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TFS Will Strengthen ALM Implementation Via Complete Automation, Precise Documentation & Apt Report Generation

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TFS Will Strengthen ALM Implementation Via Complete Automation, Precise Documentation & Apt Report Generation

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A Quick Look at ALM & TFS



Application Lifecycle Management has come into existence to support top management to deliver the timeline driven application with an ease and perfection. ALM closely monitors and controls all the stages of application lifecycle such as requirement definition, application design, development, QA, deployment and finally maintenance & support.



Team Foundation Server is an ALM tool which is a separate server that supports everyone involved in application lifecycle such as developers, QA professionals, tech architects, project managers, system analysts and support team. It provides version control, build system, tools and metrics required for the management and organization of projects.

What is ALM Integration?

Requirements Management

We document, analyze, track and prioritize requirements to design the architecture of the project.

Project Management

Planning, organizing, motivating, and managing tasks is done to accomplish project before timeline.

Change Management

This involves the various processes such as requesting, planning, implementation,and evaluation.

Build & Release Management

This phase ensures the development process to reach the decided software release.

Software Testing

Software Testing It’s the significant part that ensures the quality of software as per the requirements and future possibilities.

Issue and bug Management

Every issue and bugs get recorded and rectified to ensure seamless operations of the software.

Resource Management

This phase takes care of the utilization and management of all the resources available in the existing system.


The progress report of the software development helps the project manager to understand the overall and detailed scenario of the project.

How can TFS (Team Foundation Server) work as ALM Tool?

TFS is full-fledged Software Development Management system which contains, Version control, Release management, Requirements tracking, Document publishing and much more.

visual studio TFSS

Build automation – Build & Release Management

Test case management – Test & Quality Management

Project management - Requirement & Change Management

Support various platforms

Work item tracking – Requirement Management

Version Control – Build & Release Management

Reporting – Reporting and Audit

Lab management

Brainvire has accomplished standards on following TFS templates

MSF for Agile Software Development

MSF for CMMI Process Improvement

Microsoft Visual Studio Scrum

BRAINVIRE Engineering Process Template (custom developed using above 3 process templates)

How can Brainvire help you practice ALM integration with TFS?

Analysis & Design

Analysis of the current process and thorough definition of the new process

Requirements & Project Management Practice standardization

Set up of Build environment, all templates, and Unit Test environment

Set up of workflow, code quality standards & Implementation

Installation of ALM Platform and its configuration


Application testing set up in terms of functional, performance, security & much more

Set up of testing tools and automation testing with all implementation configuration

Final Implementation


Build automation

Unit testing

Code coverage

Static code analysis

Automated generation of design document

Automated and standardized project reports & notifications

Standardization of engineering metrics reporting

ALM process implementation in one sample project


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