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  • The Future of Mobile Computing Is Bright, Set To Take Major Business Sectors by Storm

    Large screen smartphones, iPads, tablets, etc., have made substantial inroads into the computing spaces, which once used to be held by laptop and full-sized desktop computers. It won’t be inappropriate to measure such incursion best by personal usage shifts. You can take my own case as an example, too. I try to avoid the use […]

  • Decoding the Success Factors to Nail Your Taxi Booking App Development

    The concept of vehicle sharing and rental service brought a disruption in the transport industry in the recent years. The revolutionary trend has offered everyone a fresh and unique outlook to the entire taxi and app development industry – all thanks to Uber. One of the major reasons for this enormous success in such a […]

  • Going Retail Omnichannel to Simplify the Luxury Buying Experience

    Shopping is absolutely fun, especially when retailers make it less complicated for consumers by offering them with the ease of buying. No one wants their customers to get frustrated, right? Eventually, the sales depend upon customer experience. Doesn’t it? This is why retailers all over the world have started transforming their customer relationship by the […]

  • Consortium of Mobile and Retail: Insights 2017

    These days, mobiles are the mainstream theme for everyone. The inclination of mobile is growing every day and breaking previous records in nearly all fields. The popularity of using mobile apps among people is increasing at rate of knots. A statista report indicates that the number of mobile phone users is projected to reach 4.77 […]

  • Opening The Door To Productivity Through The Art of Interactive Technology

    The persisted way of learning contributes to the indulgent of great prospects throughout the lives. Technology is entwined in every field, in every way of our lives. The major motion of technology has come within reach of every sector including education. Education, innovation, and technology is tied together to create a ground-breaking way of learning […]

  • Adobe Project Felix – It’s all about creating 2D Images with High-End 3D Models

    Creating realistic 2D images with creative compositions and genuine 3D designs is no more an intimidating task. Saying a BIG ‘NO’ to the complicated conventional processes and tools like Autodesk 3ds Max, Blender, ArchiCAD etc, designers are now geared up for the advanced 3D rendering tools for creating realistic graphics designing this new year. The […]

  • Microsoft .Net platform : An Advanced Approach Towards Enterprise Application Development

    An amalgamation of advanced mobility concepts and development platforms is trying to provide ease in enterprise app development. Designing and developing an enterprise application means accomplishing thousands of requirements in an efficient manner. As per Microsoft, Enterprise applications are complex, scalable, distributed, component-based, and mission-critical in today’s corporate environment. It involves highly complex way of […]

  • What Makes Chatbots the Biggest Money Spinners for Modern Businesses?

    Suddenly last year, we saw the emergence of “CHATBOTS” and “CONVERSATIONAL INTERFACES” on offer from companies small and big. Many claim to be breaking the new frontier, and that’s certainly true in the majority of cases. Mobile technology is constantly evolving and this innovation is introducing immaculate changes in the basic day-to-day activities. The inclusion […]

  • Plan Your Social Media Marketing Budget Better Than Starbucks

    So how big is your social media marketing budget? Any idea? There are companies that flush gazillions on their marketing budget while there are the others who spend absolutely nothing! Regardless of the amount you’re planning to pitch in, your main agenda should focus on spending the resources well. Anyone who owns a business is […]

  • Microsoft Azure- The Best Bet Enterprises Should Place!

    Cloud- the one of the most heard buzzword in the IT industry that generally, people struggle to explain or understand. But, it’s everywhere, it’s in social media, online data storage, movies streaming and pretty more. Cloud technology is making the work simpler and optimizing the operations. It’s a boon for the enterprises to deliver services […]

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