The Most Important Tools for AngularJS Development

AngularJS is an open source, JavaScript web development framework that has been the all-time favorite of the developers for its best features that help in faster and efficient development. No doubt, it is a self-contained tool which basically is said to help developers with the front end development process so that they do not have to use any other third-party plug-ins or frameworks. However, there are certain tools that make the process of AngularJS development in whole much convenient for the developers. Hence, for this reason, most of the AngularJS developers today are making use of these tools to make their web development process much easier and efficient. They are as follows.

  • IDE Editor Tools:

- Aptana:

Aptana is a popular IDE tool used by the developers to create web applications using an agile process. In order to use Aptana, one needs to download and install the AngularJS Eclipse extension from the Eclipse marketplace.

- Webstorm:

This IDE tool allows for streamlining the workflow with the AngularJS web application development process while integrating each and every detail of the same in the project. It is basically a code editing tool that understands an AngularJS project and thus helps with the coding process so that best websites or error free web applications can be developed for the entrepreneurial needs.

Adding to this list of IDE tools there are also a few text editors like Sublime Text and CodePen that help AngularJS developers for efficient coding within minimized time.

  • Testing Tools:

- Protractor:

Protractor is an end-to-end test framework that works with high-end technologies like WebDriver, Mocha, jasmine, Node.js development, selenium, and cucumber to test applications through a fully automated process, by running them in browser.

Other than protractor, there is a behavior driven development framework called Jasmine which allows for testing of an application in streamlined manner with probably any kind of testing using the single all-in-one package.

  • Libraries:

Libraries and components in them are the most essential components in a web development process and so is in the case of AngularJS development process as well.

- Angular UI:

AngularUI is a library that consists of essential UI components and raw directives helpful in building angular web applications. For example, consider the AngularJS framework. This built with an UI component of this library called ui-router that helps to change the view based on the state of the application.

Among the widely used components of AngularUI, one is UI Bootstrap. This extraordinary UI component is widely used while developing easy to use smartphone applications.

- AngularFire:

AngularFire is helpful in creating backend for AngularJS applications and moreover supports AngularJS binding for Firebase, a cloud-based platform that helps in quicker backend development for real-time applications.

  • Extensions:

There are certain browser extensions as well that help with the AngularJS development. For example, consider ng-inspector extension tool for Chrome, Firefox and Safari which helps in easy development, debugging and understanding of an AngularJS application. This extension updates every real-time action in the application and shows whole scope hierarchy, its models, types, and values and most importantly the highlighted DOM nodes when pointing to respective scopes of the application.

Hence, all the above listed tools make up for easy and more efficient Angular web development process. However, it requires experts to use these tools efficiently for improved and error-free development. Brainvire Infotech has got such expert AngularJS developers who can wisely and cleverly use the most important tools for the web application development. Just hire AngularJS developers of Brainvire and get the best of Angular web development services.

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