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Our Extensive Range of ReactJs & AngularJS Development Solutions Offers Real-time, Flexible Applications
At Brainvire, we deliver top-notch, customer-centric ReactJS & AngularJS development services to numerous clients around the globe. Our specialist ReactJS and AngularJS developers have hands-on experience in developing highly scalable, robust applications.
  • AngularJS & ReactJS Development Consulting
    AngularJS & ReactJS Development Consulting
    We work to understand your business requirements and come up with incredible AngularJS & ReactJS solutions to bring life to your idea.
  • AngularJS & ReactJS API Development
    AngularJS & ReactJS API Development
    At Brainvire, we deliver scalable, secure, high-performing API services. Tell us about your goals and requirements for creating business-oriented apps.
  • AngularJS & ReactJS Migration Solutions
    AngularJS & ReactJS Migration Solutions
    With our years of experience in developing AngularJS & ReactJS apps, we can help you migrate all your current apps to the advanced Javascript libraries and frameworks.
  • AngularJS & ReactJS E-commerce App Development
    AngularJS & ReactJS E-commerce App Development
    Our reactJs & angularJS development company will help you create dynamic shopping carts while developing incredible AngularJS & ReactJS e-commerce apps.
  • Custom AngularJS & ReactJS App Development
    Custom AngularJS & ReactJS App Development
    Brainvire has a decade of domain experience and delivers feature-rich, secure, mobile-friendly custom applications.
  • Interactive & Social Apps
    Interactive & Social Apps
    Our team of reactJs & angularJS developers curates best-in-class social and interactive AngularJS & ReactJS apps for various mobile platforms and websites.
  • AngularJS & ReactJS Interface Development
    AngularJS & ReactJS Interface Development
    Brainvire offers top-quality reactJs & angularJS development services and uses excellent frameworks to develop user-friendly app interfaces.
  • Real-time AngularJS & ReactJS App Development
    Real-time AngularJS & ReactJS App Development
    As a trusted reactJs & angularJS development company, We easily create high-performing, real-time applications that offer your users a seamless navigation experience.
  • AngularJS & ReactJS Enterprise Development
    AngularJS & ReactJS Enterprise Development
    We offer high-quality website applications for your enterprise that have the potential to increase its productivity.
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AngularJS and ReactJS Development Case Studies



The client wanted to boost its sales department with the help of technology. Brainvire made use of MEAN/MERN technology to enhance the functioning of B2B and B2C platforms. With the help of some basic reforms, the client was able to streamline its...

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Our Industry-specific ReactJS & AngularJS Development Verticals
As a prominent and trusted reactJs & angularJS development company, we offer our services to an array of clients in various industries. We deliver top-class solutions that cater to your business objectives.
  • E-learning
    Brainvire’s e-learning services consist of business learning portals, online training apps, online courses, and learning management systems.
  • Entertainment & Media
    Entertainment & Media
    We deliver online promotion services, brand management, social networking tools, media content, and video streaming solutions.
  • Tourism & Travel
    Tourism & Travel
    Our team offers the best angularJS development services to boost the ROI of your travel and tourism business and reduce your operational expenses.
  • Finance & Banking Industry
    Finance & Banking Industry
    Brainvire offers tailor-made finance and banking app development solutions. We develop apps to help increase business agility and functional performance.
  • Healthcare
    We have expertise in delivering top-quality healthcare app development solutions alongside end-to-end services.
  • Online Retail Store
    Online Retail Store
    At Brainvire, we develop feature-packed e-commerce and retail solutions, including shopping portals, e-carts, chatbots, and shopping guides.
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Brainvire’s Business Hiring Models

We provide an array of business hiring models to suit your budget.

