How AngularJS can speed up your Web Application Development Process?

AngularJS is an elegant JavaScript framework developed to meet the needs of the next generation web applications. Based on an extremely powerful and flexible development language called JavaScript, AngularJS makes the process of custom web application development more easier and efficient task for the enterprises.

The JavaScript framework has been around since few years from now, but the way it has captivated the interests of developers is just commendable. When compared to all the other JavaScript based frameworks, AngularJS has grown enormously in the world of web development in just a short time to become the most popular framework for enterprise web application development.

Enterprise web applications need to reach out the markets really fast to enable better profits and revenue for the firms. Hence, they need the support of the comprehensive frameworks that enable rapid and efficient app development to marketing process within shortest possible time. AngularJS is just one of such complete development frameworks, which offer all the support required for the developers to get on with easy, fast yet efficient web application development.

AngularJS offers essential advantages to the developers which other frameworks like Ember, Knockout etc., can never provide. Hence, it serves to be a good alternative for all the other JavaScript frameworks available in the world of web development.

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AngularJS development enables firms to develop web applications really fast and helps them meet the immediate business requirements emerging from the changing situations. With AngularJS, the firms can be assured of faster delivery of their apps to possibly reach out the markets before time, thereby driving significant profits for them.

Here is how AngularJS makes possible to cut down the enterprise applications’ time to market.

All-In-One Package

AngularJS is a comprehensive JavaScript framework that has everything in itself to meet the needs of a web application development process. It is the complete package of resources required for easy and swift front end development. If you want to develop a data-driven web app for your organization, go for developing AngularJS application as only this framework can offer you all the essential modules required for web app development, without having to depend on other third-party tools or resources.

For instance, Angular has got its own routing module, the module which is important for single page application development. Apart from this AngularJS has ngTouch module for event handling for touch enabled device apps, ngAnimate module for CSS3 transitions and CSS3 key frame animation hooks within existing core and custom directives and resource module for communicating with RESTful APIs without boiler plate code.

Therefore, a lot of development time and efforts can be considerably saved this way, thereby allowing developers to concentrate on other crucial development and testing tasks rather than just focusing on third-party integrations for implementing custom functionalities in the app.

Get Started Easily

AngularJS is finely documented framework, which offers plenty of resources online to give any front-end developer basic exposure to get started with it. There are numerous tools that can help any beginner to get started with AngularJS development instantly. Moreover, it is also easy to use AngularJS with already existing frameworks, plugins and extensions for web application development or you can hire AngularJS Developer from any expert web app development company. Hence, it saves the learning time for the developers and possibly allows the enterprises to get their applications on market within the least possible time.

Completely Testable

Bugs, constant requirement changes and lack of proper requirements documentation are some of the common problems every developer faces these days. The pressure to deliver products and applications faster is multiplying constantly. Hence, the demand for unit testing practices is increasing. AngularJS supports both unit as well as end to end testing. It uses dependency injection to manage and create dependencies and hence, makes development of loosely coupled applications really easy.

Wrapping Up:

If you want to develop and get your enterprise web application on the market within shortest possible time, then going for AngularJS application development is the best option. AngularJS being well-documented, properly maintained and widely adopted by the firms can offer you significant benefits to get on with your enterprise web application development.

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