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Brainvire’s Mobile App Will Reward Users for Social Networking Activities

29th April 2019, Utah, USA

Brainvire recently announced its plans to develop a premium social media app that will transform the ways in which social networking is done. It will reward users who indulge in such activities and also help them to support noble causes.

In recent times, disruptive technologies have changed the face of social media and made it more rewarding. With a similar concept in mind, a team of digital marketing specialists has approached Brainvire to link social postings with exciting rewards and link them to charity.

The tech-savvy generation is keen to explore the maximum potential of social media. When a digital platform rewards them with tokens or gift cards for their social postings, it's a glorious moment for the users. Moreover, global brands like Nike, Adidas, Puma, etc. are ready to offer gift cards for such activities. Ultimately, it's a win-win situation for both the users and brands.

Mr. Chintan Shah, the CEO-Founder of Brainvire InfoTech Ltd., says, "The user engagement on social media has witnessed a multi-folded growth in recent times due to such innovations. Apart from earning rewards, users can give back something to the society. I am confident that this venture will be a game-changer in the social media community".

Highlights of the Bespoke Social Networking App:

The app has two versions - free and community. Community version users can earn a predefined number of tokens in each post. These tokens can then be redeemed for gift cards or donated to charity.

Users can track and manage all of their tokens through an intuitive dashboard. They can visualize the number of tokens earned in a given month based on different subscription packs and purchase additional tokens as required.

The app will be a stepping stone in Brainvire's journey of Digital Transformation

About Brainvire

Brainvire is emerging as a market leader by offering cutting-edge solutions in the social media segment. With over 18 years of experience and more than 550 employees, it strives to create an appealing online presence in the market. Having successfully delivered over 1500 projects to its global clientele, Brainvire has a 95% customer retention rate. Brainvire offers exclusive consultancy services such as Laravel Development, iOS Development, Android Development, Social Media Management, etc. for diverse industry verticals while keeping customer satisfaction as its top priority.

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