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Famous for the excellent flexibility, scalability, and the simplest MVC implementation, Angular JS is one of the leading open-source JavaScript-based frameworks by Google used to develop browser and web-based applications as well as mobile applications, catering to all types of business requirements.


On the other side React JS is not a framework, it is a JavaScript library that is used for building the user interfaces. It is open source and provides high-performance client and server side rendering.


With time, new technologies keep emerging to facilitate developers and help them reduce development time and cost. Out of so many frameworks, Angular.js development and React.js development are gaining popularity these days because of its outstanding features:

Features of AngularJS

Features of Angular JS

filters icon


dependency inject icon

Dependency Injection

form validation icon

Form validation

internationalize icon


light weight code icon

Light weight code base

tow way data icon

Two-Way Data Binding

data binding icon

Data binding

controler routers icon

Controllers and routes

directives icon


html temp icon

HTML Template

easy integration icon

Easy integration into existing library

testing icon


Want to Hire AngularJS Developer?

Benefits of Angular.js Development

In this world of web and mobile development, we do not have the scarcity of the tools and technologies. However, out of so many platforms available to build apps, most people these days are using Angular.js. The reason behind this is their huge list of benefits…

Reduced development time and cost



REST friendly

Browser Compatibility

Smart change detection

Reusability (because of HTML components)

Accelerated development for web and mobile apps (because of MVC)

Mobile friendly




Features of ReactJS

Features of React JS

performance icon


component support icon

Component support

Lightweight dom icon

Lightweight DOM

one way data flow icon

One way data flow

simple declarative icon

Simple and declarative

easy interface icon

Easy interface

easy learning curve icon

Easy learning curve

JSX icon


little dependencies icon

Little dependencies

Benefits of React.js Development

React.js is really efficient, as it creates its own virtual DOM by calculating the necessary changes in DM beforehand and then it updates the DOM tree, avoiding the expensive Dom operations.

The official React.js Chrome extension makes the debugging process extremely easy.

It is amazingly awesome for the Search Engine Optimization. It stands out from the rest of the competitors, as it can run on the server.

It’s easy syntax makes the JavaScript writing easier than ever.

The last but certainly not the least, the team behind Facebook is maintaining the project, what else do you need?

What we do?


Our Angular.js and React.js development services

We, at Brainvire have got highly qualified Angular.js developers who are into this since several years. They make the effective use of tools and technologies to deliver the best output possible. We provide the following Angular JS services…

Plug-ins Development

Interactive Angular.js UI development

Portal Development

Custom Angular.js mobile development

Angular.js web application development

AJAX Development

React.js development

E-commerce, Shopping cart Development

Benefits of choosing Brainvire


We are also React.js development company and if you are planning to hire Angular.js developer or React.js developer, you must contact us. Let us know our requirements and we will turn your ideas into reality in no time!

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