Committed AngularJS & ReactJS Team
No Hidden Costs | No Setup Fees | Monthly Billing | Milestone-based Billing
Prescreening & Selection
  • Share your business needs and match them with our team’s skills.
  • Consult our developers and hire angularJS & reactJs developers based on your needs.
  • Select the business model you prefer.
Discussion & Development
  • Communicate with the team and discuss your ideas.
  • We work on bringing your ideas to life.
  • We keep you updated at every stage.
App Launch
  • We use flexible development approaches.
  • We test the app for bugs and code errors.
  • We launch the app on various platforms.
Fixed Price & Fixed Timeline
No Hidden Costs | No Setup Fees | Monthly Billing | Milestone-based Billing
Complete Infrastructure
  • Know the entire development plan
  • Create technical documents
  • Set a development timeline
Talented Professionals
  • Long-term business relationship
  • Easy integration
  • Budget-friendly resources
Time & Price
  • No additional costs
  • Hourly and monthly rates
  • Fixed timeline
Team Hiring
No Hidden Costs | No Setup Fees | Monthly Billing | Milestone-based Billing
Full-time Hiring
  • Monthly billing
  • Approximately eight hours per day
  • Dedicated to your project
Part-time Hiring
  • Skype and email communication
  • Approximately four hours per day
  • Billed on a monthly basis
Hourly Hiring
  • Work hours based on your requirements
  • Only a couple hours of attention required
  • Available only when needed
We Are the One-stop Solution to All Your ReactJS & AngularJS Development Needs!
No matter what your business requirements and objectives are, our reactJs & angularJS development company is fully committed to delivering scalable and secure app development services. We design best-in-class apps that offer top-notch performance.
  • Hands-on Experience
    Hands-on Experience
    We have a pool of skilled and talented reactJs & angularJS developers with years of experience in creating high-quality applications that help improve a business’ ROI.
  • Simple Coding
    Simple Coding
    For us, quality is the utmost priority. Our team of developers uses simple yet superior coding tactics to develop top-notch applications for your business.
  • Fluid & Quick Development
    Fluid & Quick Development
    Brainvire has a team of highly experienced veteran reactJs & angularJS developers. Our experts are proficient in delivering quick native app development solutions to a variety of clients.
  • Customer-centric
    We build excellent applications for your business and make sure they keep offering high performance and seamless navigation to the end-user.
  • Worldwide Presence
    Worldwide Presence
    Brainvire’s services are available in various countries around the world. Whatever your needs and goals, our team will deliver the best angularJS development services.
  • First-rate Practices
    First-rate Practices
    Using the latest technologies, best AngularJS & ReactJS practices, and a flexible approach, we build dynamic reactJs & angularJS development solutions and offer an exceptional customer experience.
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AngularJS & ReactJS Application Development Samples

Here are some projects that are completed by our offshore AngularJS & ReactJS programmers:

Brainvire’s AngularJS & ReactJS App Development Process

At Brainvire, we follow a flexible application development procedure to make sure your project is delivered within the stated time frame. This workflow model also helps us offer real-time solutions.

Requirement Analysis
Requirement Analysis
  • Discuss your business objectives
  • Evaluate your project requirements
  • Create the necessary documents
  • Select the engagement model
Design & Development
Design & Development
  • Develop an app design
  • Create the necessary coding
  • Develop the application
  • Conduct required bug tests
Deployment & Support
Deployment & Support
  • Issues, if any, fixed
  • App deployed on designated platforms
  • Application performance monitored
  • Post-development support

Advantage of AngularJS & ReactJS Application Development

Our team of reactJs & angularJS developer helps create high-quality applications and ensures that you reap the following benefits:
  • Diverse Platforms
    The code created for building AngularJS & ReactJS applications can be easily reused for other apps and platforms.
  • Code Splitting
    AngularJS & ReactJS applications not only open quickly, but deliver automatic code-splitting, too.
  • Native Mobile Applications
    When combined with React Native, NativeScript, or Ionic Framework, AngularJS & ReactJS can be used to build native apps.
  • Easy Code Generation
    AngularJS & ReactJS help turn templates into optimized code, which functions as a framework that can be used to develop mobile/website apps.

Our Clients

  • Alghanim
  • KGK
  • Arete
  • Admission Desk
  • FxConnect
  • Pawlee
  • Aletheia
  • Lavinstar Logistics
  • Keypath
  • Bay Alarm Medical
  • Specktron
  • PIQR Kuwait
  • Insomnia Cookies
  • RewardMob
  • DialCare
  • Unique News Video App
  • Havells
  • Zafco
  • YouGo
  • Sterlite
  • Square Panda
  • Encore Enterprise
  • Tent and Table
  • Healthy Planet
  • Intermountain Hearing Solution
  • Bridgestone
  • Entrepreneur
  • Blink
  • MyyearBook
  • Everything Breaks
Reasons You Should Choose Our ReactJS & AngularJS Development Solutions
  • Two-way Data Binding
    AngularJS & ReactJS delivers two-way data binding, handles the DOM and model synchronization, and helps enhance the website’s performance.
  • Complete MVC Support
    AngularJS & ReactJS have the potential to thread MVC elements effectively and reduce the effort and time required to develop an application.
  • Built-in Dependency
    Using the built-in dependency subsystem, our team of reactJs & angularJS developers can easily build cost-effective applications.
  • Agile Business-oriented Solutions
    With AngularJS & ReactJS, we empower your app with dynamic features such as data, unbreachable security, and other business-oriented solutions.
  • AngularJS Graphs & Charts
    AngularJS & ReactJS frameworks let you implement intuitive charts and graphs in your application.
  • Nominal Coding
    AngularJS & ReactJS deliver a high-performance framework and helps get rid of unnecessary code.

