3D warehouse concepts that have the potential to visualize the physical layout of your warehouse. It also helps you keep tabs on your space and stock availability along with the condition of your inventory.
With our quote to cart functionality, you can add the order in the cart only after the quote is finalised. You can also develop a customer web account and redirect people to their specific carts. This feature easily syncs the coupons, products, and its prices that are mentioned in the Quote.
Our jobs order and manufacturing process system automatically processes the order once it is received from your Magento website. You can create Job Orders either for single or multiple manufacturing orders. Every order process will include casting and metal details, manufacturer details, information of wax, and the position of order processing.
Brainvire’s commission management system offers various commission structures to different sales teams. It has a commission dashboard that helps you determine the name and type of the commission. The system automatically calculates your sales agents commission on a monthly basis.
We help you embed Rapport with our Odoo ERP system to get live prices of diamonds. Odoo implementation also provides you with all the necessary information related to diamonds through the FTP server. This server further lets you add diamonds to your Magento website.
With our parcel pro insurance report services, you can find all the information regarding order details, insurance price, shipment date, customer product information, order number, and parcel tracking number under one roof.

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More Reasons To Migrate To Brainvire’s Odoo ERP Solution

Customer-Centric CRM

Odoo ERP’s customer-centric CRM allows businesses to collect real-time data and use it for processes like scheduling activities, tracking potential leads, and producing forecasts. With this information, firms can reinforce their relationship with customers. The exceptional features and tools of Odoo ERP helps approach CRM effectively.

Inbuilt Inventory Management

The inbuilt inventory management tool of Odoo lets businesses track their inventory with ease. With its powerful facets such as double-entry inventory system, it makes the business operation secure and easier. Proper management of inventory enhances the performance without any errors and delays.

Streamlined Project Management

Odoo ERP solution is all about streamlining your project. Its simple, user-friendly interface lets you plan, organize, and schedule the project with ease. With its open source interface and data in the forecasts, you can easily collaborate with your clients. The effective project management feature of Odoo uses the right resources and skills to derive the best end-results.

Built-in Accounting

With Odoo ERP software, you can take your accounting a step ahead and accelerate the transactions using its automated invoicing. The accounting software of Odoo implementation offers a myriad of facets like expense management, invoice generation, and integration with banks. It saves your valuable time and lets you focus on other essential aspects.

Hassle-free HR Management

The hassle-free and comprehensive HR management system of Odoo covers every aspect of human resources. From employee attendance and their leaves to handling dashboards and contracts, Odoo ERP has got you covered.

Effective Sales Management

Odoo ERP solution’s Sales Management module comes with a tagline, “Sell More Efficiently”. The cool user interface of this module streamlines every business operation in the sales funnel. From handling contracts and orders to preparing quotations, everything can be managed in one place.

Odoo Open Source ERP Modules

Odoo ERP development services
The unique selling point of Odoo Open Source ERP is its easy-to-use modules. With these, every business can handle and classify their sales pipeline while overseeing the employee’s attendance and leave requests. Odoo’s modules can unravel all the pain-points under one roof!
These are some of the most sought-after Odoo Open Source ERP modules.
  • CRM
  • Accounting
  • E-commerce
  • Project Management
  • Inventory Management
  • Marketing
  • Point of Sale
  • Timesheets
  • Customer Support
  • Automated Stock Update
  • Leave Management
  • Reporting
  • Automated Invoicing

What Makes Brainvire The Best For Odoo ERP Solutions?

Odoo ERP solutions have become the core of every business process all across the globe. It is a reliable and flexible platform for businesses to easily automate and manage all the essential operations. This simple yet powerful ERP platform can boost sales and provide administrative features for increased efficiency and productivity.

We, at Brainvire, boast a team of professional developers with hands-on proficiency in Odoo consulting, customization, and implementation for a manifold of clients.

Our highly-qualified professionals can develop Odoo compatible applications tailor-made to your business requirements. With our expertise in Odoo ERP software, we can build third-party applications to help you handle every business function, from inventory management to sales, in one place.

With Odoo Open Source ERP, our team of professionals make sure that the software is customized and functions as per your requirements. Our Odoo ERP solutions are easy-to-understand, ready-to-use, flexible, and scalable.
Our team of experts work steadily towards ensuring your Odoo ERP platform runs smoothly after it has been customized. The implementation is effective, easy to configure and deploy, and without any errors and data leakage.
If you are looking to leverage the benefits offered by Odoo ERP in your e-store, we have got you covered! Our highly-qualified team will help you with Inventory management, Point-Of-Sale Integration, and Sales Order Integration.
With the help of our designers and developers, you can build tailor-made Odoo ERP modules which are robust and flexible. The customized modules can be incorporated in your business operations with complete ease.
Let your business surge by extending your firm to the World Wide Web! We build easy-to-use website solutions for the Odoo ERP platform. These are feature-rich and can be used as per your business needs.
You no longer have to worry about finding the suitable version of Odoo ERP or the correct server configuration. Our Odoo ERP team works towards result-driven execution; they can install and set up the software on any server.
We offer businesses a smoother Odoo ERP migration approach that are well-structured and include data cleansing, mapping, data extraction, data migration, and integrity checks.
Odoo Development

Other Odoo ERP Development Services

Hassle-free management
Procurement and inventory tracking
Guaranteed quality checks
Vigor payroll capabilities
Stipulated and timely development of Odoo software
Careful execution of intricate applications
Eliminating project errors and risks
Adhering to the coding practices
100% transparency
24x7 support

Brainvire’s Six-Step Odoo Open Source ERP Development Procedure

Step 1 - Analysing The Requirement

We firmly believe that research is a crucial aspect when it comes to delivering a result-driven execution. So our Odoo team ensures that all the requirements of our clients are covered. We sit and discuss with them about their business needs and how they want us to take care of it.

Step 2 - Deciphering A Plan

After gathering the required data from our client, we create a plan catered to their requirements. We build customized modules and try to understand how they resolve a particular situation.

Step 3 - Designing And Configuring The Modules

Once we have a clear understanding of what our clients expect from us and how they want us to go about it, we start building the Odoo ERP modules. Our hands-on proficiency in building faultless code helps us accelerate the process.

Step 4 - Conducting Quality Checks

Once our team has designed a customized Odoo ERP solution, we conduct quality checks on it. The highly-qualified testers in our team make sure the software functions properly. Nothing skips our supervision!

Step 5 - Deploying The Software

It is time to deploy the tried and tested Odoo ERP solution. There you go! From the moment the solution is deployed, you can handle all your business operations in a hassle-free manner. Our experienced designers and developers always work towards giving our clients the best solution.

Step 6 - Offering Support And Maintenance

Brainvire offers all its clients with 24x7 support. We make sure the Odoo ERP software provides you with excellent performance till the time your business needs it. Our team of engineers will be available to solve your confusions and queries.

Why Choose Brainvire For Odoo ERP Development?

Brainvire’s Odoo Open Source ERP solution is custom made for effortless adaptability.

The emphasis our team puts in to maximize the user-friendliness and efficiency of applications has made us a trusted partner for numerous clients. The wide range of applications developed by our team has helped several customers to attain their management and business goals.

We, at Brainvire, believe in research and focus on user experience before developing an application. With this approach, our team of experts have pointed out countless additions to build a software that is dynamic in nature and communicates the shortcomings.

Faster data processing and increased user engagement is the perfect result that offers you the efficiency and flexibility you’re looking for.

So, get in touch with our team to plan and deploy your next Odoo Open Source ERP solution to manage your business operations with complete ease!

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