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  • Magento 2 Development – Your Gateway To Drive Higher Retail Sales!

    Magento 1 was a big hit in the new era of the multi vendor marketplace. It gave users a facility to create their own store and manage it like their own. But like any other software, it also had some drawbacks. Thus Magento 2 development went on the floor. Let’s take a look at what […]

  • Asp.Net Web Development Craze Is Here To Stay – Here’s The Proof!

    In 2002, .Net was launched by Microsoft. And so eventually web development came in the market.,,, all these big IT industry websites are built on Usage In server side programming, First, widely used language is PHP. It contributes more than 75 % in this area. Second, most used language […]

  • Healthcare app development – What’s New and why it’s Revolutionary?

    For health related information, 75% of the UK individuals search on the internet.This is where the healthcare app development comes into the picture. Further, in addition to the facts, a forecast says that in 2018, the healthcare market will reach 21.5 billion dollars across the globe. And, it’s being said that Europe itself will contribute […]

  • Reasons Why SaaS for Business is Getting Popular These Days

    Software as a Service or the popularly referred SaaS is just a new class of centralized computing methodology called Application Service Providers (ASP) that existed back in 1990s. Although the concept of centralized hosting and computing dates back to 1960s and isn’t anything new, there’s something really better and more benefiting with SaaS as compared […]

  • 5 Finest Tools You Need To Look Upon For App Store Optimization

    No matter what and how you use mobile apps for your regular activities, mobile apps usages have not shown any decline in graph till the day. By anticipating a mobile future, the graph is going to cover the majority of the population for mobile usage. With a significant number, i.e. 2 million apps in the […]

  • Ways to Identify Your Most Loyal Mobile Customers for Business Success

    What would you do to make your business successful? You would like to engage more and more customers, right? But, do you know that a popular, modern business theory says that maximum revenue of a business comes from its least but the most loyal group of mobile customers?  Yes, this small yet trustful group of […]

  • Future of Retail – Where Does Transformative Blockchain Fit In?

    Merely two days back, we heard the news of two of the biggest global shipping and tech giants – Maersk and IBM paired up to bring alive the concept of Transformative Blockchain Technology in the world of shipping. The Danish behemoth has reportedly teamed up with Silicon Valley giant IBM for the new initiative which […]

  • Mobile App Development in the Realms of Cashless Economy

    Until 1862, the government of the United States didn’t practice issuing banknotes. Individuals paid for services and goods with a mixture of currencies and minted coins issued by the government or private banks. However, that practice arrived at a dead-end long back. As the concept of online shopping goes on becoming more prevalent along with […]

  • What lies in the Future of Mobile App Development?

    If one chooses to go with the status of current statistics, a minimum of 2.6 billion individuals has a direct access to mobile phones throughout the world. It’s quite irrefutable to say the “Smartphone Boom” leading to mobile apps has completely revolutionized the approach – we –“the humans” operate, or better yet, interact. This so-called […]

  • Gear Up your B2B Ecommerce With All-Inclusive ORO Commerce

    A retail world embarked on transforming technology solutions to begin a new epoch in retail or commerce industry. The retail sector has been moved to the ecommerce from the ground up and geared towards momentous B2B and B2C sales. The ecommerce variant such as B2B (Business-to-business) offers a distinctive approach for businesses to establish the […]

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