Why We Are the Best ReactJS & AngularJS Development Firm

  • Visually Appealing App Design
    Visually Appealing App Design

    The design of your ReactJS & AngularJS web application is what appeals to the customer. We use the latest design technologies to develop seamless and attractive apps.

  • Mobile-friendly Apps
    Mobile-friendly Apps

    As a trusted reactJs & angularJS development company, Brainvire offers feature-rich, intuitive ReactJS & AngularJS applications with appealing themes, a user-friendly interface, and function-rich plugins.

  • Exceptional Speed & Performance
    Exceptional Speed & Performance

    We boast a team of developers that can deliver a top-notch, seamless user experience to help improve your conversion rates.

  • Scalability & Unbreachable Security
    Scalability & Unbreachable Security

    Our team ensures that your app delivers excellent protection and scalability by using the latest security practices, like data encryption, security dashboards, and protective plugins.

  • Search Engine Optimized Apps
    Search Engine Optimized Apps

    We use simple code, receptive designs, and the latest navigation systems to make sure search engines can crawl your website with ease.

  • End-to-end App Development
    End-to-end App Development

    Brainvire offers end-to-end website/app development services, from designing the app’s UX/UI to deploying it in the market.

AngularJS & ReactJS Enterprise Solutions
As the best angularjs development companies, We help you elevate your enterprise experience by developing feature-rich, high-performing, scalable applications.
AngularJS & ReactJS Enterprise Solutions
  • Mobile App Strategy
  • JSX Syntax
  • Technical Consulting
  • Enterprise Mobility Solutions
  • Event Management
  • One-Way Binding
AngularJS & ReactJS Startup Solutions
Nurture, develop, and realize your incredible app ideas with our top AngularJS & ReactJS startup solutions.
AngularJS & ReactJS Startup Solutions
  • Prototype Idea
  • App Development
  • 24/7 Support & Maintenance
  • MVP Launch
  • Launch Machine Development
  • Equity Partnerships


  • How much time will you take to develop my AngularJS web application?
    The time required to build your app depends on various factors. The AngularJS development process can take about one to four weeks, based on your requirements. However, we have a flexible approach that ensures the project is delivered as soon as possible.
  • Do you develop mobile-friendly ReactJS apps?
    Absolutely! We develop applications that are compatible with every mobile device and offer users seamless navigation. Using a receptive design, we make sure the app functions on an array of platforms and screens.
  • Do you assign a full-time project manager to oversee the development process?
    Yes! We do offer a committed, full-time manager to work on your project. The manager will keep you in the loop regarding all the actions that are being taken to develop your application. You can also give them your feedback.
  • Are the applications you develop search engine optimized?
    We develop all AngularJS & ReactJS website/mobile applications with a variety of search engines in mind. Our reactJs & angularJS developers adhere to the search engine guidelines while designing and developing the app.
  • Do you offer after-sales service once my application is deployed in the market?
    Yes, we provide all our clients with post-development services. We monitor the performance of the application and offer 24/7 maintenance and support to ensure that the app is updated according to the latest market trends.
  • How can I get in touch with Brainvire to discuss my development needs?
    Brainvire is the one-stop solution to all your mobile and website app development needs. We have hands-on experience in the industry and a team of skilled and talented reactJs & angularJS developers. To connect with us, fill out our consultation form.
  • What kind of engagement methods do you offer?
    We offer an array of payment models depending on your project needs and business objectives. You can select any of our engagement models that meet your needs. Contact us for information about these models!
  • Can I employ ReactJS & AngularJS development professionals based on my business needs?
    You can choose a team based on your requirements. We offer a team of fully committed developers who fully understand your project needs and come up with excellent app ideas.
  • Web Projects Completed


    Web Projects Completed
  • Mobile Apps Developed


    Mobile Apps Developed
  • Resources Strength


    Resources Strength
  • Happy Clients Worldwide


    Happy Clients Worldwide
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