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University Management System with Mentis

Simplify research, academic, and community service processes of the university
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Mentis Has Gained Trust of 10+ Well-known Universities Across Worldwide

Mentis is used by numerous famous universities of USA to streamline management processes

Implementation and Customization

Complete implementation with integration to your tools and customizations if any, as per your needs

Customizable Workflows

A complete dynamic system which can be implemented in your organization’s business process hierarchy

Reports & Analytics

Track, monitor, analyze, and report simultaneously according to your institutional trends and measure the performance

Cloud-Based Solution

Mentis in the cloud can create a scalable environment and remove internal network dependencies of hardware systems

The Next-Gen Academic Management System

Specifically designed to simplify all the tasks of small colleges to larger universities, Mentis enables you to gain a complete control over your academic organizational activities.

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Achieve the well-defined mission of research, teaching, and services through various apps such as Profiles, Grant Management, Faculty Productivity, and Community Service

Enable more informative and efficient process, facilitate teaching, build a community, and offer
unbeatable experience through Mentis, university management software

E-learning Compliance

Let software manage approvals, authorization process, status, and expenditures for diversified
distance learning programs. Start with ready-to- use and complete database of state entities and
licensure boards.

Grant Management

Stay updated with grants, awards, proposals, and research through this university & college
management software. Speed up the review process and integrate it with other research
administration functions.

Community Service

Gain deeper and accurate information on productivity, evaluation process, faculties’
performance, and students records. Mentis offers fully customizable, comprehensive, and
synchronized apps that identify key issues and their solution.

Profile Management

Keep a tab on reviews, research, accomplishments, services, and improve transparency
through comprehensive profile management. Choose plans and gains complete control over the
granular level of the data and processes.

Mentor and Track Activities

Track independent development plans, goals, student performance, faculties’ conflicts of
interests, and various such activities. Set goals for the new year and review all

Productivity and Awards

Set customized standard to measure the performance and collaborative organizational plan to
set up the competitive atmosphere. Setup different workflows and standardize evaluation criteria
to bring the transparency.

Get Started With the Cloud-Based, Reliable, Efficient, and Simplified University Management with Mentis

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