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Brainvire's fully integrated and automated ERP system for diamond/colorstone
industry has eased out the workflow and the business process.

About Client

The client holds a worldwide dominance in diamond industry by selling millions of dollars of jewelry and gems and strives the business to its peak in the competitive market. Brainvire helped the company with several IT transformation services to establish a strong brand presence in the global diamond world. This time, Brainvire developed an ERP system that automates the business functions and integrations with various in-house and third-party systems.

and jewellery industry and selling millions of dollars of jewellery and gems worldwide to strive the business to its peak in the competitive

market. Brainvire has already developed its web store and mobile application, and given a significant business reach. Company has

managed to establish a strong brand value in the global diamond world. The client required an ERP system to automate the business functions and

integrations with various in-house and third party systems.

Our way of delivering results


Company ROI Increased - 53%

The sync between ERP, Web Store, and the Mobile app eased the business process which resulted in saving of money, time, and human energy.

Increased End User Engagement - 66%

Sales people have been given access to more latest features and now they are able to engage customer with more powerful approaches.

Improved Catastrophic And Backup Recovery - 70%

The automation and robust backup system resulted in increased security of the portals.

Automated Inventory - 100%

Product travels from vendors to customers, the inventory gets updated at each and every stage without any manual intervention.


Extensive Inventory Search

The search module lets users search inventory based on assigned categories, various attributes, and so on. In addition to that, searched inventory results can be filtered
on real time basis. The search module has the speed to search 100,000 diamond
in just 2 seconds.

Shopping Cart

The shopping cart feature is developed based on user preference and is equipped
with all the trending options to provide a seamless shopping experience
to customers.

Order Approval Management

The software offers to track an order placed, and updates the inventory as per the
order status. The process of order approval passes through various authorized
levels seamlessly.

Rapnet Integration

The software is integrated with Rapnet for automated diamond pricing calculation
and showcase.

CRM & Supplier Management

The ERP application offers the customer module to incorporate customer preferences, wish-list, and orders. Also, the module takes care of offers, deals, and special privileges management for premium customers. For suppliers, the supplier module takes care of the pricing, stock, and order related details at its best.

Inventory Management

The inventory module is fully integrated with all the systems like Rapnet, supplier management, and order management. Inventory gets updated at regular intervals to
be in sync with these systems.

Access Control Management

The access control management grants the access rights to different admin users of various departments as per their profiles which ultimately ensures the security of the whole portal.

Import & Export Tool

The software allows the import and export of certified diamond stones and parcels, as well as crucial internal data files in CSV and Excel formats, which makes it a seamless experience for both the ends.

Automated Certification

The ERP system is integrated with RapNet, GIA, IGI, AGS, etc., to automate the process of diamond certifications and pricing, which can help to maintain certified diamond loose stock in the system.

Email & Newsletter

Automated event based email triggers functionality allows the marketing team to send general as well as personalized promotional offers, deals, and newsletters to users through Email.


The system offers various diverse reports based on diamond categories, order criteria, shipment criteria, inventory details, customer details, and employees, etc. The employees can access the various reports based on user activities like most viewed, bought, searched, rated kind of products.

Multi-currency & Multilingual Support

The solution offers the support to choose currency & language to showcase pricing of the diamonds. The product descriptions offered in chosen language and pricing as per preferred currency delivers the seamless purchase experience to customers.

Ecommerce Website Integration

The ERP system is tightly integrated with ecommerce website and mobile application for orders, shipments, inventory, and customers, which results in the oneness of the whole system and eliminates the chances of miscommunication at all.


Auction module supports the organization to automate bidding process which can help to get the best quality diamonds, and by retaining and gaining more customers for the business.

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