What’s so amazing about new Angular Js 2.0? Explore the top excellent eight features here…

When it comes to the open source web application frameworks, Angular JS has been topping the charts since the time it was introduced. This highly efficient and stable client side framework offers great support to enterprises as well as individuals. With the intention to enhance the framework, Angular Js 2.0 has been released which has met the expectations of developers and users big time. If you are told to describe Angular 2.0 in three worlds, you can describe it in 3 'M's: Mobile, Modular and Modern!

Here are some of the best features of angular JS 2.0:

1. Speed and Performance:
It is quite obvious that the latest version will be a faster than the previous one. Apart from the high speed, it loads quickly initially. Moreover, it supports offline compiling and ultrafast change detection as well as view caching.

2. Simple and Expressive:
Another good thing about it is that, the syntax is easy to write and understand, so the developers will not have to deal with the complex codes anymore. The new templates have rich structure and are easily readable and understandable at one glance.

3. Cross Platform:
Angular JS 2.0 is the best framework to build the cross platform applications; it helps you develop hybrid and native UI apps. Moreover, it helps you keep the design of your app fully responsive; even if the load is heavy.

4. Seamless Upgrade:
You can easily upgrade your Angular 1 application into Angular 2 by mixing its components, pipes, directives and services with the help of ngUpgrade APIs.

5. Flexible Development:
Angular 2 works extremely well with Dart as well as Es6 and many more languages which compiles to JavaScript.

6. Comprehensive Routing:
The best thing about it is that, it supports card stack navigation, lazy loading as well as animated transitions for mobile users. So, if you are already using the routing in your current Angular version, it is really easy to migrate to Angular 2 routing.

7. Dependency Injection:
One of the most important things to know about Angular JS 2.0 is that, it has a powerful, yet easy to use dependency injection which lets you maintain modular apps even without the complex glue code. It helps you to write test, as it makes it easy to inject test doubles.

8. Legacy Browser Support:
Angular Js 2.0 supports the older browsers too like IE9+ as well as Android 4.1+ along with the latest versions of IE, Chrome, Firefox, Edge and Safari.

Other features which are under development are animation as well as internationalization and accessibility. Now that you know the benefits of Angular JS 2.0 development, it is advisable for you to use it for your application. You can also hire a company that provides Angular JS development services. However, it needs research, so make sure you spend some time in research and choose the best company, who has got highly qualified professionals having several years of experience into the same field. Good luck with that!

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