• Mobile POS System Or Traditional POS- Which Won The Battle For Retailers?

    Three decades ago, the cash registers stay at the heart of retail value chain in the USA. They were the only game in the town to take care of the business operations. It looks something like this… But, with time, they fade away. Why is it so? The cash registers become extinct species because every […]

  • Why Business Owners Should Consider Virtual Reality As Their Top Investment Choice? PART 1

    Augmented and Virtual Reality have remained on the brim of the consumer technology terrain for quite some time now. As the recent advancements suggest, we’ve entered into the “VR & AR BOOM” era, something that is as powerful as the world famous “INTERNET BOOM”. The market for this hottest piece of technology released this year […]

  • How Electron Can Make The Cross-Platform Desktop App Development Easier?

    It is true mobile app development is increasing at the speed of light. But, desktop app development is also not far behind. Developers are looking for the cross-platform desktop app development or want to port the web app to the desktop. There is a problem, if developers have mastered just web development and less aware […]

  • Top 10 Differences Between CodeIgniter And CakePHP

    Declaring the winner between the two- CodeIgniter and CakePHP is an implausible task. Codeigniter is a PHP-driven framework that includes a bag of libraries, plug-ins, and tools, simplify the PHP syntax and streamline the PHP code alongside underpinning the MVC approach. Its advantages comprise of hassle-free migration, easier configuration, tractability and addition of new functionality. […]

  • Why Should You Choose Node.js for The Development of Consumer Applications?

    While there can be apps for each and everything in this world, the most popular of all of them are the consumer applications. Consumer apps are designed for use of the consumers or a common man and hence, are often expected to be developed awesome in order to stand out from the competition. Consumer apps […]

  • Building Better Apps with MEAN Stack

    Developing a web application, which is either browser or mobile-based, generally requires provisioning of a few server-side infrastructure along with development of some code to run on it. Such code consume APIs more often, but there are occasional times when they become provider of APIs as well. In such situations, the go-to infrastructure was affectionately […]

  • Why has ERP And CRM Integration Become A Must For The Business?

    Every business involves two types of operations- back-end operations and front-end operations, and both must keep synced and streamlined to grow the business boundlessly. ERP, the enterprise resource planning application integration improves the back-end operations by eliminating the data redundancy, centralizing operations and cost reductions. On the front-end, the businesses directly deal with the customers […]

  • Top 7 Differences Between Salesforce CRM And Dynamics CRM

    CRM- customer relationship management plays a vital role in the growth and prosperity of the business. Leveraging cutting-edge technology, it streamlines, automates and sync the various processes such as sales, marketing, technical support and customer service involved in the business. This all is done by managing and analyzing the customers’ interaction in the whole customers’ […]

  • How ASP.NET vNEXT Has Reimagined The App Development?

    ASP.NET framework- the by-product of Microsoft that’s popularly known for building high performance applications across the globe. Since its initial release, the framework has been upgraded many times and with every upgrade, it becomes powerful to address the challenges of changing web development ecosystem. Its latest release, ASP.NET vNEXT has created a huge buzz in […]

  • Mistakes To Avoid While Building Mobile Applications

    Smartphones are all in the rage for enterprises these days. And why not? It has become a place where you can target your customers directly. Mobile phones are no longer just a medium to communicate, they are much more. With the debut of e-commerce platforms, smartphones have turned into lucrative prospects. But, what surprises us […]

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