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  • Is WordPress The Perfect CMS For My Business?

    Is WordPress website development the best alternative for content/blog/website or any other business? Well, that’s a too big question to answer. The answer depends on a couple of things like: 1. What are your business requirements? 2. How much amount can you spend in the development of a website? 3. Your ultimate timeline for website […]

  • Blockchain -The Invisible Technology That’s Changing the World!!

    BitCoin or Ether or Altcoin BitCoin(BTC) is a virtual currency – which is created, stored, validated by a decentralized peer-to-peer network. For easy understanding, let’s draw an analogy to a traditional currency, say the USD. A BTC is similar to the USD in the following ways – 1 Transactions: A BTC transaction is similar to making a digital payment […]

  • Here’s Why Diamond Industry Needs Mean Stack for App Development

    Today, technology up-gradation has changed the entire scenario. Along with helping humans to accomplish the task in a smooth manner, it has spread its reach in almost every business and industry. Alike other sectors, a gradual impact has also been noticed in the diamond industry. If we talk about the mid-1970’s, manual work was in […]

  • Solr Search Usage and Benefits

    INTRODUCTION: Apache Solr is a fast open-source Java search server. Solr enables to easily create search engines which searches websites, databases, and files. Industry USAGE: The following list shows how various companies are using Solr search right now: “NASA Planetary Data System (PDS) uses Solr to search for dataset, mission, instrument, target, and host information” “MTV […]

  • Elastic Search Usage and Benefits

    INTRODUCTION: Elastic search is an open-source search engine that is scalable, distributable and accessible through an elaborate API. TheElastic search can power extremely fast searches that support business analytics and data discovery applications.Elasticsearch is developed alongside a data-collection and log parsing engine called Logstash, and an analytics and visualization platform called Kibana. The three products […]

  • Enterprise Mobile App Development: Overcoming Major Challenges

    Every sector has gained momentous growth highlights due to technological expansion.Emphasizing on mobility and advanced technological solution, the actions, and processes are taking digital place in every organization. The customer-centric approach is telling almost similar kind of stories in every sector. ‘Customer satisfaction’ and ‘mobility’ are collaboratively making digitalization worthy by enabling growth factor through […]

  • Does Artificial Intelligence Empathy Really Help Individuals?

    Ever tried seeking empathy from online AI bots? You should. Artificial Intelligence Empathy is the new cool, and in case, you weren’t aware of it, you’ll at least manage to get a quick look about it in this article. For centuries, human beings have spared quite a thought to elements that distinguishes them from the […]

  • Wearable technology – A Magical Formula For A Spurt In Productivity!

    According to CCS Insight, by 2019, shipment of wearable devices will reach to 245 million units per year and the whole business of wearable technology would take a leap to $25 Billion. Johns Hopkins University developed an application named ‘EpiWatch’. It was created for the patients suffering from epilepsy. The application collects the data related […]

  • Time to Kotlin-ize Your Android Development!

    All hail the new king (only time will tell), but certainly a perfect fit for the throne of king – Kotlin Android Development! While a majority of development community might be aware of the Kotlin programming language, there are many who might not know about this. Our purpose here with this article is to give […]

  • What Makes MEAN Stack a Force to Be Reckoned With?

    Getting one’s hand fixated on a booming success in tech industry depends upon a variety of things. It’s here where a cornucopia of platforms and technologies plays a substantial role.While there are a plethora of technologies you could enact your business on, here, in this article, we’re going to trying luring you with genuine reasons […]

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