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Multi-vendor marketplace extension

This multi vendor marketplace open source extension is for all the marketplace owners who want to build a huge platform to connect multiple vendors and customers. This is a great idea that will give vendors a large audience and that will give customers a huge number of product options to choose from.

The best thing about this B2B eCommerce marketplace software is that, everyone will benefit from it; you (admin/owner), vendors as well as customers.

  • This Magento multi-vendor marketplace extension will be beneficial for vendors, as they will be able to connect to a large number of customers. More the visitors, greater will be the conversion rate. This will ultimately help them boost up sales and maximize revenue.
  • This Magento based multi vendor marketplace module will benefit you too, as it will let you set different commission for different products on the basis of products as well as product category.
  • The last, but certainly not the least, this multi-vendor marketplace software will help customers to get a huge number of product options. The best thing about it is that, customers can view the same product from different vendors. The vendor selling the product at the lowest price (including the shipping charges) will be at the top of the list, so that it becomes easier for customers to choose products.

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Features of the Magento ecommerce multi-vendor marketplace platform include:


Customer Features


This Magento multi vendor store extension lets customer do following things:

  • If multiple vendors are selling the same product, customer can view all those products
  • They can view those products in a list; the vendor that sells the product at least price tops the list
  • Customers can also compare the products from multiple vendors to choose the best
  • They can post reviews on the products
  • They can also send the feedback about the services on the vendor profile
  • In case of any queries or issues, they can raise a ticket to vendor or marketplace
  • Customers can also place orders for different vendors and it will reflect in the accounts of all the vendors. However, admin will transfer the payment to the relevant vendor.

Admin features


This online custom marketplace software can be useful to you (admin) in several ways. Let us discuss some of the most important features…


Vendor Features


This is the best Magento based eCommerce marketplace extension, as it will be beneficial to vendors in a lot many ways. Here are the most important features…


Vendor Dashboard

  • The left block will have order history and vertical navigation of vendor
  • The middle part will have sales and order summary
  • The right block will have summary of sales and payment

Product management

Vendor can:

  • Create products
  • Create categories and put the products into those categories
  • Manage Inventory (Qty, Price, etc)
Order and transaction Management

Order and transaction Management

Vendor can:

  • Manage order gird
  • Print packing slip
  • Create shipment
  • Cancel order
  • Refund Order (Partial and full refund)
  • Maintain order status and comments
  • Maintain archive order functionality
  • Upload order related files
  • Manage transactions with date range filter

Transaction Reports

Transaction reports that can be created are:

  • Statement View
  • Transactions list
  • All Statement (Export with CSV and View Summary)

Search feature

  • Vendors can search based on order ID
  • Advanced Order Search and Advanced Inventory Search functionalities

Feedback & Rating Management

Vendors can:

  • View the feedback from customers
  • Respond to their feedback
  • Manage feedback reports and rating summary

Shipping Method Configuration and Refund Management

Vendors can:

  • Add or edit shipping
  • Manage refunds

Business Reports

Business reports that can be created are:

  • Sales Dashboard with chart representation
  • Order reports
  • Customers by order totals
  • Order by status
  • Most viewed products
  • Bestselling Products
  • Feedback Reports