Streamlining the HR process with HRMS

Brainvire is always focused on serving a better workspace with a happier workforce for the clients. With our advanced open human resource management system, we ensure you organize and align your HR processes in a simpler way. Our product is simple to use, affordable to buy, and reliable to choose for the betterment of your organization. The well-featured software works effectively in managing the assets of the organization - the workforce!

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Streamlining the HR process with HRMS

Take Pleasure In HRMS Features With Brainvire

Brainvire understands how difficult it is to manage the complex business process and workforce together. We take the responsibility of your workforce by offering you the one-stop HRMS solution.

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  • Asset Management
    Asset Management
    WIth Brainvire’s HRMS software, you can reach out to the workforce, solving their queries in no time. Employees and workforce are the assets of an organization and Brainvire lets you manage all of them in an effective way.
  • Attendance Management
    Attendance Management
    Employees can generate leaves and manage attendance using this software, while the senior authorities in-charge of the team can approve/disapprove them. The system keeps a record of every employee and performs the payroll activities in a simpler way.
  • Travel Management
    Travel Management
    Our HRMS is brimmed with a travel management module that takes care of your business journey. From raising travel requests to handling the booking and overhead costs, the software serves everything.
  • Cloud Computing Ability
    Cloud Computing Ability
    Brainvire’s HRMS is integrated with SAP and cloud computing features. With these integrations, the HRMS software can faultlessly perform enterprise-level activities and manage all the resources of an organization.
  • Cutting-edge Technology
    Cutting-edge Technology
    Brainvire’s HRMS solution is designed with advanced technology. Our professionals have used Windows Azure and other unique app development platforms to turn the application one of a kind.
  • Decision Management
    Decision Management
    Our HRMS software enables the senior management to collaborate with other employees for making the best decisions in the organization. It allows the employees to make connections, interact with each other, and make strategic moves.

Benefits of Using the HRMS Software

  • Organizing HR activities
    Organizing HR activities
    With this HRMS software, you can conveniently perform your job. From recruiting employees to managing the existing ones and handling their requirements, the system can perform all possible activities in just a few clicks.
  • Streamlining Departments
    Streamlining Departments
    By streamlining departments, it lightens down the stressful atmosphere of the organization. With Brainvire’s HRMS software, build connections with the entire workforce, interact with them, and make wiser decisions for the organization.
  • Performance Management
    Performance Management
    Our HRMS software can be used to measure the potentiality of the employees. The software helps monitor, track, and manage the performance of the workforce. Using this, you can keep a record of your employees’ performance, their contributions, and offer appraisals accordingly.

Why Choose Brainvire’s HRMS Solution?

Brainvire never compromises on its quality. We ensure our advanced HRMS solution works well for both small-scale and large-scale enterprises. The following are the reasons:

  • Our software is easy to use.
  • It is integrated with advanced features and technology.
  • It is effective and cost-effective.
  • It can streamline the entire HR management and recruitment process.
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Why Choose Brainvire’s HRMS Solution?

HRMS for Managing the Workforce

Brainvire offers a robust package of HRMS solutions for the employees in the organization, which includes:
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  • Employee leaves management
    Employee leaves management
    You can manage the working shifts of the employees
  • Shift management
    Shift management
    You can manage the working shifts of the employees
  • Document management
    Document management
    All the documents related to the employees can be easily managed
  • Appraisal management
    Appraisal management
    Manages employees’ appraisal based on their performance levels

Our Happy Customers

Brainvire has had many satisfied clients who were looking for a comprehensive HRM solution for their office management. Take a look at how we managed to assist them with what they wanted.
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Managing the crucial organizational assets with an effective HRMS solution is now at your fingertips.

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