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Streamline the entire human resource management and recruitment process. It’s simple, it’s effective and it’s affordable. HRMS comprises of a wide range of modules for employees as well as for the organizations. Leave, time, attendance of the employees and recruitment, training, performances, benefits, and other details all managed through one interface! Enables effective management of your crucial organization assets – employees or workforce that play a key role in the growth of your organization. A perfect platform for re-engineering and aligning your HR processes along with the organizational objectives and goals.

“Manage your organization, Manage recruitment and employees at your fingertips – on the go with HRMS…”


  • Leave, time or attendance Get the things done right for the employees!

    Applying and responding for the leave request had never been easier! Employees can fill up the details and send the leave request. The senior authorities or managers will approve or reject it, as per the situation. Also, the working hours are recorded and stored each day into the system which makes it easier for the HR managers to keep a track of the time and attendance, which makes the payroll process easier and simpler than ever, leaving no room for errors.

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    Track, monitor and manage performance

    Want to decide whether you should accept or reject the appraisal request of an employee? The HRMS system lets you track, monitor and manage the performance of the employees on the go. Now you can measure how effective an employee is and know about the contributions he has made to the organization.

  • Let the organizations streamline designations, departments and managers on the go!

    The higher authorities and managers of all the departments need to collaborate and coordinate to make important decisions in an organization. This system lets them connect and interact easily and avoids the stressful environment in an organization.

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    Streamline HR Activities!

    The job roles and responsibilities of an HR manager are too many to describe. Most of them can be done smoothly with the help of the HRMS. Whether it is the official formalities of a new employee joining the organization or any other requirements from the existing employees; all the activities can be streamlined with HRMS.

  • Track the need of assets smoothly!

    Gone are those days when an employee had to rush to the HR manager cabin to ask for the new asset. With the HRMS, asset management has become easier than ever. Employee can generate the request into the HRMS system and the manager can respond to it in no time, resulting into the effective asset management.

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    Enterprise-level capabilities

    Today, SaaS (Software as a Service) & cloud computing has become a buzz word among the giant enterprises, and HRMS brings various
    enterprise-level capabilities, such ease of SAP integration & extensive support for cloud computing to help organizations manage resources through out-of-the-box SAP integration and cloud computing features.

  • Cutting-edge technolog

    The HRMS is built using advanced technology, such as Windows Azure and other out-of-the-box platforms to bring unique and compelling user experience on the go…!

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    Let your official journey be more smooth!-edge

    Raise travel requests and let the concern department approve and handle the rest of the booking or expense overhead with powerful and effective travel management module!