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  • Should Your Business Opt for Facebook Messenger Bots?

    On an average, over 11,000 Facebook messenger, bots are interacting with real users, at present. These Facebook chat bots for business have become the latest e-commerce trend to be channeled by the brands and retailers for a number of reasons. They automate process – which is literally heaven for e-commerce retailers! From automating simple tasks […]

  • Digital Marketing Trends Of 2017 You Shouldn’t Be Ignoring

    Known to have grabbed a massive count of eyeballs in 2016, Digital Marketing is an eruptive, impulsive, and erratic industry. With businesses shifting towards creating an online presence, heavily, and promoting their products and services via social media sites and channels, keeping up with this changeable industry might look similar to a nincompoop’s errand! The […]

  • Whether to go for in-house Mobile App Development Team or Hire An Outsource Firm

    Gartner revealed that in the upcoming time, 42% organizations would increase their expenditure in mobile app development by 31%. E-commerce is taking a shape of m-commerce now. Customer retention is a key factor nowadays. Development of mobile app is now CEO’s prime focus and sometimes pain area. The decision between an in-house team and outsourcing […]

  • Taking the Bull by Horns – PHP Development a Key Player in IoT Industry?

    “The Internet of Things has the potential to change the world, just as the internet did. Maybe even more so.” -Kevin Ashton This quote makes sense at the present. The word termed as IoT (Internet of Things) have changed from awaited position to “mainstream” at automation in industries. The interconnected network consisting of sensor devices […]

  • Boost Your Success Chances – Hire Mobile App Developers

    The time has gone where the smartphone was a medium for show off only. It’s not a luxury, but it’s a necessity now. The e-commerce world came to know that 25% of online shopping happens through mobiles. In order to hire mobile app developers, one should understand some statistics, mobile architectures and other factors which […]

  • Magento 2 Development – Your Gateway To Drive Higher Retail Sales!

    Magento 1 was a big hit in the new era of the multi vendor marketplace. It gave users a facility to create their own store and manage it like their own. But like any other software, it also had some drawbacks. Thus Magento 2 development went on the floor. Let’s take a look at what […]

  • Asp.Net Web Development Craze Is Here To Stay – Here’s The Proof!

    In 2002, .Net was launched by Microsoft. And so eventually web development came in the market.,,, all these big IT industry websites are built on Usage In server side programming, First, widely used language is PHP. It contributes more than 75 % in this area. Second, most used language […]

  • Healthcare app development – What’s New and why it’s Revolutionary?

    For health related information, 75% of the UK individuals search on the internet.This is where the healthcare app development comes into the picture. Further, in addition to the facts, a forecast says that in 2018, the healthcare market will reach 21.5 billion dollars across the globe. And, it’s being said that Europe itself will contribute […]

  • Reasons Why SaaS for Business is Getting Popular These Days

    Software as a Service or the popularly referred SaaS is just a new class of centralized computing methodology called Application Service Providers (ASP) that existed back in 1990s. Although the concept of centralized hosting and computing dates back to 1960s and isn’t anything new, there’s something really better and more benefiting with SaaS as compared […]

  • 5 Finest Tools You Need To Look Upon For App Store Optimization

    No matter what and how you use mobile apps for your regular activities, mobile apps usages have not shown any decline in graph till the day. By anticipating a mobile future, the graph is going to cover the majority of the population for mobile usage. With a significant number, i.e. 2 million apps in the […]

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